jumbo marley twist hairstyles for natural hair

16 Pretty Jumbo Marley Twists for Natural Hair

Coming up with creative jumbo Marley twist hairstyles can be daunting, and we’re here to help. Here is a compilation of the best you can find around for you to copy.

If you’re looking to get a locs-like look without going through the necessary and overly lengthy process, you can simply go for Marley twists. Marley twists do not equate to locs in most ways, but when it comes to looks, it’s nearly impossible for the untrained eye to tell them apart.

Another advantage of Marley twists is that they’re easier to style than traditional locs; remember, they’re not dreadlocks, but they’re twists. The versatility of the style creates a new problem: what are the best hairstyles for Marley twists? For one, we already know we’re dealing with jumbo Marley twists here, but in addition to the size, what else?

Here, I’ll show you some of the most adorable jumbo-sized Marley twist styles you should consider trying in 2022. It doesn’t matter what hair length or color you have, you should find something that will work excellently for you in this compilation.


1. Short Jumbo Marley Twist

Short Jumbo Marley Twist

You can easily argue that the best way to wear Marley twists is wearing them short. The entire point is to make your hair look as natural as possible without resorting to locs, and I can count how many long natural Afro-textured hair I’ve seen on one hand. In view of that, it makes a lot of sense that a simple and short jumbo Marley twist hairstyle is the first idea.

2. Classic Black Jumbo Marley Twist

Classic Black Jumbo Marley Twist

Of course, your Marley twists don’t have to be short. In most cases, they turn out to be long since it’s the most logical length when using hair extensions. I’m not a fan of overly long hair, but if we’re talking about this idea specifically, I have to confess it looks pretty dope.

3. Jumbo Marley Twist Updo

Jumbo Marley Twist Updo

Making your Marley twists extremely long could make it look marginally beautiful, but the time you’ll spend trying to control your hair will make you think if it’s worthwhile. If you’re trying to replicate this hairstyle, you should know you’re in for a lot of work because the underlying Marley twists should be gigantic.

4. Knotless Jumbo Marley Twist

Knotless Jumbo Marley Twist

You can make your Marley twists into knotless box braids, which makes it look even better than the default. Having neat edges is one of the qualities I tend to like most with hairstyles like this, and a knotless jumbo Marley twist hairstyle will let you show it off. This image is not the best depiction, but it looks pretty anyway.

5. Jumbo Marley Twist with Curls

Jumbo Marley Twist with Curls

While we can all agree that short jumbo twists look good by default, we also can’t shy away from the fact that they feel boring. You can get rid of the boring effect by adding something that make it more interesting. An example is making the ends curly, which is exactly why this style is so special if you haven’t noticed.

6. Jumbo Marley Twist for Natural Hair

Jumbo Marley Twist for Natural Hair

When making something like Marley twists on natural hair, you want to make it look as natural as possible, and that means skipping any unnecessary colorations, curls, or whatnot. Apart from the rubber bands to hold the twists together (which is natural), here’s how the average natural jumbo Marley twist hairstyle should look.

7. Mixed Colored Box Jumbo Marley Twist

Mixed Colored Box Jumbo Marley Twist

Another effect that I like seeing in hairstyles is coloration, and it’s even easier to add colors when installing a jumbo style that uses extensions. To achieve this look, for instance, you only need to buy a few brown hair extensions in addition to the natural black color, and everything else should fall into place.

8. Mixed Tone Jumbo Marley Twist with Curls

Mixed Tone Jumbo Marley Twist with Curls

How about adding some curls to the end of the preceding hairstyle to create something even more fashionable? That’s exactly what’s going on in this inspiration, only with the brown toned down a little, as you can see yourself. It’s no doubt one of the best ways to style your jumbo Marley twists.

9. Crochet Jumbo Marley Twist

Crochet Jumbo Marley Twist

You can add extensions to your jumbo Marley twists in different ways, and crocheting is one of them. If you can excuse how artificial it looks, I think it’s actually a pretty dope way to add extensions to your hair. Also, the parting at the middle looks sick, and you don’t want to skip that when copying this style.

10. Super Long Centered-Parted Jumbo Marley Twist

Super Long Centered-Parted Jumbo Marley Twist

Long jumbo twists look adorable by default, but when you throw in that alluring center parting, it becomes an irresistible hairstyle. I’m not sure if the length or the parting is why it looks so good, but why not copy both to replicate this hairstyle and get the same look?

11. Fluffy Jumbo Marley Twist

Fluffy Jumbo Marley Twist

Only few hairstyles look better than fluffy Marley twists. When you zoom into this specific idea, you’ll notice that it’s even more special for reasons other than one. Firstly, you’ll notice a subtle two-tone look, and secondly, the strategic positioning of clips gives it a better and evener outlook.

12. Jumbo Marley Twist Bun

Jumbo Marley Twist Bun

Tying up your Marley twists into a bun will remain one of the most fashionable ways to style it for as long as it’s possible. This style becomes more appealing when you need to complete the hairstyle in a very short time, as the twists are pretty large, with the bun being equally massive. However, you shouldn’t expect this to last too long.

13. Jumbo Marley Twist with Neat Edges

Jumbo Marley Twist with Neat Edges

Another name for this hairstyle is box jumbo Marley twists because they automatically become box twists when they have neat edges. As someone who adores neat edges in hairstyles, I have to pronounce this as one of my favorites in this compilation for that sole reason.

14. Simple Black Jumbo Marley Twist with Curls

Simple Black Jumbo Marley Twist with Curls

The edges here aren’t as neat as with the preceding hairstyle, but it makes up for that with something equally interesting: curls. It doesn’t matter how bad your hair looks, having curls at the end will always make them look pretty. The special part is that this style was meant to look better anyway; the curls only makes it better.

15. Brunette Rubber Band Jumbo Marley Twist

Brunette Rubber Band Jumbo Marley Twist

Brunette hair naturally looks hot: says a study of men on a dating app. If you’re tired of the natural black color of your hair, why not go brunette? All it takes is a couple of brown hair extensions and some time. You can never go wrong by replicating the style above, even if you go with a different color.

16. Jumbo Marley Twist with Backside Bun

Jumbo Marley Twist with Backside Bun

If buns are your thing, you can make your jumbo Marley twists exceptionally long, only to tie them up in a giant bun at the back of your head. It’s not the simplest hairstyle out there, but the effort is worthwhile, plus it tends to last for a pretty long time and it looks so elegant.


That sums up the jumbo Marley twist hairstyle ideas from me. You can go with any of the options available here since they’re all equally good.

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