Are Tribal and Fulani Braids the Same Thing?

Are Tribal and Fulani Braids the Same Thing?

It is no surprise that you will hear people ask questions like, are tribal and Fulani braids the same thing? They look alike and both are braids. However, there is a distinction between them and as you read through, you will be guided on identifying the differences and understanding them as a separate entities.

What are Tribal Braids?

What are Tribal Braids?
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Tribal braids are a type of braiding style. The Tribal braids can be a mix of thick or thin braids that are weaved very close to the scalp in a cornrow pattern.

Tribal braids are mostly done with synthetic hair as an extension and can be styled in various ways.

What makes the Tribal braids so special is their versatility and how you can turn them into different designs and styles. As far as your imagination can take you.

The tribal braids are said to originate from the women in West Africa. They do these braids in celebration of their culture.

Though Tribal braids have evolved over the years, you can still see them in every street, in every country and nation on the earth.

What are Fulani Braids?

What are Fulani Braids?
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The Fulani braids are those braids that are inspired by the Fulani people. These braids are also styled in a cornrow pattern but are thicker than the usual tribal braids.


What are the Differences Between Tribal and Fulani Braids?

Though the Tribal braids and the Fulani may look alike, there is some difference between them.

You can easily differentiate the Tribal braids from the Fulani braids by spotting these differences:

1. In contrast to Fulani braids, which are normally smaller and tighter, tribal braids are typically larger and more voluminous.

2. Tribal braids may or may not be accessorized, but Fulani braids are typically done with ornamental beads.

3. Tribal braids can be fashioned with a middle or side parting, whereas Fulani braids are frequently styled with a center or side parting.

4. While Fulani braids have been a part of West African tradition for centuries, tribal braids are a modern hairdo.

What are the Similarities Between Tribal and Fulani Braids?

Though the Tribal braids and the Fulani braids aren’t the same things, here are some similarities between them:

1. Both braiding patterns are precise and tidy since they are braided nearly to the scalp.

2. Both hairstyles can be fashioned in a variety of ways, such as ponytails, buns, and updos.

3. Both looks can be altered to fit various hair types and facial structures.

4. Both looks add length and volume using synthetic hair extensions.


You can see now that while both the Tribal braids and Fulani braids look similar, they are not exactly the same thing.

Tribal is more of the modern styles and braids while the Fulani braids are the traditional old braiding style gotten from West African women back in the day.

Both hairstyles are versatile and can be styled into anything and also they will look good on you.

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Are Tribal and Fulani Braids the Same Thing?

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