how long do havana twists last

How Long Do Havana Twists Last?

Havana twists is a term generally used to refer to twists that are made using the Havana Braid Hair. One of their best qualities is how long they last when you install them, but how long do Havana twists last exactly?

Havana twists tend to last about as long as most other protective styles; around two months tops. With insane maintenance tips, you can get it to last for even much longer, but you generally want to keep it below eight weeks to prevent issues when taking the hair apart.

In this article, you’ll get a deep dive into what Havana twists are and what makes them so special. In addition to that, you’ll also learn how to maintain the hairstyle to make it last as long as you want it to.

How Long Do Havana Twists Last?

While the Havana twists hairstyle isn’t the longest-lasting hairstyle in history, it is one of the longer-lasting ones you can get out there. With that said, how long do Havana twist last exactly that makes them deserving of this accolade?

Havana twists can last for up to eight weeks while still keeping something close to its best shape according to numerous sources on the internet. When you try it practically, you could even get your hair to push the boundaries and last for much longer than eight weeks, which wouldn’t be groundbreaking.

All you’ll need to make your Havana twists last longer than the average time quoted above are a few maintenance tips practiced religiously. While that isn’t going to guarantee that you’ll be able to carry your Havana twists for longer than eight weeks (many factors contribute), it will certainly help you carry them for longer than you should.

How Do You Maintain Havana Twists?

Most people that wear Havana twists and most other kinds of protective hairstyles tend to want to shy away from maintenance, which explains why they find it difficult to keep the installation for weeks. If you’re willing to dedicate some of your time to maintenance, you might just be able to double the length of time you can wear the hairstyle.

There are many general tips that could help you maintain just about any style on the market, but that isn’t what this section is for. Rather, here are some of the best ways to maintain Havana twists specifically to make them last longer.

1. Don’t do it too tight

While it may seem logical to do it in very tightly when planning to keep your twists for an extended period, that is generally a terrible idea. Not only does it increase the risk of breakage and hair issues like traction alopecia, but will also likely cause pain on your scalp.

A combination of these will only work towards jeopardizing your hair, making it a sacrifice that doesn’t have benefits. However, you also shouldn’t make the hair too loose, as you risk everything coming apart the next day just because they didn’t hold together, to begin with.

2. Keep your scalp clean

Getting rid of buildup on your scalp is another way to ensure your Havana twists last as long as possible without looking flat-out terrible. In most cases, the twists will leave huge spaces around the individual boxes, giving you enough space to clean out your scalp.

You can clear your scalp of buildup by applying a product made specifically for that purpose. It’s also crucial to note that you don’t have to do this very frequently, just once every now and then is enough for a healthy scalp and long-lasting Havana twists.

3. Take them apart sooner than later

It may interest you to learn that taking your hair apart quickly could actually help your hair positively, and here’s why. When you install your Havana twists, it gradually declines, both in looks and quality until it becomes impossible to tolerate.

For the first few weeks, the hair should maintain a look similar to when you installed it newly. Over time, however, the gradual degradation starts to kick in. Want to prevent the inevitable degradation? Take your hair apart before it gets a chance to happen.

4. Try using the services of a professional

Another tip to get your Havana twists to last long is to seek the help of a professional hairstylist when trying to install the hair. If you tell them you intend to make it last very long, you should get something even better than you’d get otherwise.

While using a professional is not a requirement for Havana twists, you shouldn’t skip it if you can access it. If you’re trying to cut costs, you probably shouldn’t look to make your twists last long; balancing those two is just impossible and won’t cut it.

Are Havana Twists Heavy?

Given how full Havana twists look on a normal day, anyone would think they’re a nightmare to wear for excessive weight. If you always used to think Havana twists are anything near heavy, you’d be one of the most wrong people in the world.

Not only are Havana twists not heavy, but they’re actually very light. While looking full, Havana twists manage to be one of the lightest protective styles you can get, making it the best option for ladies looking to reduce their cerebral weight.

Since it’s difficult to achieve that kind of weight while keeping the hair looking full, you should generally expect Havana twists to be pretty costly. It costs a lot more than Marley twists, a hairstyle that’s heavier, but hey, we’re talking about weight here and not the cost.


Havana twist hairstyles are undoubtedly one of the best two-strand twists you can get with extensions. One of the qualities that make the twists exceptional is how long they last, while looking full and fresh all through that duration.

For a specific figure, you should expect your Havana twists to last around six to eight weeks. While it’s possible for it to last longer, you want to keep it within that timeframe to prevent frizz and breakage over time.

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