30 Stunning Fulani Tribal Braids Hairstyles

30 Stunning Fulani Tribal Braids Hairstyles

When thinking of some ideas for the Fulani Tribal braids that you wish to make, you come to be stuck in confusion because there are so many styles that you could do and you would come out fine. All you need is a push or some ideas and we trust your creative imagination to do the rest. Check out these ideas for Fulani Tribal braids.

The Fulani Tribal Braids is an unusual hairstyle, which is named after the Fula ethnic group.

The Fula ethnic group is popularly known as the Fulani people and has one of the greatest and oldest African cultures.

The Fulani Tribal braid is a cornrow pattern of thin or medium-thick braids that are securely plaited and adhere closely to the head.

Fulani tribal braids are favored by many women all over the world as a means of personal expression.

Additionally, numerous Fulani braid styles frequently include ornate beads, rings, and chains in addition to colorful extensions.

Best Ideas You Can Consider When Styling the Fulani Tribal Braids

If you are thinking of making the Fulani tribal braids, here are 30 ideas that you can consider:

1. Fulani Braids for Natural Hair

Fulani Braids for Natural Hair
Instagram @vana_naturals

Without any extensions or frills, this is one of the most basic haircuts to highlight the woman’s inherent beauty and offer all-day comfort.

2. Fancy Braids in Twisted Buns

Fancy Braids in Twisted Buns
Instagram @gabi_tranca

This kind of plaiting allows you to experiment with various hairstyles. For instance, create two half-up buns with braids. Rings and highlighted strands will make the appearance even more stylish.

3. Head-Curving Braids

Head-Curving Braids
Instagram @santopoweer

This Fulani braiding style is unique in that it curves rather than starts straight from the forehead. You can wear Fulani braids in this style for as long or as short a time as you like.

4. Two-Tone Braids With Curls

Two-Tone Braids with Curls
Instagram @stunninghairbraiding8622

Use a combination of thin and medium cornrows, lovely waves, and flirtatious in-front-of-the-ear braids to create a sophisticated, exotic, and feminine style. This concept can be used for the side-part Fulani braid version.

5. Updated Traditional Style

Updated Traditional Style
Instagram @theeraeexperience

Depending on the length of your natural hair, adding extensions may be required to obtain this appearance. Don’t forget to add beads and jewelry to your hair after you’ve completed braiding and pinning it back.

6. Micro-Fulani Braids

Micro-Fulani Braids
Instagram @the.natural.breona

Like with any other braided style, you may decide how big or small you want your Fulani braids to be but expect to spend a lot of time at the salon getting them done.

Even if these aren’t exactly tiny, they are little and will cause tension to the scalp, so make sure to take care of your edges and scalp after your session using an aloe or castor oil-based lotion.

7. Golden Blonde Tribal Braids

Golden Blonde Tribal Braids
Instagram @braidedbyjadahh

A neat and fashionable appearance is guaranteed by the lovely, swept-back, free-flowing braids and in-front-of-the-ear pieces.

9. Jumbo Fulani Braids With Accessories

Jumbo Fulani Braids with Accessories
Instagram @alinejorgefundosdequintal

Braids that are thick always look striking. In addition, the geometric designs, golden cuffs, and striking strings offer a chic appearance that goes with every ensemble.


10. Lovely Short Fulani Braids

Lovely Short Fulani Braids
Instagram @lelitahs.touch

At the core of this stunning haircut is a unique design. The ends of the braids, it is highlighted with highlights and numerous translucent beads.

If you don’t want extra frills, this approach will also work for short Fulani braids without beads.

11. Extra-Long Braids

Extra-Long Braids
Instagram @judify_beautyplace

With this braiding technique, you make your braids longer than usual. If you want to avoid frizz, washing braids in this style could be challenging.

12. Thick Curvy Fulani Braids

Thick Curvy Fulani Braids
Instagram @bean__braids

Dark brown hair extensions guarantee a lovely, natural-looking hairstyle. To make your braids more unique, pierce the main braid and dangle a charm of your choice from it.

13. Back-Length Braids

Back-Length Braids
Instagram @afromadrinha

All of the hair is the same length from the front to the rear in this particular Fulani braiding style. At first glance, it appears to be a side event, but it ultimately moves to the rear.

While most individuals use beads, some people choose to do it naturally.

14. Y2K Braids

Y2K Braids
Instagram @mxbraids

A unique braid that is both stunning and daring is the Y2K braid. It is substantial and has an all-over, bold cornrow design.

In most situations, it has a braid of six to eight strands.

15. Fulani With Two Braids in the Middle

Fulani with Two Braids in the Middle
Instagram @unik_touchh

You might also experiment with some vibrant strings to update your appearance. Black hair in bright colors exudes positive energy.

16. Face-Framing Side-Part

Face-Framing Side-Part
Instagram @braidsambassador

A great method to frame your face and protect your coils is with side braids. They are compact and conform to the contours of your face.

17. Fulani With Massive Beads

Fulani with Massive Beads
Instagram @golden.touch_hair

Use a lot of shiny beads on the braids in front of the ears to add a cute touch to your style while maintaining a conservative image.

Since they are short, don’t restrict your movement, and are simple to sleep in, they are simple to keep.

18. Fulani Braids With a Middle Part

Fulani Braids With a Middle Part
Instagram @thebspotbarbershop

Your hair will always appear beautiful thanks to the simple lines of this middle-parted haircut. Additionally, blonde extensions give the appearance a modern twist.

19. Fulani Braids with Afro Puff

Fulani Braids with Afro Puff
Instagram @negla_braidss

An excellent way to showcase the beauty of natural hair. A stunning appearance is produced by the in-front-of-the-ear braids, puffy hair in the rear, obvious braid lines in the front, and ring accents.

20. Blonde Jumbo Braids

Blonde Jumbo Braids
Instagram @iamher_braidsandextensions

This is a lovely illustration of how gorgeous a blonde Fulani style with full half-cornrows and front-of-ear braids seems! Despite the lack of ornamentation, it is very beautiful.

21. Fulani Braids Ponytail

Fulani Braids Ponytail
Instagram @narahairbraiding

Skip the uninteresting ponytails. This version features exquisite decorative components including cuffs, royal blue extensions, and beads in addition to an elaborate and distinctive braided design.

22. Long Fulani Braids With Extensions

Long Fulani Braids with Extensions
Instagram @thedolledway_

An attractive hairdo based on the traditional braiding method, featuring two additional plaits in front of the ears and a middle-part braid.

The yellow beads act as understated highlights while hair extensions aid in achieving the necessary length.

23. Long Fulani Braids With Yarn

Long Fulani Braids with Yarn
Instagram @sanja.s_glam_house

If you want to try out a daring and colorful appearance, this is the ideal fit. Are extensions required for Fulani braids? If you want to lengthen your hairdo, most definitely.

Additionally, blending colors will produce the best results.

23. Simple Style

Simple Style
Instaram @_stylez_by_bri

If you’re an expert braider, you may accomplish this simple design in the comfort of your own home because braids don’t usually need additional extensions.

24. Regal Beads

Regal Beads
Instagram @eve_hair_braids

The regal beads are a lovely complement to the Fulani braids. Depending on what you want, you can combine these braids to create some very excellent looks.


25. Braided Bob

Braided Bob
Instagram @justbraidsinfo

The voluminous ends of these Fulani braids add to the style’s dramatic red carpet effect. They are brief and simple to keep up with.

26. Mixed Mediums

Mixed Mediums
Instagram @bkmi_sweetbeauty_hairacademy

With mixed braids, you may mix and match various braid types to create a distinctive look for yourself.

You can experiment with a side braid, a curly or ponytail, or a thick and thin braid. With this braiding pattern, you can do anything you want.

27. Thick Braids

Thick Braids
Instagram @thay_make_braids

These thick braids are ideal for someone who wants the Fulani appearance but doesn’t have a lot of time to spend at the salon. They are quick to make and simple to keep up with.

28. Braided Bun

Braided Bun
Instagram @justbraidsinfo

If you have a dry scalp or plan to wear this style for a lengthy period of time, you may want to discuss proper care with your stylist (particularly for the area at the crown of the head where the bun sits).

This is advantageous for those whose hair does not like to hang loose all the time.

29. Cute Medium Fulani Braids

Cute Medium Fulani Braids
Instagram @blessingshairbraiding

This neat look, sometimes referred to as Fulani braids without edges, has a braid in the center that is cuffed in gold. Medium-length braids are finished off with a unique two-bead arrangement.

30. Long Curly Fulani Braids

Long Curly Fulani Braids
Instagram @mackay_beauty_parlour

This is a traditional braid pattern with one embellished braid in the middle. The tiny braids’ curly ends give the complete ensemble a youthful, upbeat appearance.


The Fulani Tribal braid can be made into anything you desire. Since it has changed from how it was when it was first found in West Africa years ago, the Fulani braid’s potential is only limited by your imagination.

Try a number of different things, either those that are already listed or new ones that you can think of on your own.

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30 Stunning Fulani Tribal Braids Hairstyles

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