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16 Chic Top Knot Bun with Weave for Inspiration

Looking to try a top knot bun with weaves? Here are 16 beautiful ideas from others who have done it successfully to inspire you.

A top knot bun is the newest updo in town; it involves tying your hair into a knot that stands tall over your head, just like a high bun. It comes in different shapes, sizes, and heights, and as expected, fashionistas have quickly jumped on the trend.

If you’re considering a top knot bun with weave, you should get one that looks pretty, and the best way to do that is by taking inspiration from what others have done. To help you with that, here are 16 chic top knot buns with weaves to inspire you into getting something equally adorable.

1. Smooth Top Knot Bun

Smooth Top Knot Bun

There’s no official look for a top knot bun, but this would be the closest to that if one were to exist. The smooth look creates an air of premium exclusivity, making the style look much better than it would’ve been otherwise. No doubt, it will be one of the prettiest top knot bun with weaves we’ll see today, or will it?

2. Sleek Top Knot Bun with Baby Face

Sleek Top Knot Bun with Baby Face

This idea copies the smooth look from the preceding inspiration, and it looks just as premium as ever. It almost looks like proof that the smooth top knot bun formula works, and if you had second thoughts, here’s why I’ll say go for it.

3. Messy Top Knot Bun with Bangs

Messy Top Knot Bun with Bangs

If the preceding idea was proof that smooth top knot buns work, this would be proof that yours don’t have to be smooth to be adorable. I’m a fan of the smooth ones, but this messy look will work better for me, as smooth things quickly get boring. Even if you prefer the preceding idea, you have to agree this is an adorable top knot bun with weave.

4. Super High Top Knot Bun

Super High Top Knot Bun

The smoothness isn’t the main selling point of this bun; rather, it’s the astronomical height, which is unlike what you’ll see in any other updo. When delving into the world of top knot buns, you must get used to it, as well as the beautiful smooth look of most of the hairstyles.

5. Top Knot Bun with Quick Weave

Top Knot Bun Quick Weave

You can combine the prettiness of quick weaves with the excellence of top knot buns to form a top knot bun with quick weave. While it falls on the messier side, it doesn’t look too busy; rather, I’d describe it as probably the best top knot bun with weave I’ve seen, and trust me, I’ve seen many.

6. Low Knot Bun

Low Knot Bun

Nothin beats a low knot bun with a side parting to match. It’s not one of the smoothest ideas on this list, but it’s not messy either; rather, it maintains a place in between, making it a perfect choice for someone after the most normal-looking top knot bun with weave.

7. Top Knot Bun with Half Down

Top Knot Bun with Half Down

The smooth buns we’ve seen so far all look adorable, but they also happen to be boring, at least to me. Messing up your hair a bit is where the fun’s at, and this curly top knot bun with half down weave offers you exactly that. While the bun serves as the half up, the weave becomes the half down, making a messy but pretty package.

8. Barbie Top Knot Bun

Barbie Top Knot Bun

The barbie top knot bun is one of the messier entries in this compilation, but so far, it seems messier equals prettier. The wavy frontal is another part of the hairstyle I wouldn’t ignore, as it goes a long way in making this hairstyle an excellent top knot bun with weave.

9. Curly Top Knot Bun

Curly Top Knot Bun

This was supposed to be a messy top knot bun, but somehow, it manages to look even smoother than most of the smooth entries in the compilation. The most difficult part of the style is the large bun at the top; only experts can tie it that excellently!

10. Natural Knot Bun

Natural Knot Bun

Having a “top knot bun” in a ponytail-like position looks beautifully unusual, which is incidentally the main reason it made this list. Also, the entire hairstyle looks incredibly natural despite being a weave, an achievement most other styles in this compilation can only aspire to meet.

11. Neat Edges Middle Part Ponytail

Neat Edges Middle Part Ponytail

Keeping the bun in the middle of your head gives the hairstyle a somewhat symmetrical look, which some people tend to find very attractive. Personally, it’s no big deal, but if it’s a big deal for you, here’s an excellent way to get a symmetric top knot bun with weave.

12. Double Top Knot Bun

Double Top Knot Bun

Do you know what’s better than one bar of chocolate? Well, two bars! You can apply that analogy to hairstyling to understand why someone would get a double top knot bun with weaves. I also recommend adorning each bun with similar items for extra flair, but that’s not very necessary.

13. High Ponytail with Curly Frontal

High Ponytail with Curly Frontal

It’s been centuries, and we still haven’t reached an agreement on the differences between ponytails and buns. One thing everyone can agree on, however, is ponytail-like top knot bun is one of the best hairstyles in this compilation, possibly due to the curly frontal, who knows?

14. High Top Knot Bun with Straight Frontal

High Top Knot Bun with Straight Frontal

The curly frontal from the preceding idea is surely good, but not everyone is into curly hair. Thankfully, there’s straight hair to give those people freedom of choice, and this hairstyle beautifully illustrates how your top knot bun with weave will look if you used a straight frontal instead.

15. Swoop Top Knot Bun

Swoop Top Knot Bun

Personally, I wouldn’t want to deal with long hair and flyaways after getting a top knot bun with weave, but hey, that’s just me. If you think you can cope just fine, this adorable hairstyle idea is for you. The messy bun and long hair will offer an adorable hairstyle, at the cost of flyaways and extra maintenance.

16. Simple Top Knot Bun

Simple Top Knot Bun

What’s a better way to end a compilation this diverse than with a simple top knot bun with weave? Ignoring the seemingly extra-large bun, this is about the simplest thing you can get from this list that looks pretty. This won’t work for you if you prefer something messier, but I see most people loving it.


A top knot bun with weave sounds like a single hairstyle, but wait until you see the different variants ladies wear. To compete, yours must be equally as good as the adorable ones you see online, and an excellent way to ensure that is by copying them. To make that easier, I’ve outlined the 16 most adorable top knot bun with weave to copy.

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