How Do You Maintain Bubble Braids

How Do You Maintain Bubble Braids?

If you are new and a fan of bubble braids, you should ask the question, how do you maintain bubble braids? There is no need to make hair that you cannot maintain because, in a few days, it will not look as good as expected. As you read through, you will be provided with some guidelines on how you can maintain the bubble braid.

What are Bubble Braids?

What are Bubble Braids?
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Although they feature the word “braids” in their name, bubble braids are not braids.

They are a fun twist on the conventional ponytail. In order to achieve a look that resembles many bubbles, chunky puffs are made with the help of elastic bands rather than having the hair fall in a straight ponytail.

The finest feature of this particular hairstyle is that it works well with various hair lengths and textures, whether straight or curly.

Another name you can call the bubble braid is balloon ponytails. So when next you hear someone talking about a balloon ponytail, you know exactly what they are talking about.

Most people carrying their natural hair, often want a simple protective styling. Not something stressful and extravagant but yet, still makes them attractive.

The bubble braid can guarantee you just that but the question is how do you maintain it to last and still give you that captivating look?

Let’s have a look at how to maintain the bubble braid.

How Do You Maintain Bubble Braids?

There are a couple of tips that will help you maintain your bubble hair. If you follow these tips, you will protect your hair and at the same time preserve the look that the bubble braid gives you.

1. When you wish to lie down, create a bun with bubble braids and cover it with your shower cap.

In this manner, neither the gel in your natural hair nor the bubble braids themselves will come into contact with the bathwater.

2. When you wish to go to sleep as well, you can also bun your bubble braids and cover your head with your satin scarf or shower cap as the case may be.

By doing this, you can avoid smudging the sleek appearance of your gelled natural hair when you toss and turn at night.

3. Reapply a tiny amount of gel to that area to lay back any edges or natural hair strands that begin to separate from the gel.


Is it Better to Do Bubble Braids Wet or Dry?

When you talk about maintaining the bubble braids, most people which to know whether the maintenance has anything to do with making the bubble braids wet or dry.

You can decide whether to wash your hair before styling it. Sometimes, more textured hair and dirtier hair are excellent for hairstyles like bubble braids.

However, the truth is that you can style on clean or unclean hair; just keep in mind that creating fuller bubbles on unclean hair may demand a little more effort.


The bubble braid or the balloon ponytail as most people call it is a great hairstyle that will make you look good and attractive. However, you will have to maintain that look and you can follow the tips specified in this post to help you.

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How Do You Maintain Bubble Braids

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