Medium Natural Hairstyles

35 Medium Natural Hairstyles for Black Ladies

If you are a fan of natural hair, then you are in for a treat as we shall be presenting to you the best medium natural hairstyles for black ladies. Natural hairstyles are good but not everyone likes them too long or too short. Keep reading to discover more.

Medium Natural Hairstyles

As we promise you earlier, here are some of the best medium hairstyles for black women:

1. Faux Locs

Faux Locs

Styles that offer protection, such as faux locs, offer the benefit of both a fresh appearance and a respite from daily hair handling.

You can choose to wear them as they are or enhance their visual appeal by incorporating colorful hair accessories or highlights to make your locs stand out even more.

2. Spring Curls

Spring Curls
Instagram @naturalhairkenya

This hairstyle has a versatile appeal, appearing elegant and sophisticated, yet it can also exude a cool and edgy vibe, depending on the specific style you opt for.

Regardless, the spring curls work charmingly on medium-length natural hair, showcasing your skill in crafting imaginative hairstyles that earn admiration from others.

3. Bouncy and Natural Curls

Bouncy and Natural Curls
Instagram @curlpop_n_hair

Achieving impressive volume for your hair is all about having well-defined curls. Consistently using moisturizing products can significantly reduce frizz, allowing your coils to stand beautifully.

It might require some experimentation to find the ideal product for your specific hair type, but the effort will be rewarding once your curls are looking their best.

4. Side Swept Afro

Side Swept Afro

If you’re seeking a hairstyle for a special event or aiming to highlight your cheekbones, Kia Marie’s side-swept fro is a fantastic choice to consider.

5. Shoulder-Length Thick Curls

Shoulder-Length Thick Curls
Instagram @curlsbyxian

If you’re contemplating a switch to shoulder-length thick curls, this could be the transformative change you’ve been seeking.

Shoulder-length thick curls offer a versatile hairstyle option that empowers black women to embrace their natural hair texture.

The voluminous and lively appearance of these curls can accentuate your facial features and boost your self-assurance.

Whether you favor a loose and flowing curl style or prefer to fashion them into an updo, it’s essential to prioritize moisture for your hair and scalp to maintain the beauty of shoulder-length thick curls.

6. Half-Twisted Style

Half-Twisted Style
Instagram @Starbless_collections

This hairstyle is ideal for women with hectic schedules who aim to appear well-groomed without dedicating extensive time to their hair.

What makes this style particularly appealing is its versatility, allowing you to adapt it for various occasions, whether you need a professional or a more relaxed look.

7. Rust-Colored Fro

Rust-Colored Fro
Instagram @themariaantoinette

Afro hairstyles offer women the advantage of limitless versatility. If you choose to straighten your hair, you can easily revert to your lush curls by simply wetting it.

To explore various curl styles, you can achieve them by using rollers at night, and in the morning, you’ll enjoy voluminous locks.

8. Curly Afro

Curly Afro

Ebonee Davis’s distinctive afro hairstyle is an inspiration for stunning hair. When allowing your natural curls to shine, selecting the appropriate hair products plays a crucial role.

9. Curly Bangs

Curly Bangs

Most women have experimented with bangs at some point, and if you have full-on curls, you already have that added wow factor! To enhance the volume of your curly hair, consider going for shoulder-length haircuts.

10. Braided Curls

Braided Curls
Instagram @naturalhairkenya

This hairstyle offers great versatility, allowing you to wear it in various ways.

It’s especially well-suited for individuals with natural hair, as you can choose to add color and then braid the curls to achieve different looks.

11. Deep Blue Wash-And-Go

Deep Blue Wash-And-Go
Instagram @curlfactor

Among African-American curly hairstyles, wash-and-gos stand out as the simplest and most reliable option for naturalists.

By using a quality leave-in conditioner and moisturizer, you can effortlessly achieve stunning curls.

However, if you’re looking to elevate the style of your afro, adding some color is a great option. A prime example of this is the subtle yet stylish blue shade featured here.

12. The Loose Twist Out

The Loose Twist Out

Regardless of your hair type, mini twists can serve as a beneficial method for safeguarding your hair while simultaneously crafting a stylish look that can endure for up to four weeks.

13. Tight Ringlets

Tight Ringlets
Instagram @mo_safi_

These lovely ringlets are an excellent choice if you’re seeking a long-lasting hairstyle.

These curls can serve as the foundation for other hairdos, such as an elegant pinned updo or a sultry side-swept style that’s perfect for formal occasions.

To achieve a more contemporary appearance, shoulder-length hairstyles for black women can also be parted to one side.

14. Micro Braids for Natural Hair

Micro Braids for Natural Hair
Instagram @JaguarPS

Micro braids offer the opportunity to explore intricate braided patterns and craft unique and distinctive hairstyles.

In the case of Jill Scott, the front braided section serves as a sleek frame, much like the effect created by wearing a headband.

The voluminous curls beautifully complement your facial features without causing any interference, resulting in a delightful, distinctive, and hassle-free style.

15. Face-Framing Twists

Face-Framing Twists
Instagram @olushola_

Spring twists are consistently a fantastic choice due to their airy texture. The fringe around the face adds a captivating framing effect, especially when the rest of the hair is pulled back.

16. Two-Strand Twists

Two-Strand Twists
Instagram @hairculture_danielfazzio

Young girls with black hair have the opportunity to both have fun and safeguard their hair in creative ways, such as this hairstyle.

It’s a style that young girls can appreciate, and they can further enhance it by adding beads or ribbons as accessories.

17. Curly Updo with a Headband

Curly Updo with a Headband
Instagram @s_bukley

Wondering how to achieve a fashionable look for your black hair this year? Well, curly updos are in vogue.

The graceful, wispy ends of the curls lend it an extra touch of femininity and charm.

18. Barrell Curls

Barrell Curls
Instagram @KOAFFYR.SE

These gorgeous barrel curls truly breathe life into this hairstyle! It strikes a perfect balance, offering a touch of glamour without requiring excessive effort.

Whether you’re aiming for a daytime or nighttime look, these shoulder-length styles are versatile enough to transition seamlessly.

Don’t hesitate any longer; schedule your next salon appointment to start turning heads with your stunning new look.

19. Va-Va Volume

Va-Va Volume

When our hair has that natural volume and vitality, it boosts our self-assurance. This wash-and-go style tends to pique the curiosity of fellow curly-haired friends who wonder about the hair care routine.

Managing natural hair can be a bit challenging at times, as it tends to have a mind of its own. Using a diluted leave-in conditioner during combing can be quite beneficial.

A simple spray can rehydrate your hair while helping to tackle those stubborn knots. It’s important to note that this style complements all face shapes and is particularly well-suited for those with curly hair textures.

20. Shoulder-Length Spring Twists

Shoulder-Length Spring Twists
Instagram @THEMEGLEE

Here’s another illustration of how to sport shorter spring twists. What stands out is the clever use of rubber bands to fasten the tidy, blunt ends of the twists.

21. Twisted Afro

Twisted Afro
Instagram @michellethompsonhair

This stylish and elegant lioness has truly mastered this uncomplicated hairstyle! It exudes a sense of allure, sophistication, and class that’s bound to capture attention.

To maintain the softness of these curls, consider using products like Biosilk Beach Texture. These medium-length hairstyles are versatile and suitable for women with various face shapes and hair types.

At night, it’s advisable to protect your hair by wearing a satin bonnet to prevent tangling, as cotton can be harsh on hair and lead to dryness.

22. Twisted Pigtails

Twisted Pigtails
Instagram @westafricanbaby

Age should never deter you from sporting double ponytails, and this beaded style adds a touch of nostalgia to this classic childhood favorite.

23. Sassy Shoulder-Length Cut

Sassy Shoulder-Length Cut
Instagram @mandy_jacobz

This confident shoulder-length hairstyle exudes the perfect attitude for any time of day or night. It complements round, square, and pear-shaped faces, as well as those with relaxed hair.

To achieve a glossy finish without weighing down your hair, consider using a serum. For added hold, keep a holding spray handy, especially if you plan to curl your hair.

To maintain those curls, use soft pillow rollers, flexi-rods, or pin-curl your hair at night, and ensure they stay in place by wearing a satin bonnet.

This approach is effective for maintaining medium-length black hairstyles.

24. For 4C Hair

For 4C Hair
Instagram @michellethompsonhair

This haircut looks fantastic on exceptionally healthy hair. Achieving a nice appearance for this style is quite simple; all you need is a wide-tooth styling comb.

It’s most flattering for women with round and square faces and works particularly well on those with relaxed hair.

To enhance the shine, consider using a serum, and for a light hold that doesn’t burden the hair, opt for a gentle-hold spray.

25. Big and Curly

Big and Curly
Instagram @michellethompsonhair

This diva confidently flaunts these stunning curls! This curly hairstyle is not only long-lasting but also versatile, offering various options for both daytime and nighttime appearances.

Achieve the shine and hold by applying an oil sheen and hold spray. This particular style complements women with oval and pear-shaped faces, especially those with relaxed hair types.

26. Mid-Length Wavy Hair

Mid-Length Wavy Hair

These beautiful waves are truly stunning and are here to stay. This versatile style can easily be adapted to achieve different looks.

To add shine and hold to your waves, consider using an oil sheen and holding spray. At night, to maintain the style, protect it by wearing a satin bonnet.

27. Magenta Magic

Magenta Magic

Looking to maintain a trendy and vibrant appearance? consider using a lightener on the hair section you intend to dye, lifting it to a golden orange shade before applying the color.

This style is particularly well-suited for individuals with oval face shapes and works best on natural hair types with medium-length hair.

28. Natural Loose Wave

Natural Loose Wave
Instagram @koexperience

Wondering about the secret to achieving this look? This style is most flattering for individuals with a slender face shape.

It works best on medium to long lengths of hair with a smooth texture.

For a seamless and realistic application of hair extensions, go for a method that involves using thick black thread rather than attaching loose extension hair to cornrows.

29. Twist-Out with Accessories

Twist-Out with Accessories
Instagram @lacyredway

Elevate your twist-out or pineapple hairstyle by adding some pearl barrettes or pins. It’s an excellent way to enhance your look, and if they happen to match your earrings, it’s an extra bonus.

30. Undercut Cornrows

Undercut Cornrows
Instagram @emilychengmakeup

Creating cornrows with a distinct side part that seamlessly transitions into voluminous curls provides the optical illusion of an undercut.

For an added touch of flair, you can further enhance the style by fashioning your braids into knots.

31. Perm Rod Set

Perm Rod Set
Instagram @curlelia

If you desire voluminous curls without relying on a curling iron or hot rollers, perm rod sets are an excellent choice.

However, it’s essential to ensure your hair is fully dry before unwinding the rods to achieve that lively, bouncy appearance.

32. Flat Twist-Out

Flat Twist-Out
Instagram @himenatural

For those with tighter coils, flat twist-outs are an effective way to attain a more elongated appearance without the need to blow-dry your hair beforehand.

33. Medium Layered Cut for Tiny Curls

Medium Layered Cut for Tiny Curls
Instagram @curlfactor

Embrace the simplicity of your short, natural hair and avoid spending excessive time on styling. You can leave it free-flowing or add a charming headband for a touch of elegance.

34. Kinky Wand Curls

Kinky Wand Curls
Instagram @KEKE

To create this hairstyle, utilize a mini wand to curl your hair in small segments.

However, if you prefer to avoid heat styling, you can achieve a similar look by flat twisting your hair backward and securing bantu knots at the end of each twist.

Leave them in place to air dry overnight. Once your hair is completely dry, gently unravel the twists and style as desired.

35. High Puff with Headwrap

High Puff with Headwrap
Instagram @_cicichanel_

On certain days, mustering the energy to style your hair can be a challenge.

An effortless and stylish solution is to gather your hair into a high puff or bun and accessorize your hairline with a vibrant headwrap. This not only adds a chic touch but also provides protection for your delicate edges.


The medium natural hairstyle for black ladies is so precious. It is so good that you will really move 10 blocks without noticing that a black lady is carrying one of these hairstyles.

You can pick from the ones that we have listed, with pictorial representation, consult your hair stylist and you are rest assured that either of them will look good on you.

If you enjoyed this hairstyle compilation, you may want to check out our similar ones.

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Medium Natural Hairstyles

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