sassy combo twist hairstyles you should try

15 Sassy Comb Twist Hairstyles You Should Try

Comb twist hairstyles are cool, adorable, and they tend to last long. If you’ve settled on getting it, you should consider using some ideas from this compilation.

Comb twists may be a time-consuming process for forming locs, but it’s undoubtedly effective. If you have a low budget, it’s almost a no-brainer to consider installing your locs by making comb twist hairstyles, as effectiveness is not the only advantage of using this style.

Another reason why you may want to use comb twist hairstyles is the fact that it’s very controllable. When making dreadlocks, you typically have little or no control over how your hair will eventually turn out, unless you’re using a method like comb twists of course. However, the fact that you can control the look of your hair doesn’t mean you can do it properly.

It’s not surprising to see people struggle with styling their hair properly, especially when installing locs. In this compilation, I’ll show you 15 pretty ways to style your comb twist hairstyles to make it look its best. Without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Simple Locs Comb Twist

Simple Locs Comb Twist

Talking about comb twists, this is about as basic as it gets. Nothing really difficult or special about it, and you don’t even need to have long hair to replicate the style. The brown color at the end is a basic dye, an optional part of the hairstyle, but it looks somewhat necessary for the extra flair and the classic comb twist look.

2. Blonde Comb Twist

Blonde Comb Twist

Nothing looks better than locking two locs together to form an even bigger loc. With this style, that’s exactly what you’re doing, and it looks good enough to be a worthy use of your time. You can make the ends look blonde like hers for a cooler look. The tiny boxes also qualify it for a box twist look, which is part of my likes with this style.

3. Mixed Tone Comb Twist

Mixed Tone Comb Twist

Here’s a variant of the comb twist hairstyles that I think will be somewhat complicated to replicate, no thanks to the difficult styling involved. Imagine having to make such humongous locs, only to hold them down with tinier twists in a fashionable way. You’ll need a couple of hours to pull this off, and if you do, you’ll thank yourself.

4. Red Box Comb Twist

Red Box Comb Twist

If your hair is naturally red, making natural comb twists is a fashionable style already, as depicted in the image above. However, you don’t need natural red hair to replicate this or something similar since you can use dye or hair extensions. Not one of my favorites, but there’s no denying that it’s chic.

5. Two Strand Comb Twist

Two Strand Comb Twist

One amazing way to style comb twist hairstyles is making them into long strands and using those strands to create flat twists. That may sound like two-strand flat twists with extra steps, but the result is excellent, I promise. I don’t even need to promise; look at the image above and tell me that hairstyle is not adorable.

6. Touch and Leave Comb Twist

Touch and Leave Comb Twist

This style can be seen as a statement to confirm that you can install comb twist hairstyles on short hair and make them every bit as adorable as they’d look on longer hair. The fact that the hair slowly graduates from neat little locs to rougher and more mature locs is another subtle touch that makes this look so good. It’s definitely one of the best comb twist hairstyles you’ll find on the internet.

7. Comb Twist on Natural Hair

Comb Twist on Natural Hair

Adding extensions to locs is a thing in case you weren’t aware of that already. However, I don’t need to tell you that it’s not the optimal way to wear a hairstyle like comb twists, especially when you’re expecting it to last very long. That’s why comb twists on natural hair will always be better than using artificial extensions.

8. Comb Twist with Bleached Out Patch

Comb Twist with Bleached Out Patch

If you think you know all about bleaching already, the image above should’ve proven you wrong already. Most people only bleach the length of their hair, while ignoring the entire world of potential attributed to coloring a specific patch. Here’s how you could make your hair look several times better by simply dying a patch; you’re not limited to that specific section, by the way.

9. Comb Twist with Blonde Coils

Comb Twist with Blonde Coils

Dying a patch of your hair might look adorable, but there’s a reason why most people only color towards the ends of their hair. If you think this hairstyle doesn’t look like comb twists, that’s probably because the blonde part is just coiled hair, which is somewhat detached from the original black part that constitutes the locs. In any case, the style looks insanely pretty.

10. Black Classic Comb Twist

Black Classic Comb Twist

If all you need is the traditional locs look, you can get that, even without a long hairstyle. Here’s a short to medium-length comb twist hairstyle that perfectly depicts the look of an excellent comb twist hairstyle without much flair. If you’re not willing to add any coils or color to your hair, this is how it should look.

11. Side Parted Comb Twist

Side Parted Comb Twist

Parting comb twist hairstyles at the sides makes it a lot more difficult to control since locs are about losing control of your edges. However, the image above is enough proof that it’s not only doable but also looks pretty dope. If I had short hair, this would be my go-to comb twist hairstyle.

12. Comb Twist Natural Bridal Updo

Comb Twist Natural Bridal Updo

Choosing a comb twist style as a bridal hairstyle is weird, but definitely not because it doesn’t look good enough to qualify as one. With this inspiration, there’s no doubt that you can make comb twist hairstyles look just as good as any other style that brides wear at weddings, if not by making them into an updo, then by adding ornaments.

13. Spread Out Comb Twist

Spread Out Comb Twist

With the sheer number of hairstyle inspirations for people with short hair in this compilation, it wouldn’t be farfetched to proclaim comb twist styles as excellent for people with shorter hair. Here’s yet another pretty idea, while not very different from the preceding ones, it’s spread out, making it look somewhat unique.

14. Semi-Crown Comb Twist

Semi-Crown Comb Twist

If you have a ton of hair and some time to spare, you can try out a semi-crown comb twist hairstyle, which looks like the image above. It certainly does look heavy, but it also looks very pretty, at least, in my opinion. You only have to make the tiny strands a bit loose to ensure you’re not pulling too hard on your scalp.

15. Tribal Comb Twist with Frontal

Tribal Comb Twist with Frontal

This hairstyle looks like a cross between tribal twists and a semi-crown comb twist and ends everything in a huge bun behind the model. It certainly does involve some hair extensions and it looks a bit heavy on the head, but I don’t mind adding a few pounds of cerebral weight for something that looks this pretty.


If you’re after a hairstyle that’s designed to last very long, you seriously can’t go wrong with comb twist hairstyles. You can decorate the twists in any way you see fit: coloring, styling, or even combining it with other styles to create something even more adorable.

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