35 Finger Waves Hairstyles for Black Women

35 Finger Waves Hairstyles for Black Women

When having a conversation about finger waves hairstyles for black women, you are in for a really good conversation. Finger waves hairstyles are great and as you will discover while reading through, they suit those who are willing to keep it short. Let’s not spill everything, let’s allow you to find out for yourself.

Finger Waves Hairstyles for Black Women

A women’s hairstyle known as finger waves are created by equally generating S-shaped waves with fingers, heated tools, and hair gel.

What better way to round off your glam ensemble than with expertly sculpted strands and a striking statement?

How to Do Finger Waves Hairstyles

The traditional finger wave hairstyle for black ladies is much simpler to execute than you may imagine. Simple instructions may be found below to help you create a cute finger wave look:

1. To begin with, you must have moist or wet hair. Make sure it isn’t dripping and too damp. But for the hairstyle to form, the hair MUST be moist.

2. All hair should then be combed straight back, either to the side or down the middle. The site is a good place for beginners to start because it will be simpler to construct the recognizable “S” shape.

3. Incorporate a few things into your hair. The gel is usually a great choice, but you can also use other things.

4. Make the infamous ‘S’ shape with your two fingers. You should move a “C” forward in one direction, then move a second “C” forward in the opposite direction.

5. Till all of your hair is done, keep doing this. Keep in mind that it is easiest to work from the front of the hair to the ends.

6. You should let your hair air dry entirely before going out if you want to commit to this hairdo.

Below are some great finger waves hairstyles for black women:

1. Multicolored Waves with Ponytail

Multicolored Waves with Ponytail
Instagram @secrethairdesign

You’ll need a few extra hours to complete such a magnificent haircut. Choose the hues for your highlights first, then dye both your hair and your faux ponytail.

Second, style the top with finger waves and the ponytail with elaborate braids.

2. Gorgeous Finger Waves on Natural Hair

Gorgeous Finger Waves on Natural Hair
Instagram @chic_by_mik

An African-American woman’s black natural hair is styled in a sloppy, loose finger wave or beachy finger wave.

You may achieve a mohawk cut effect by wearing your hair long on top and short on the sides. To create unkempt curls on the side main waves, use a light mousse.

Women who want an effortless look can choose sleek, curled hair. With a thin mousse on top, it is simple to twist and toss your curl.

With an edge control that will reshape your natural S curls, and revive your finger waves.

3. Finger Waves with Blonde Highlights

Finger Waves with Blonde Highlights
Instagram @afro_dreamz

This brown hairstyle with several blonde highlights is the last but certainly not least. Wet finger waves that are shaped and brushed down for a gorgeous finish have been added to this look to complete it.

4. Dark Purple

Dark Purple
Instagram @enhancedbymandy

The fact that finger waves look great on both long and short hair is one of their best features. Therefore, if you have a pixie cut, this will make it easier for you to style the hairstyle.

You may also add dark purple highlights to liven things up.

5. Sassy Finger Waves on Black Hair

Sassy Finger Waves on Black Hair
Instagram @flamingoamy

The light reflects in such a way that it makes your hair shine even more, which is a fantastic feature of using black hair as a canvas for those wavy textures.

Additionally, the choppy cut is ideal for the finger waves hairstyle on such short hair.

6. Two-Toned Finger Waves Hairstyle

Two-Toned Finger Waves Hairstyle
Instagram @Janeicebarnes

Here’s one of the most inventive ways to wear pink and orange in 2023, when two-toned ensembles are quite in style. Additionally, they incorporated flawless S curls with a wet look, and it looks just stunning.

7. Natural Hair Finger Wave Pixie

Natural Hair Finger Wave Pixie
Instagram @ohdiane_hair

The ideal waves for ladies who don’t have time to make a full head of finger waves are one or two striking statement waves.

Not only will it radically change the appearance of your haircut, but it may also make a casual hairstyle appear official.

8. Buns and Waves

Buns and Waves
Instagram @ingrids.nu.image

Black women appreciate finger waves, and they frequently employ this method to produce captivating hairdos.

Create waves with the hair on your forehead, then arrange a high braided bun with the other section. Make sure to use a lot of your favorite jam to make your strands easier to manage.

9. Quick Weave Finger Waves

Quick Weave Finger Waves
Instagram @shearenvybyjann

The rapid finger wave weaves reveal shorter waves. Layers are created, giving them a more complicated and intriguing appearance. Additionally, even with hair this short it still has texture from those lovely finger waves.

10. Ultra Short Red Hair

Ultra Short Red Hair
Instagram @beautyexchange

You must bleach your hair to achieve this finger waves hairstyle for black ladies. You may achieve that electrifying red color in this manner.

The haircut makes a dramatic statement, but employ caution because it requires some upkeep.

11. Natural Finger Waves on Fleek

Natural Finger Waves on Fleek
Instagram @Stylebytashae

We have discovered your next look, all you natural beauties out there searching for a new look. Here, she has kept her hair in a jet-back style and curled it with lots of hairsprays and a strong hold gel.

12. Modern Finger Wave Mohawk

Modern Finger Wave Mohawk
Instagram @kiastylez

We’re here to dispel any notions you may have about how only one style of mohawk is possible. A few pin curls are used in this unusual mohawk, which transitions into finger waves in the rear.

What a lovely combination of hues and textures! Bright and flashy yet refined and pertinent.

13. Waves and Curls

Waves and Curls
Instagram @prettyblack_shorthairstylists

Any black lady who desires a hairdo that commands attention should choose finger waves and curls.

One of these hairstyles’ key attributes is versatility because it lets you mix ringlets with straight hair or braids.

14. Feminine Finger Waves for Short Hair

Feminine Finger Waves for Short Hair
Instagram @earnestlynatural

Soft finger waves are so light that they go well with short hairstyles like this pixie. With this kind of arrangement, flowing layers are exhibited.

15. Side Finger Waves Hairstyle

Side Finger Waves Hairstyle
Instagram @wendy_fetishhairstudio

Add waves, as shown here, to the sides of your hair to maintain them short and stylish. Additionally, she kept the top longer and flowy for a stunning and distinctive look.

16. Cherry-Colored Finger Wave Hair

Cherry-Colored Finger Wave Hair
Instagram @artistry4gg

The ideal volumized style for short hair is finger waves, which are a little messier than the typical clean rows.

These rich, cherry-colored waves alternate in size and direction to give the style a playful edge and lots of texture.

This style also gives the traditional finger waves a much more contemporary twist by omitting the separation.

17. Half Side Waves

Half Side Waves
Instagram @tbanksthehairsaint

You should choose a pixie bob hairstyle if you want a look that makes you feel tough and makes a big impression.

In this manner, you can strengthen the longer hairs on one side of your head while achieving finger waves on the opposite side.

18. Stunning Pixie Cut Finger Waves

Stunning Pixie Cut Finger Waves
Instagram @mollies_magic_hairspray

A stunning finger-waved pixie cut from Hollywood.  You can play the S-shaped style louder or quieter. I chose to use strong, deep finger waves.

19. Platinum Blonde Waves

Platinum Blonde Waves
Nstagram @lawanda3053037938hardemon

If you’re a black woman with short hair, platinum blonde is a fantastic option to think about. Use a fine-tooth comb to create the waves while bleaching and coloring your hair.

Your entire glam and fierceness will be channeled via the hairdo.

20. Cornrowed Finger Waves

Cornrowed Finger Waves
Instagram @iren_franc

A playful braid style that combines braids and waves from the Roaring 20s is cornrowed finger waves.

Experienced hair braiders use small scalp braids and accurate hair separation to create attractive designs. Enjoy yourself while rocking the finger wave style by including some colored braids!

21. Soft Finger Waves Hairstyle

Soft Finger Waves Hairstyle
Instagram @glamsoulenny

Hairstyles with soft finger waves complement almost any outfit and are quite adaptable. As she has done above, you can dress it down with a t-shirt, but it also looks lovely with a pretty dress for a good night out.

22. Pinched Neon Pink Waves

Pinched Neon Pink Waves
Instagram @salonchristol

There are no cuter curls than these. The bright pink and bleached blonde color make the vintage wave current, playful, and young-looking, while the pinched finger waves appear flawlessly formed with not a hair out of place.

When working on this style, use a fine-toothed comb and enough gel. Start your styling with the side part.

When working on a segment, clip it an inch from the component. Create a wave between the clip and the comb by inserting a comb a few inches away from your clip and pulling your hair in that direction.

To define the ridge of your wave, pinch the lifted piece with a wave clamp. Add the subsequent clip and carry on refining your waves as instructed.

23. Lollipop Look

Lollipop Look
Instagram @seatednyc

Unquestionably, this is among the best finger waves hairstyles. You must use various pink hues to design highlights if you want to duplicate it for black women.

Attention to this lollipop’s appearance merits will be given to it since it is a true game-changer.

24. Finger Waves on African-American Hair

Finger Waves on African-American Hair
Instagram @pueppikram

When the texture of African American hair is pre-stretched using a blow dryer for pliability, finger waves keep their shape better.

Using a rat tail comb and a foam or gel-like lotion afterward will help with pressing, styling, and setting your hair. When creating finger waves, saturation is essential.

Another method for setting and holding the form is with flat, long clips.

25. Crown Large Waves

Crown Large Waves
Instagram @janeicebarnes

Black ladies are very skilled at utilizing their natural hair and blending in hair extensions to create gorgeous hair every time, it can be said.

You must create finger waves for the crown region of your hair and secure a ponytail at the rear to achieve this appearance.

26. Icy White Blonde Waves

Icy White Blonde Waves
Instagram @b_andrew_hair

Try this brilliant, ice-white hairstyle. Any time of the year would be lovely to wear this lovely tone, but summer is when it would stand out. She has maintained even, thick waves for a stunning finish.

27. Finger Waves on Black Hair

Finger Waves on Black Hair
Instagram  @nikki_h_stylist

Particularly when done on African-American black hair, finger waves can look just as nice with shorter curls as they can on longer hair.

In this instance, the big curls on top contrast well with the sculpted waves on the sides of the head. The top section of the hair should be curled, and the entire style should be dried using a dryer.

28. Elvis Pixie

Elvis Pixie
Instagram @nikki_h_stylist

You should start with your haircut if you want to be a rock star. Consequently, a pixie haircut with a longer top and blonde highlights will elevate your appearance.

To add extra texture and make the hairstyle last all day, use the curler and some styling spray.

29. Neat and Clean Finger Waves Hairstyle

Neat and Clean Finger Waves Hairstyle
Instagram @maneluxuryhs2

There is a nice, tidy, and modern hairstyle that would suit ladies of all ages. Her side-swept hairstyle was a great choice for this particular scene.

30. Over-Sized Formal Updo

Over-Sized Formal Updo
Instagram @mustafaavci

This magnificent long-hair updo is not only a work of art in and of itself, but it also makes the ideal appearance for any formal occasion.

However, to achieve this look, you won’t be able to do it in front of the bathroom mirror; instead, you’ll need to make an appointment with a qualified stylist.

31. Soft Curls Finger Waves Hairstyle

Soft Curls Finger Waves Hairstyle
Instagram @alex.madisonbeauty

Always go for delicate curls and short hair. She has added more waves in the back to her spiral-curled baby hair in the picture above.

32. Long Zig-Zag Sew In

Long Zig-Zag Sew In
Instagram @the_rose_affect

Although finger waves are typically identified by their flat, wavy form, not all finger waves are the same! These sloppy zigzag waves are vibrant and loud.

This haircut is a sew-in, even though you wouldn’t know it. This is a terrific alternative to your typical hairdo for women who frequently wear wigs or weaves with no added trouble.

33. Pale Pink Pixie

Pale Pink Pixie
Instagram @janeicebarnes

This black woman’s finger waves hairstyle is a true work of art. You must specify the comb’s tiny channels to reproduce it.

You must first soak your hair in a pomade or another preferred style product for that. The color is another important factor in how gorgeous this hairdo looks.

34. Super Short Finger Waves Hairstyle

Super Short Finger Waves Hairstyle
Instagram @thekinkcentre

Another extremely short-finger wave hairdo is shown here. She has maintained her natural hair color, styling it in a really attractive way with a side part and large waves all over.

35. Side Part

Side Part
Instagram @lamajbackwards

Even though finger waves first debuted in the 1920s, they started to acquire favor once more in the 1990s.

Therefore, you can apply the method to create a stunning modern side-parted hairstyle with retro inspirations.


Finger waves hairstyle for black women like you have seen is as elegant as it gets. When you are done making this hair, you will surely not regret it.

You can pick from any of the styles that we have presented or you can play with it and you will be fine.

You can check some of our other articles for more elegant styles. You can also leave a comment in the comment section below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you enjoyed this hairstyle compilation, you may want to check out our similar ones.

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35 Finger Waves Hairstyles for Black Women

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