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15 Funky Havana Twist Hairstyles that Look Great

Havana twist hairstyles are getting increasingly popular for all the right reasons. Being a protective hairstyle, it’s already made for greatness, but the fact that it looks great and lasts longer than most other styles are all reasons why it’s the favorite of many ladies.

If you want to know if getting Havana twist is worthwhile, you may want to check out our article that explains how long the hairstyle lasts. Since you’re here, however, I’ll assume that you need something else, which is a list of the best Havana twist hairstyles out there.

Without wasting time, here are 15 adorable Havana twist hairstyles that you should get to look awesome.

Funky Havana Twist Hairstyles

1. Goddess Black Havana Twist

Goddess Black Havana Twist

You can only achieve the perfect Havana twist by installing the hairstyle in the intended color. Since we can all agree that Afro-textured hair should be black, it won’t be farfetched to claim that you can hardly get better-looking Havana twists than what we have above.

2. Short Havana Twist

Short Havana Twist

Despite what you might have seen on Instagram and Pinterest, your Havana twists don’t have to be long. If you need long twists, you can use hair extensions to complement your hair, but you absolutely do not have to do that. This idea is proof that you can get adorable short Havana twists.

3. Mixed Tone Bob Havana Twist

Mixed Tone Bob Havana Twist

Your hairstyle doesn’t have to follow a very specific color template. Just like the model did above, feel free to experiment with a mixed-tone Havana twist for a more adorable look. Red and black, black and blue, green and red, you can try pretty much anything.

4. Basic Black Jumbo Havana Twist

Basic Black Long Havana Twist

Earlier, I said your Havana twists don’t have to be long, but I never said they cannot be long. When you take a look at this pretty and long Havana twist, you’ll understand why most of the pictures you see on Instagram and Pinterest are of lengthy twists.

5. Crochet Havana Twist

Crochet Havana Twist

In most cases, you’ll have to use hair extensions to achieve the Havana twist look, but how about crocheting those extensions in? That’s exactly what’s going on in the hairstyle above, and I will say the “crochet Havana twist” looks pretty dope.

6. One-Sided Ponytail Havana Twist

One-Sided Ponytail Havana Twist

Ponytail twists are simple protective styles you make by twisting only one side of your hair to form a ponytail at the back, but do you know you can add Havana twists to make it look even better? With the hairstyle idea above, I think we can all agree that it’s the Havana twist hairstyle to beat.

7. Havana Twist with Curls

Havana Twist with Curls

Adding curls to the end of any braid or twist is one simple-ish way to make it look many times better, without making any major change to the hair’s structure. Combining the curls with Havana twists here, the entire thing looks amazing; plus you can combine it with almost any idea in this compilation.

8. Box Havana Twist

Box Havana Twist

Neat edges will always make a good hairstyle look better, regardless of how good it looked initially. This Havana twist idea is a combination of twists with neatly sectioned boxes to make the iconic box twist hairstyle, but with Havana twists; in short, it looks fire!

9. Jumbo Havana Twist with Clips

Jumbo Havana Twist with Clips

You can always add little clips here and there on your hairstyle to make it look better than it initially did, and looking at the hairstyle above, I’ll say that’s exceptionally true for Havana twists. There’s just something satisfying about the large twists and the clips that make this hairstyle look excellent.

10. Burnette Havana Hair Twist

Burnette Havana Hair Twist

A simple way to make your hair look twice as good is by going brunette. The hairstyle above does a great job of showing how much better you can make your hair look by simply dying it brown (or by using brown extensions). Before doing that, however, you may want to confirm if brown hair is your thing.

11. Summer Havana Twist

Summer Havana Twist

It’s hard to go wrong with coloring your hair, especially if that hair happens to be Havana twists. Here’s another cute example of what you can do with brown hair when combined with Havana twists if the preceding idea doesn’t look all that appealing to you.

12. Pink and White Havana Twist

Pink and White Havana Twist

It’s pretty evident from this photo that the model is a pink lover, but that shouldn’t subtract from the superlative benefit of getting a multi-toned hairstyle. This specific style is achievable using hair extensions, but dying your hair is another option that I’m all in for.

13. Mega Jumbo Red Havana Twist

Mega Jumbo Red Havana Twist

Here’s another example of coloring your hair, but with even more flair than the preceding idea. The jumbo look of the twists, in addition to the fact that the red and black colors match excellently, are some of the reasons why this hairstyle looks so adorable.

14. Upfront Bun Havana Twist

Upfront Bun Havana Twist

If you’re very creative, you can do all sorts of things with your hair, including wearing it up in a bun at the front, and then using the rear part to make Havana twists. This inspiration doesn’t only prove that the style isn’t weird, but it also shows how alluring it can look if you actually commit to making it.

15. Short Jumbo Havana Twist

Short Jumbo Havana Twist

We’ve seen jumbo Havana twists in this compilation, but have you seen a short jumbo Havana twist on short hair? I think not. With a couple of brown hair extension packs, you should be able to recreate this hairstyle to look just as awesome as it looks in the image above.

And that concludes my list of the best Havana twist hairstyles. If you’re unsure how to style your Havana twists for a funky look, here are 15 awesome ideas to help you out. Feel free to replicate any of the ideas above, even combine two or three to create the perfect look for you.

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