Best 15 Medium Bob Hairstyles, Beautiful and Stunning

Best 15 Medium Bob Hairstyles, Beautiful and Stunning

Not everyone likes their bob hair too long or too short and that is why medium bob hairstyles are in play. As you read through, we will present to you some of the best medium bob hairstyles that will definitely look good on you.

15 Medium Bob Hairstyles

Here are some of the best medium bob hairstyles that are available:

1. Blunt Lob

Blunt Lob
Instagram @hairbyniaya

A lob cut precisely and bluntly always looks amazing on the face and is very attractive to the eye. The angle created by this cut, which emphasizes the angle from the ear to the chin, is admirable and slimming.

This hairstyle is ideal for people with medium-length hair and is now quite stylish. For style and that sleek, shining finish, use a flat iron.

2. Clarissa’s Classy Look

Clarissa’s Classy Look
Instagram @curlsbyxian

If you want a straight look, you don’t need to relax your hair. To pull it done, all you need to do is get some excellent methods and equipment.

3. Classic Stacked Bob

Classic Stacked Bob

Dark hair and a darker skin tone go wonderfully well with the timeless stacked bob hairstyle.

The combination of this hair’s mind-blowing volume and flow with a shorter length and stacked back creates an incredibly stylish hairdo.

4. Sleek Bob with Middle Part

Sleek Bob with Middle Part
Instagram @jhair_stylist

If you value a tidy appearance and straight lines, think about getting a blunt bob.

Be prepared, though, as this style needs a little more upkeep than the majority of other bobs: regular trims and flat ironing should become your credo.

5. Straight Locks

Straight Locks
Instagram @liz_mariav

This color gives this shoulder-length design a lot of flairs. It is incredibly straightforward to use and maintain.

For medium hairstyles on black women, hair serum is essential to give shine without adding weight.

Women with oval faces and relaxed hair types look best in this style. To keep the style in place at night, wrap your hair in the direction that it grows from the scalp and cover it with a satin scarf.

6. Long Bob with Blue Ombre

Long Bob with Blue Ombre
Instagram @memmieyo

All face shapes can benefit from a lengthier bob, making it a wonderful option for individuals who are hesitant to go too short.

To ensure that everyone will notice your gorgeous hair, add an uncommon hue like this silver to navy blue ombre.

7. Chic Asymmetrical Comb Over Lob

Chic Asymmetrical Comb Over Lob
Instagram @hairartbydominique

With a full set of peek-a-boo bangs, you can catch everyone’s attention while hiding your own. The asymmetrical shoulder-length cut is a great illustration of contemporary black bob hairstyles today.

It has an edgy, urban character thanks to the extra-long, jagged ends in the front and the deep side part. The jet-black hair appears lustrous and healthy.

8. Jet Black Bob

Jet Black Bob
Instagram @anthonycuts

The amazing thing about an asymmetrical haircut is its adaptable and exciting appearance. You can wear medium-length hair on one side, while a shorter style is displayed on the other. Add your favorite jewelry to enhance it.

9. Magenta Magic

Magenta Magic

Want to keep your appearance hip and current? Use “Red Wine,” Jerome Russell’s Punky Color, for a quirky, punk-style magenta.

Before applying the color, use a lightener to strip the desired hair region to a golden-orange color for brighter results.

This style is smooth on natural hair types with medium lengths and works best on oval face shapes.

10. For 4C Hair

For 4C Hair
Instagram @michellethompsonhair

On a head of hair that is really healthy, this cut is fantastic.  This style may be made to seem beautiful with nothing more than a big tooth comb.

Women with round and square faces appear best in this style, and relaxed hair types work best for it. To avoid weighing down hair, use a light-hold spray and a serum for shine.

11. Black-Tipped Beauty

Black-Tipped Beauty
Instagram @monicathestylist

This amazing lob is flawless in every way, from the color choice that perfectly matches the girl’s skin tone to the precise angling and smoothing that leaves not a single hair out of place.

This hairstyle may be pulled into a ponytail because of the medium length, which is advantageous for an active hairstylist.

12. Dramatic Steeply Angled Weave

Dramatic Steeply Angled Weave
Instagram @modernsalon

With such short haircuts, bob weave hairstyles provide you with a lot of freedom.

They add volume and let you experiment with layers and length without taking away precious inches. You have more freedom to use weaves to convey your unique sense of style.

13. Straight Hair with Color Accent

Straight Hair with Color Accent
Instagram @werehair

Your style might definitely stand out by utilizing some imaginative color. Through the use of carefully placed color, this sleek, straight style is enhanced in beauty.

This look is exciting and sassy thanks to graduated tones from black to gray and some blue lowlights underneath.

14. Voluminous Layered Light Brown Bob

Voluminous Layered Light Brown Bob
Instagram @rachel_redd

The long, swooping layers can be styled into a magnificent, voluminous bob for black women by combing them over.

Women with straightened hair that can maintain a curl look best in this hairdo. The hairstyle has a polished, ladylike appearance because of the clean styling with a round brush.

15. Inverted Feathered Black Lob

Inverted Feathered Black Lob
Instagram @salonshavon

The fantastic feathered shoulder-length bob was introduced with a crisp side part and smooth edges. In the front, the thick hair is left long enough to touch the collarbone and slim down your face.

It is chopped sharply. With several feathery layers that have been flipped up, the back perspective is just as intriguing.


Now that you are familiar with different medium bob hairstyles, you can make your choice. However, we advise that you consider the shape of your face, or better still, consult your hairstylist.

One thing we assure you is that any hairstyle you pick from the ones we have presented, is elegant for you.

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Best 15 Medium Bob Hairstyles, Beautiful and Stunning

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