How Do I Maintain My Stitch Braids?

How Do I Maintain My Stitch Braids?

With the Stitch braid, one may often ask, how do I maintain my stitch braids? It is a regular question and most times, people don’t get the correct information as regards maintaining the stitch braid. We have done our research and as you read through, you will be presented with effective guidelines that will help you carry out this task.

Although stitch braids gained popularity in 2016 and have continued to develop since then, they have a fascinating history and are closely related to the well-known cornrows.

The famed cornrow technique, which Africans have worn since 3000 BC, is where the contemporary stitch braiding method got its start.

Over time, stitch braids and other types of braids developed from cornrows.

Stitch braids are something you should absolutely try out, regardless of whether you are a hairstylist or simply the DIY queen.

A feed-in technique is used to create stitch braids, a type of protective style in which you braid while adding more extensions to your natural hair.

You must divide the natural hair into thick or thin horizontal lines before braiding the natural hair with the hair extension to create stitch braids.

How Do I Maintain My Stitch Braids?

How Do I Maintain My Stitch Braids?
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It is important to care for both your natural hair and your stitch braids. It is advisable that you cleanse your scalp with shampoo once or every two weeks, while you have your stitch braids on. You can do this by:

1. Shampooing

massaging your scalp while drenching a clean cloth or a ball of cotton in shampoo. The shampoo can then be removed from your hair by rubbing it with another cotton ball or piece of cloth that has been dipped in fresh, warm water.

2. Conditioning

Apply the same method you used for shampooing to condition your hair, but this time, concentrate on the roots of your hair.

3. Drying

Let your hair dry completely before lightly rubbing some oil into your scalp and hair roots.

4. Moisturizing

Additionally, you can apply moisturizer to your stitch braids to give your natural hair shaft some TLC.

5. Using a Satin Bonnet

Make sure you wear a satin hat or a silk scarf to bed at night. Check out our selection of reversible satin bonnets, which are excellent for bedtime.


How Long Does the Stitch Braid Last?

Depending on how well you take care of them and how quickly your hair grows, stitch braids can last from 2 to 7 weeks.

Avoid using abrasive shampoos and conditioners, over-brushing, and sleeping with damp stitch braids to increase their lifespan.

Instead, use gentle cleaning agents, detangle them with a wide-toothed comb, and make sure they are always completely dry before going to bed.

These suggestions should help you maintain the appearance of your stitch braids for several weeks.


The stitch braid is beautiful, even more so if you can maintain it. What is the essence of spending money and time doing a hairstyle that you can’t maintain?

To get the best out of the stitch braid and make the look stick, you have to maintain it.

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How Do I Maintain My Stitch Braids?

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