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20 Long-Lasting Hairstyles for Natural Hair You’ll Love

One of the goals of anyone getting a hairstyle is to make it last for as long as possible. Here are some long-lasting hairstyles for natural hair to make that goal achievable.

One of the most sought-after characteristics of hairstyles is longevity. Come to think about it, nobody really wants to visit a hairstylist every other day just because their twist keeps coming off. That creates a very competitive market for long-lasting hair, especially when it’s all-natural.

The definition of long-lasting hairstyles for natural hair differs from person to person. However, most of us will agree that anything you can wear for over a month has lasted long enough, and that will be our benchmark for natural hairstyles that last very long.

If you won’t be having time to have your hair redone anytime soon, you’ll likely be after a long-lasting hairstyle for natural hair. This post compiles 20 of the most adorable options for you to try out on your next visit to a salon.

20 Long-Lasting Hairstyles for Natural Hair

1. Mixed Tone Spring Twist

Mixed Tone Spring Twist

One simple way to make your hair look interesting is by adding hair extensions of multiple colors. Thankfully, that change won’t have any impact on the longevity of your hair. As long as you have and maintain your spring twists carefully, you should be able to retain this cool look for longer.

2. Braid Updo

Braid Updo

If you’re after an easy hairstyle that you can wear for an extended period, this style is one of the biggest contenders. It literally takes a few minutes to make, and you can wear it for four weeks or more if you’re willing to retouch it now and then.

3. Goddess Loc

Goddess Loc

Goddess locs have all sorts of advantages that I can’t even start to begin explaining here, but one that should matter right now is that it lasts long. It wouldn’t qualify to be referred to as ‘locs’ if you had to redo the style every couple of days, would it?

4. Basic Passion Twist

Basic Passion Twist

Passion twists are fundamentally different from two-strand twists because of the curly look of the hair. If you have some curly hair extensions around, you could make it into a basic passion twist and look just as adorable as she looks up there.

5. Small-sized Crochet Locs

Small-sized Crochet Locs

Crocheting external hair to your natural hair increases the potential length, allowing you to style it however you want without worrying about the length. If you want your hairstyle to last longer, you may want to ensure each of the twists is tiny, because small-sized locs typically lasts longer than lengthier ones.

6. Tribal Cornrow with Beads and Extension

Tribal Cornrow with Beads and Extension

When you make your cornrow braids properly, you can smile in confidence, knowing that you’ll be wearing them for a couple of weeks at least. Women with Afro-textured hair get cornrow braids regularly, and if you also want your hair to last longer, you have to consider it.

7. Goddess Braids

Goddess Braids

If you don’t mind installing cornrows, the goddess braids hairstyle remains one of the few long-lasting protective hairstyles that looks great. If you have enough time to make the different patterns like she’s done here, you’ll end up with a style that looks even better, with no impact on longevity.

8. Side Stitch Braids with Knotless

Side Stitch Braids with Knotless

The side stitch braids may be somewhat difficult to install, but when you do, you can wear them for up to eight weeks before you’ll have to install another. Not only does it last for so long, but it’s also one of the better-looking hairstyles here, with its particularly neat look.

9. Cornrow Ponytail and Frontal

Cornrow Ponytail and Frontal

If you can about longevity and you have a few hours to dedicate to a hairstyle, a cornrow ponytail and frontal is a big contender. While it may take a lot of time to install, it holds together for a pretty long time, so, you shouldn’t expect to have to take it apart and reinstall it anytime soon.

10. Half Single Twist and Half Braided Weaving

Half Single Twist and Half Braided Weaving

One way to ensure your twists last very long is to start the base with a braided weave and complete the longer part of the style with twists. That way, you can always take a few minutes to renew your twists if they seem to be falling apart, which is another trick to making your twists last.

11. Cornrow Braids with Beads

Cornrow Braids with Beads

The beads don’t play a huge role in this hairstyle’s longevity, but you don’t want to imagine how much of its coolness it will lose without them. When you install cornrow braids properly, they should last for a long time without you ever having to do anything significant.

12. Multi-Colored Fulani Braids

Multi-Colored Fulani Braids

Tribal braids can be uninteresting if you have them in a single color like most of the examples you see all around. Why not make a difference and try multiple colors like she’s doing here? It shouldn’t be that hard, given that all it takes is a few packs of hair extensions.

13. Black Thick Locs

Black Thick Locs

Locs are designed to last for an insanely long time; you can even wear them for years if you feel like it. If you intend to make your hairstyle last very long, you can install thick locs and leave it there; as long as you’re not using any extensions, you should be able to carry it for as long as you want.

14. Knotless Braids with African Beads

Knotless Braids with African Beads

Adorning your knotless braids with African beads could be the change it needs to look good enough for you to want to wear it forever. African beads can be quite elaborate, like in the instance above, but you can also be sure that they’re very adorable.

15. Jumbo Short Curly Knotless Braids

Jumbo Short Curly Knotless Braids

Combining curly twists and knotless braids has to be the most adorable way to install two-strand twists. If you have no idea how that’s going to look, here’s a realistic idea for you. You may even choose to add a few clips (as she did here) to make the entire thing look even better.

16. Long Box Braids

Long Box Braids

Do you know what’s more beautiful than box braids with neat edges? It’s long box braids with neat edges. I don’t even need to start explaining the appeal of this hairstyle; it’s long, it looks very adorable, and you should expect it to last for months on one installation; what more could you ask for?

17. Short Curly Locs

Short Curly Locs

Locs and curls don’t sound like things that could go together, but here we are. This hairstyle hasn’t only proven that it’s possible to combine locs and curls, but it also shows how adorable the combination looks in practice. Since locs are long-lasting, this could be the best long-lasting hairstyle for natural.

18. Royal Flat Twist

Royal Flat Twist

The flat twist hairstyle isn’t exactly famous for being a long-lasting hairstyle, but depending on how much time and resources you intend to spend on maintenance, it could actually work. Add a little sophistication and you’ll have a royal flat twist like in this hairstyle inspiration.

19. Kinky Knotless Braids with Clips

Kinky Knotless Braids with Clips

Knotless braids are great, but kinky knotless braids are even way better. Do you want to know what’s better than kinky knotless braids? Holding the ends together using clips to ensure the loose ends don’t sabotage the style. That’s how you make the hairstyle last long to create the perfect natural hairstyle.

20. Micro Cornrows Braids

Half Cornrows Half Box Braids

Do you know what’s even smaller than mini cornrow braids? Micro cornrow braids. Recall how you learned that cornrows last longer if they’re tinier. Well, this is the ultimate tininess of cornrows; so you might want to do a mental calculation of how many months you think this will last.

And those are some of the hairstyles you should consider installing if longevity is your main driving factor. Of course, there are other long-lasting hairstyles for natural hair out there, but putting many factors into account, these are some of the best you may want to copy.

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