25 Dread Hairstyles for Black Females

In those moments when everyday styling feels stressful, dreadlocks is your best bet. They not only safeguard your hair’s health and promote growth but also give an effortlessly cool vibe with their tight locs. This post displays images of the most trendy dread hairstyles. Let’s dive in!

Dread Hairstyles for Black Females

Here are some trendy hairstyles for black ladies:

1. Classic Blonde Butterfly Dreadlocks

Classic Blonde Butterfly Dreadlocks

This style combines the timeless charm of a layered bob with the uniqueness of dreadlocks. The blonde tones add a touch of elegance, while the layered structure creates a playful and voluminous effect.

2. Brunette Twist Dreadlocks

Brunette Twist Dreadlocks

For those who prefer a more earthy color, the brunette twist dreadlock is a perfect choice. The twists add texture and depth to the layered bob, giving you a refined and classy appearance.

3. Black Thick Twist Dreadlocks

Black Thick Twist Dreadlocks

This style showcases the beauty of thick, black hair in a layered bob format. The twists are intricately crafted to enhance the volume and dimension of the hairstyle, creating a bold and eye-catching look.

4. Semi Crown Dreadlocks on Natural Hair

Semi Crown Dreadlocks on Natural Hair

This style is ideal for individuals with natural hair, it also features a semi-crown of dreadlocks on top of a layered bob. It combines the elegance of the bob with the regal charm of a crown, giving you a sophisticated and feminine hairstyle.

5. Short Butterful Twist Locs

Short Butterful Twist Locs

Perfect for those who prefer shorter hair, the short butterfly twist locs offer a playful and youthful twist to the layered bob. The twists resemble delicate butterflies, adding a whimsical touch to your overall style.

6. Shoulder Length Black Locs

Shoulder Length Black Locs

This dread is simple yet stylish, the shoulder-length black locs provide a sleek and polished look. The layers add movement and dimension to the hairstyle, while the black color communicates a timeless and sophisticated aura.

7. Jumbo Locs Retwist

Jumbo Locs Retwist

This bold and confident choice showcases large, beautifully twisted locs that add volume and dimension to your hair. This hairstyle can be made into whatever length choice you prefer, and feel free to add accessories if you want the extra touch.

8. Protective Box Dreadlocks

Protective Box Dreadlocks

Next on the list is the gorgeous protective box deadlock. These elegant dreadlocks are neatly sectioned into square-shaped boxes, providing a protective style that is both chic and sophisticated. It’s a perfect choice for those seeking a polished yet trendy look.

9. Double Bun Blonde Dreadlocks

Double Bun Blonde Dreadlocks

This playful hairstyle combines two buns with blonde dreadlocks, creating a captivating and youthful vibe. Now this is a fun and stylish way to rock your locks!

10. Classic Black Curly Locs

Classic Black Curly Locs

This hairstyle is timeless and sophisticated. This style showcases black curly locs that exude grace and natural beauty. It’s a refined choice that never goes out of fashion.

11. Short Blonde Twist Dreadlocks

Short Blonde Twist Dreadlocks

For those who prefer a shorter length, this style offers a fresh and trendy twist. The blonde hue adds a touch of cool color, making it a remarkable choice for those seeking a chic and contemporary look.

12. Short Jumbo Dreadlocks with Beads

Short Jumbo Dreadlocks with Beads

Short jumbo dreadlocks with beads are effortless cool and unique. This style features short jumbo dreadlocks adorned with beads. The beads add a touch of bohemian charm and personalization to your hairstyle, making it truly one-of-a-kind.

13. Star Twist Dreadlocks


This enchanting style features intricately twisted dreadlocks that resemble triangle-cut stars. It’s a mesmerizing choice that adds a touch of magic and uniqueness to your hair.

14. Simple Box Flat Twist

Simple Box Flat Twist

This elegant style combines classic box braids with flat twists, creating a sophisticated and refined look that exudes poise and grace. It’s a versatile choice that adds a touch of versatility and charm to your overall appearance.

15. Crown Combcoils Twist Dreadlocks

Crown Combcoils Twist Dreadlocks

This regal and mesmerizing style showcases crown-shaped comb coils twisted into dreadlocks, adding an air of royalty and sophistication to your hairstyle. It’s a majestic choice that exudes elegance and elevates your overall look.

16. Full Loc Bobs

Full Loc Bobs

This chic and modern style embraces the beauty of fully-formed dreadlocks in a bob length. It’s a statement-making choice that radiates confidence and fashion-forwardness.

17. Brown Short Dreadlocks

Brown Short Dreadlocks

This effortlessly charming style features short brown dreadlocks that exude a natural and earthy vibe. It’s a versatile choice that allows you to dress up or down for any occasion, adding a touch of versatility and charm to your overall look.

18. Black and Silver Shoulder-Length Dreadlocks

Black and Blonde Shoulder-Length Dreadlocks

This striking combination of black and silver shoulder-length dreadlocks creates a captivating and edgy look. It’s a bold choice that adds a touch of drama and sophistication to your overall appearance.

19. Black Twist Out Locs

Black Twist Out Locs

This chic and sophisticated style features black locs that are twisted out, creating a voluminous and textured look. It’s a classy and timeless choice that exudes confidence and elegance.

20. Royal Twist Dreadlocks with Coweries

Royal Twist Dreadlocks with Coweries

This style is totally majestic and captivating. It’s all about those twist dreadlocks with cowries, adding major regal vibes to your hairstyle. It’s a bold choice that’s all about making a statement and flexing that elegance and opulence in your overall look.

21. Long Medium-Sized Twist Dreadlocks

Long Medium-Sized Twist Dreadlocks

This style is straight-up stunning! It’s all about those long, medium-sized twist dreadlocks that create the most gorgeous cascading effect. It’s super versatile and totally embodies grace and charm, making it a total vibe for any occasion.

22. Tribal Dreadlocks with Cowries

Tribal Dreadlocks with Cowries

This style is all about those tribal vibes. It takes dreadlocks to the next level with some dope cowrie shell adornments. It’s all about embracing that bold and culturally rich look, bringing that tribal allure to your hairstyle. It’s a totally unique choice that’s gonna have you standing out from the crowd, no doubt.

23. Mixed Colors Box Locks

Mixed Colors Box Locks

This style is just amazing! We’re talking about those mixed-color box locks that are eye-catching. It creates such a fun vibe, that you won’t be able to resist showing off your personality through your hair. It’s one adventurous choice that’s gonna have you slaying the hair game like a boss.

24. Multiple Colored Tiny Dreadlocks

Multiple Colored Tiny Dreadlocks

This captivating style incorporates tiny dreadlocks in multiple colors, offering a lively and energetic look. It’s a bold choice that allows you to express your individuality and creativity through your hairstyle.

25. Simple Twist Dreadlocks

Simple Twist Dreadlocks

This style is low-key fire! We’re talking about those simple twist dreadlocks that are effortlessly chic and timeless. It’s a total classic that screams elegance and sophistication, so you can rock it for any occasion.


These layered bob styles offer a range of options to suit your personal style and enhance your natural beauty. It’s all about that effortless slay and showing the world you’ve got that style game on lockdown. Embrace the versatility of these hairstyles, allowing them to be an extension of your unique character.

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