20 Black Ladies Hairstyles for Square Faces

If you have a square face shape, you’re lucky to have stunning features and a defined jawline that many admire. To accentuate this beautiful feature, choosing the right hairstyle is crucial. Once you find the perfect hairstyle, it will enhance your striking features and delicately contour your jawline.

This post displays hairstyles for square faces that bring out the best in your square face shape, highlighting your natural beauty and making you feel confident and fabulous.

Black Ladies Hairstyles for Square Faces

Here are some amazing options to highlight the features of your square face:

1. Face Frame Banged Shoulder Curls


Achieve this stunning shoulder-length curls with bangs that effortlessly frame your face and bring a touch of sass. This hairstyle reveals your inner diva, so rock this look with confidence!

2. Orange Color Flexi-Rod Set

Orange Color Flexi-Rod Set
Instagram @dayelasoul

Black ladies can slay with this orange flexi-rod set that creates stunning curls and adds a bouncy texture to your hair. The bright orange hue will make heads turn, and the cute face frame from the trimmed hair will have you looking absolutely adorable.

3. Face Frame Bob with Layered Bangs

Bob with Layered Bangs
Instagram @jjzhairlove

Rock the trend with a chic bob featuring layered bangs that expertly frame your square face, adding a stylish touch to your overall look. This haircut is all about embracing the latest fashion and effortlessly elevating your style game.

4. Face Frame Cut with Dramatic Curls

Fierce Long Cut with Dramatic Curls
Instagram @magavilhas

Step up your hair game with this square face cut featuring dramatic curls. This popular hairstyle starts with expertly cutting the hair to frame your face, and then styling it with captivating curls that make a bold statement.

5. Red Colored Ends Face Frame

Colored Ends
Instagram @memiecarvelbeauty

This hairstyle complements your square face shape with this awesome hairstyle. The ends of your hair are colored in your preferred shades. We recommend vibrant colors like red.

6. Face Frame Cinnamon

Instagram @sincerly.kyala

Check out this warm and inviting hair color choice that’s perfect for your square face shape. With this style, the face-framing sections of your hair are beautifully adorned with a stunning cinnamon hue.

This creates a flattering frame that enhances your features and brings out your natural beauty.

7. Long Classy Face Frame Install

Long Classy Weave Install
Instagram @crownedbyher

Get ready to rock an elegant look that suits your square face shape perfectly. This style involves the expert installation of long hair extensions that beautifully frame your face. These extensions add length and create a polished and timeless hairstyle that’s bound to turn heads.

8. Short Box Braids

Short Box Braids
Instagram @livmaximo

Short box braids are a classic and timeless hairstyle that works wonders, especially for women with shorter square face. They’re a great option for those who want to add length to their hair without using heat or applying excessive tension.

9. Thick Twist Braids with Box Parts

Thick Twist Braids with Box Parts
Instagram @memes_styles

If you’re looking for a voluminous yet lightweight hairstyle that suits your square face shape, consider box sections and thick twist braids. This natural hairstyle is perfect for women who love big hair. The twists can be styled up or down and are lighter compared to regular box braids.

10. Purple Burgundy Braids

Purple Burgundy Braids
Instagram @designsbyjazmyne

The braids are thick and tightly done, showcasing the beautiful craftsmanship. To secure the ends of each braid and add decorations to some of them, you can use hot water.

11. Quick and Easy Top Knot

Quick and Easy Top Knot
Instagram @izziederouge

Get ready to rock a stylish and contemporary top knot bun that’s absolutely smashing. If you’re feeling playful, you can even curl the bangs for a fun twist. This hairstyle expertly highlights your features and frames your face.

12. Two-Tone Curled Updo for Black Women

Two-Tone Curled Updo for Black Women
Instagram @funmi_ni_hair

No matter if your hair is natural or relaxed, wearing it in an updo is a great and comfortable option for black ladies with square face. It’s an attractive and cozy way to style your hair. There are plenty of modern black updo designs to choose from, allowing you to find the perfect one that suits your square face shape.

13. Burgundy Box Bob Braids

Burgundy Box Bob Braids
Instagram @kersti.pitre

You can transform short and medium-length hair into a stylish box-braided bob. Create a center part or opt for side-swept bangs to give it the classic bob hairstyle look. Use rubber bands to secure the braids in place, keeping them neat and tidy.

14. Black Flat Iron Hairstyle

Black Flat Iron Hairstyle

For those with a square face shape, this sleek black bob is a perfect choice. It features a subtle side bang and neatly trimmed ends, giving it a polished and refined look. This flat-ironed style is versatile and can be worn for various occasions, whether it’s a date or an important interview.

15. Clean and Simple

Clean and Simple
Instagram @chiziduru

Highlight your beautiful collarbones and frame your face with long, traditional bob braids. This hairstyle is perfect for those with a square face shape, as it enhances your natural beauty and adds a touch of elegance.

16. Bob Braids with Flipped-in Ends

Bob Braids with Flipped-in Ends
Instagram @kersti.pitre

Flipping the ends of a bob is a really stylish hairstyle that perfectly suits a square face. This chic and fashionable look effortlessly elevates your style and showcases your square face shape in the best possible way.

17. Black Wispy Updo with a Cluster Of Flowers

Black Wispy Updo with a Cluster Of Flowers
Instagram @blackbridesdaily

For ladies with natural black hair and a square face shape, this untidy updo is a fantastic choice. You can mix and match flowers of varying sizes and slightly different appearances for a unique touch. Complete the ensemble with a pair of floral earrings for a cohesive and stunning look.

18. Chignon with Two Braids Hairdo

Chignon with Two Braids Hairdo
Instagram @mel_cai_beautybar

Embrace your heritage and showcase it proudly with a hairstyle that perfectly suits your square face shape. By combining two buns with two thick Fulani side braids, you can achieve a stunning hairdo with a tribal flair.

19. Goddess Braids, Curls & High Bun

Instagram @dadouhair

Ladies looking for a daring way to wear their long natural hair should definitely try this look. While goddess braids arranged into a half-up high bun make a statement on their own, stray curls liven up the style and make it far more fascinating.

20. Textured Updo with Crown

Textured Updo with Crown
Instagram @toyoglow

We are seriously getting Queen vibes from this look. It is a pompadour with set edges that is textured and has a crown on top to finish it off. You’ll enjoy this one if natural wedding looks are your thing. On your Big Day, you’ll feel like a king or queen.


Well now you have these styles at your fingertip, you can alternate between the ones you choose. Feel free to consult your hairstylist to get the best choice. Interestingly, the hairstyles on this post are versatile and can siut any event.

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