20 Senegalese Twists Ideas You Should Try

20 Senegalese Twists Ideas You Should Try

Senegalese twists are one of the most popular hairstyles that you could make. You go to Europe, Asia, and other parts of the world and we give you the assurance that you will come across this hairstyle. You can make this hairstyle and we are here just to present some of the best styles to help you make your choice. As you read, you will also get to understand Senegalese twists better.

What is a Senegalese Twist?

Senegalese twists are a protective hairstyle that is typically applied to afro hair using kinky hair extensions. Africa’s Senegal is the home of the Senegalese twist. Other names for it are rope twist and crochet twist.

This hair braiding method is a form of haircare technique for thick, natural Black hair in addition to serving as a fashion or aesthetic statement in their culture.

It shields your hair from harm brought on by heat styling, environmental factors, and coloring. This is why it’s termed a protective hairstyle.

Additionally, when your hair is braided in a Senegalese twist, it grows significantly more quickly. You can create Senegalese twists by blending hair extensions with your own hair.

They not only aid in hair protection but also encourage healthy growth. It makes sense why so many women in Africa wear them.

20 Best Senegalese Twists Ideas

Here are some of the best Senegalese twists that you should try:

1. Cornrows Senegalese Twist

Cornrows Senegalese Twist
Instagram @braids_by_mel_

Don’t you just adore how neat and tidy these twists are? Additionally, this sensual hue and jewel combo is perfect.

2. Multicolored Ponytail

Multicolored Ponytail
Instagram @tupo1

You don’t have to use only one color for your Senegalese twists. You are free to experiment with as many colors as you like. This trio of black, brown, and blonde is one of our favorites. Such a variety of dimensions!

3. Twisted Half-Up Do

Twisted Half-Up Do
Instagram @luscioushairbraiding

This half-updo offers a distinctive flair while showcasing the face. A busy woman or a woman who wants low-maintenance but lovely hair can wear this simple style.

4. Curly Senegalese Twists

Curly Senegalese Twists
Instagram @yokiibeauty

Even if you already wear these straightforward twists, you can curl your hair for special events.

Wrap a silk scarf around your head for cover and wrap your twists around some curling rods. In the morning, take out the rods to see lovely, bouncy curls!

5. French Braid Senegalese Twists

French Braid Senegalese Twists
Instagram @_simplystasia

Starting with exquisite cornrows, gathering them into a stunning French braid, and letting those lengthy twists down at the end is a fantastic take on Senegalese twists hairstyles.

This medium haircut with a Senegalese twist takes everything off your face so you may accessorize easily.

6. Medium Senegalese Twists

Medium Senegalese Twists
Instagram @thebraidingfactory

These Senegalese twists, which are neither too big nor too little, still provide the summertime sun protection you require.

Like this adorable high ponytail that has been divided in half for a fuller, more fashionable look!

7. Giant Middle Part

Giant Middle Part
Instagram @therochelleallen

Since symmetry is said to be the foundation of beauty, middle-parted hairstyles must be quite fashionable.

With these enormous Senegalese twists, it looks fantastic. Even accessories can be added to it to enhance flavor.

8. Senegalese Twist with Red Hair

Senegalese Twist with Red Hair
Instagram @londonstrands

When you wear this trendy color, you’ll feel like a million dollars! Try these twists to see how adaptable your Senegalese hair can be if you’re seeking for different ways to experiment with them.

Medium lengths are ideal for Senegalese twists since they make upkeep simpler, but longer lengths are still a choice.

9. Low Bun Senegalese Twists

Low Bun Senegalese Twists
Instagram @touchesbynoel

This Senegalese twist style looks lovely wrapped in a low bun and is perfect for women who wish to set an example for fashion in the office.

10. High Bun, Shaved Sides

High Bun, Shaved Sides
Instagram @alexianna_styles

This style calls to be noticed since it has medium Senegalese twists that are toned with golden beauty.

This look is for a woman who wants to be edgy and features a high top knot and sides with stylish shaving. Do you see a few burgundy pieces scattered about? Your base hue can certainly be spiced up.

11. Short Bob Senegalese Twists

Short Bob Senegalese Twists
Instagram @bunnybraids

There’s no rule that says these popular Senegalese twists have to be lengthy. If you prefer the bob style, you may always choose a shorter cut and add loose ends to give it a feminine feel.

12. Senegalese Flat Twist Braids

Senegalese Flat Twist Braids
Instagram @protectivestyles

This Senegalese flat twist hairstyle is the best summer appearance and is great for keeping hair out of your face when sunbathing.

From the hairline to the nape, the hair is firmly knotted. Remember to leave your edges visible so you may gel them back into the pattern of your choice.

13. Purple Twists

Purple Twists
Instagram @maketiwiri

A purple color like violet will always look beautiful on you if you have a deeper skin tone.

14. Swept-Up Twists

Swept-Up Twists
Instagram @grip_and_twist

This lovely style, which is far more original than other solutions that accomplish the same effect, will keep your long locks pulled back and away from your face.

To test it out, swoop all of your hair over to one side, clip it in the back, and leave it there.

15. Senegalese Twist Ponytail

Senegalese Twist Ponytail
Instagram @badmonbraids

The variety of ways you can style these Senegalese twists, like this stunning ponytail, will astound you.

For an immediate face-brightening effect, get some trendy brunette and blonde hues to go with such Senegalese twist styles.

16. Bandana and Curls

Bandana and Curls
Instagram @astoldbynneoma

Pair your Senegalese twists with a bandana with a striking pattern to add a little flair. The loosely curled tendrils and cowrie shell accents give the entire appearance a charming pan-African vibe.

17. Easy Side Part Twists Look

Easy Side Part Twists Look
Instagram @grip_and_twist

How should your hair be styled? Put it aside and adopt a “long hair doesn’t matter” mentality, of course! Senegalese twists will always go well with the deep side section.

Think of this as your go-to style for every day, and experiment with different looks for formal occasions or evenings out.

18. Blonde Hair with Senegalese Twists

Blonde Hair with Senegalese Twists
Instagram @keessentialshair

These amazing blonde rope twists will make you stand out and just take a short amount of time to style. For any event, just a lovely half-up/half-down like this will do.

19. Senegalese Knot Updo

Senegalese Knot Updo
Instagram @luscioushairbraiding

This is one of the nicest examples of fancy-style alternatives we’ve ever seen! The extraordinary sculpted updo would look stunning with a classy dress (or even jeans and heels).

Rope twists are the best method for making large, bold buns.

20. Micro Senegalese Twists

Micro Senegalese Twists
Instagram @no_ordinarybraiding

When you choose these adorable thin little twists, you’ll get more accessories and style options! Wear these lovely braids any way you like for various occasions and events, whether in a ponytail, bun or even half-up!


When it comes to hairstyles that we are sure will look glamorous on you, the Senegalese twist is among the top bunch.

You can pick one out of many Senegalese hairstyles out there and you will look good on it or you can even pick from the one that we have presented.

You should try this hair.

If you enjoyed this hairstyle compilation, you may want to check out our similar ones.

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20 Senegalese Twists Ideas You Should Try

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