must-try natural hairstyles for older black women

18 Must-Try Natural Hairstyles for Older Black Women

As you age, you’ll need new hairstyles to combat graying and hair loss. Here are 18 natural hairstyles for older black women to help with that.

You can wear whatever hairstyle best appeals to you, but with age, most people tend to gravitate towards certain styles. Also, your hair doesn’t stay in its prime forever; graying and alopecia aren’t rare conditions, as 40% of women will suffer some pattern of baldness by age 40.

With those conditions, you certainly can’t keep wearing the same set of hairstyles as someone with full brown, black, or blonde hair; you have to adapt. Thankfully, there are tons of adorable natural hairstyles for older black women to help you adapt without worsening your look.

In this article, I’ll show you 18 natural hairstyles you can wear as an older black woman, regardless of age-related hair conditions like hair loss or graying. Without more ado, here are the most beautiful natural hairstyles for older black women.

1. Natural Updo

Natural Updo

This hairstyle works best if you still have a significant volume of your hair, regardless of the hair color. The mohawk-like updo is one of the trendiest hairstyles you can get as an older woman, as long as you meet the requirements for the hairstyle.

2. Natural Full Curls

Natural Full Curls

Curling up your hair is an easy way to retain young looks in an old face. If you no longer have the hair volume to pull off the hairstyle naturally, you can use curly hair extensions. Despite being relatively easy to make, it’s one of the prettiest natural hairstyles for older black women.

3. Short Natural Twist

Short Natural Twist

With age, the incentive for wearing super-lengthy twist hairstyles reduces, which is why older women are often content with short natural twists. If the hairstyle seems like something that could work for you, here’s an illustration of adorable short natural twists for inspiration.

4. Natural Twist Out

Natural Twist Out

Twist-outs have several benefits, but that’s not even the point of this entry. Instead of more elegant hairstyles that will keep pulling on your hair, a natural twist out may turn out to be one of the best natural hairstyles for older black women.

5. Mixed Colored Knotless Braids

Mixed Colored Knotless Braids

If you’re willing to go the extra length to look charming, multi-color knotless braids should do the trick. Again, it’s a lot of work, with the hair extensions and whatnot, but now that you know all that, it’s your call.

6. Jumbo Twists

Jumbo Twist Out

If you don’t think getting regular twists is worth the effort, you may want to consider trying jumbo twists. As you can see from the picture, it’s much larger than the regular ones, saving you more time, while looking equally as good, if not better.

7. Bob Length Butterfly Locs

Bob Length Butterfly Locs

I won’t recommend butterfly locs to anyone looking to save time at their hairdresser’s, but what’s a few hours of your time if the final product looks this good? Despite being supported by hair extensions, you’ll struggle to notice, which is why it’s one of the best natural hairstyles for older black women.

8. Long Goddess Locs

Long Goddess Locs

The goddess locs hairstyle is another style that requires plenty of effort to make but offers enough beauty to offset your time and energy sacrifice. It doesn’t help that copying this specific style requires more work, no thanks to the extra length, but trust me, it’s worthwhile.

9. Long Bohemian Braids

Long Codi Locs

The signature Boho braids look is not exclusive to youthful ladies; it’s also one of the prettiest natural hairstyles for older black women. Thankfully, it doesn’t require extraordinarily full hair, as most of the volume you can see is hair extensions.

10. Simple Box Braids

Simple Box Braids

You don’t need super-long hair to look exceptionally adorable as an older woman, and the picture above proves that. The box braids look excellent on ladies of all ages, as long as you put in enough effort. With a few hair extension packs and some expertise, you should be able to replicate the hairstyle above.

11. Granny Curly Hair

Granny Curly Hair

Older women that find it stressful to sit with a hairstylist for hours to get a hairstyle they’ll have to remove in a few days or weeks can opt to curl their hair and ignore the labor associated with getting a hairstyle. This curly style doesn’t look very busy, but it does look convenient and adorable.

12. Stitch Braids with Bun

Stitch Braids with Bun

Stitch braids is one of the few styles that don’t require dozens of hair extension packs or an impossibly full hair; although, both qualities can make it look better. In any case, here’s an example of the hairstyle, demonstrating why it’s one of the best natural hairstyles for older black women.

13. Grey Feed-In Braids

Grey Feed In Braids

If you’re not averse to wearing your grey hair in its full glory, here’s an excellent feed-in braids hairstyle you should try. It’s not the most fashionable entry on this list, but it works for a certain subset of older black women who are unwilling to use several packs of colored hair extensions.

14. Cornrow Twist

Cornrow Twist

Sometimes, keeping it simple is the simplest way pathway to attaining an adorable look, and this hairstyle demonstrates that. Thanks to the beauty and simplicity, I see myself wearing this a lot when I get old, explaining how it made my list of natural hairstyles for older black women.

15. Stitch Braids with Centered Bun

Stitch Braids with Centered Bun

Stitching was one of the most popular ways to make braided cornrows, and it’s particularly attractive to older women looking to get a blast in the past. When you make stitch braids this neatly and end it with a bun towards the center, what you have is one of the most adorable natural hairstyles for older black women.

16. Mohawk Braids

Mohawk Braids

You don’t need a haircut to wear a mohawk-like hairstyle; here’s an adorable way to get a mohawk without losing a strand of hair. If you love the look of this hairstyle, you can check out my full compilation of creative mohawk hairstyles for more similar inspirations.

17. Purple Braided Updo

Purple Braided Updo

Older ladies usually don’t fancy adding colors to their hairstyles, but this is a different story. With the seamless blend between the purple and black colors, anyone would take a second look at this hairstyle, and we haven’t started talking about the bun yet.

18. Slanted Feed In Braids

Slanted Feed In Braids

If you’re into feed-in braids, here’s yet another idea, but with a slight twist, it’s slanting. While the slant looks pretty cool, this hairstyle’s highlight for me is the bun at the top; it added a lot of extra beauty to the already alluring hairstyle, making it one of the most lovable natural hairstyles for older black women.


If you’re after a set of befitting natural hairstyles for older black women, you’re at the right place, as the list above contains just that. Since “older women” is a pretty vague description, you should expect some huge differences between the ideas, but you should find something suitable nonetheless.

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18 natural hairstyles for older black women

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