fashionable cornrow twist hairstyles for inspiration

17 Fashionable Cornrow Twist Hairstyles for Inspiration

Your twists don’t have to be two-strand twists every time; you can also make them into cornrows for a change. While you shouldn’t expect cornrow twists to last nearly as long as cornrow braids, they look better than two-strand twists when styled properly, which is one reason why you should get them.

One common issue among people trying to get cornrow twist hairstyles is the absence of good cornrow twist inspirations to copy. There are so many on the internet, but the internet doesn’t seem to want to throw them at you.

If you’re here, I can safely assume you’re searching for them, and as a reward, here are 17 fashionable cornrow twist hairstyles that should inspire yours.

17 Fashionable Cornrow Twist Hairstyles

1. Tribal Clap Cornrow Twist

Tribal Clap Cornrow Twist

This cornrow twist hairstyle involves making cornrow twists that go on either side of the head to meet at the center. The center itself is a collection of big twists that are made to stand upright in a way that leaves the style looking like a mohawk. If this doesn’t look dope to you, I don’t know what does.

2. All Back Cornrow Twist

All Back Cornrow Twist

All back cornrows can look just as good in twists as they do with braids. While you shouldn’t expect this to last as long as the average all-back braid, there are measures to ensure it stays decent for an extended period. Holding the twists together with a rubber band, as the model did here, is one good idea.

3. Jumbo Cornrow Twist

Jumbo Cornrow Twist

Tiny twists may last long and all, but have you seen how fricking adorable a jumbo twist looks? By making the cornrow twists a lot larger, you can replicate the style above on your hair. Not only is it so pretty, but it will also save you a lot of time since you don’t have to make more than a few cornrows at most.

4. Upfront Bun Cornrow Twist

Upfront Bun Cornrow Twist

The size of the twists here stands comfortably between a regular cornrow twist and a jumbo cornrow twist. Predictably, that’s not the highlight of the hairstyle. Instead, the way it twists to create a bun towards the front of the head earns it a place in this compilation.

5. Twisted Updo Cornrow

Twisted Updo Cornrow

An updo is always attractive, especially when supported at the sides by equally adorable cornrow twists. This hairstyle is about the most attractive in this compilation, but you should also recall that you’re working with twists that don’t last very long.

6. Small-Sized Cornrow Twist

Small-Sized Cornrow Twist

The past few cornrow twists were of jumbo size or a little less, but you should recall that small-sized twists are just as good as larger ones. I’m not sure if it’s about the cohesion between the dress and the hairstyle or the hairstyle itself, but what I know is that this looks excellent.

7. Twisted Cornrow with Mohawk

Twisted Cornrow with Mohawk

If you’re all in for a hairstyle that will take a couple of hours off your day, this mohawk made entirely of two-strand twists should appeal to you. It involves making cornrow twists on either side of your head and bringing them together at the center of your head to create the adorable mohawk.

8. Star Double Upfront Buns Cornrow Twist

Star Double Upfront Buns Cornrow Twist

If you like tying your hair up into buns, how would you like to make three buns using just two-strand twists? You start several cornrows in different directions from the center of your head, make them into long twists, and tie them into upfront buns to replicate the style.

9. Ghana Cornrow with Twisted Bun

Ghana Cornrow with Twisted Bun

If three buns appear excessive to you, why not try one? I honestly don’t know what I loved more from this hairstyle: the adorable cornrow twists or the equally pretty twisted bun. To make the bun look nearly as full, you’ll need to add a lot of hair extensions to the part you intend to use in making it.

10. Brunette Basic Cornrow Twist Ponytail

Brunette Basic Cornrow Twist Ponytail

Tying your hair in a simple ponytail is a clever way to style your hair in an extremely versatile way. All you need to do is make a couple of large twist cornrows that go all the way back, add some more hair extensions at the end to make it longer, and then tie it up in a ponytail. You may also want to use brown hair extensions for the brunette look.

11. Cornrow with Spring Twist

Cornrow with Spring Twist

You can end your cornrow twists with curls for a naturally adorable finish. If you intend to replicate the hairstyle above precisely, you should consider adding brown hair extensions for the classic brunette look.

12. Goddess Cornrow Twist

Goddess Cornrow Twist

The goddess twist hairstyle is essentially a couple of bigger cornrows, and it has become so popular now that it has a separate name itself. If you make the twists long enough, you can tie it up in a ponytail at the back to replicate this pretty hairstyle.

13. Cornrow Twist with Curls

Cornrow Twist with Curls

You can achieve a middle bun by not making your hair all the way to the back. That way, you can get to tie it at the center, creating a very visible bun that also looks adorable with the neat cornrow twists. If you’re making your hair yourself, this is an excellent cornrow twist hairstyle to make.

14. Basic Bun Cornrow Twist

Basic Bun Cornrow Twist

If you’re not willing to use a truckload of hair extensions, achieving the look in the preceding inspiration might be hard. Here is an alternative that offers chic cornrow twists that end in a bun, without requiring you to spend a dime on extensions.

15. Double Bun Cornrow Twist

Double Bun Cornrow Twist

If a single bun doesn’t suffice for you, why not make two? This double bun cornrow twist is the perfect hairstyle for someone who needs a break from the traditional single bun style, and did I tell you extensions aren’t needed if your hair is long enough?

16. Half Crown Cornrow Twist

Half Crown Cornrow Twist

The half crown cornrow twist is just as complex as it looks, and you’ll need a few hours to pull it off. If you intend to make it look nearly as good as the image above shows, you may need to visit a hairstylist. Given that cornrow twists don’t last very long, the associated effort just doesn’t seem very worthwhile.

17. Butterfly Cornrow Twist

Butterfly Cornrow Twist

The butterfly cornrow twist hairstyle looks pretty complicated and intimidating, but with the right guide, you should be able to achieve it easily. I wouldn’t try this on my hair the first time; I’ll certainly end up with something awful, and I don’t think you should either.


When you talk about twists, people automatically assume you’re talking about two-strand twists; that’s how bad it is. However, you should know that cornrow twists also exist, and you can make some pretty dope hairstyles with it even, as this compilation has demonstrated.

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