30 Gorgeous Passion Twists Hairstyles to Rock

30 Gorgeous Passion Twists Hairstyles to Rock

You may be familiar with passion twists hairstyles but are you aware that there are so many variations that you can make? As you read through our work, our aim is to bring to you the best of the best hairstyles when talking about passion twists hairstyles. Pay attention to the details in the styles as they will help you when making them.

Passion twists hairstyles are mostly confused with the soft locs and faux locs, hence the need to understand first what passion twists hairstyles are before proceeding to discover the different variations associated with them.

What are Passion Twists Hairstyles?

Passion twists hairstyles are twist designs that were developed by Miami-based hairstylist Kailyn Rogers in 2018. Passion twists hairstyles are variants of those patterns.

Since the water wave braiding hair has a curled texture and is naturally silky, it is a freetress water wave hair.

30 Gorgeous Passion Twists Hairstyles

Here are the best 30 passion twists hairstyles that you will find:

1. Chunky Design

Chunky Design
Instagram @esyikenwe17

This chic, chunky short haircut looks great. Making two buns on top of your head or letting it flow freely can help it stand out. Add some accessories or a color highlight to make it look more enticing.

2. Extra Long Passion Twist

Extra Long Passion Twist
Instagram @slaybyvee

It’s time to attempt extra-long braids if you’ve been considering switching up your hairstyle! Because there are so many various ways to style braids, they are perfect for people who have hectic lives.

Not only will your hair look fantastic, but this hairstyle is very simple to maintain.

3. Medium Length Crochet Passion Twists

Medium Length Crochet Passion Twists
Instagram @tydidmyhair

These wonderful medium-length passion twists were crocheted and individually fixed on the front.

As a result, the hairline will look natural, and if desired, it can be pulled back into a stunning top bun. Additionally, it may be kinder to the scalp.

4. Burgundy Passion Twists

Burgundy Passion Twists
Instagram @CkEICkCprte

Unquestionably one of the brightest colors for hair and braids is burgundy. One of the most dramatic yet understated colors is the passion twists.

5. High Bun Passion Twists

High Bun Passion Twists
Instagram @symphanisoto

The high bun is a hairstyle that may be worn for a night in with Netflix, a night out with friends, or to work. It’s also a simple style to create on your own!

6. White Blonde Passion Twists

White Blonde Passion Twists
Instagram @thereal_imanid

You can experiment with various hair lengths, hues, and textures thanks to extensions, which is one of their best features.

These blonde passion twists ought to be at the top of your hairdo wish list if you enjoy being noticed.

7. Passion Twists with Multi-Colored Streaks

Passion Twists with Multi-Colored Streaks

Passion twists, one of the most contemporary braided choices, were only invented in 2018, but their beauty has helped them gain popularity ever since.

Brightly colored stands are a fantastic way to stand out from the crowd if you want to be seen as a lady.

It also enables you to try out other colors without committing to them permanently. Additionally, multicolored streaks are expressive and demonstrate your humorous side to others.

8. Cornrows Passion Twists

Cornrows Passion Twists
Instagram @cultivatedtresses

Adding length and shade to a protective style by braiding your natural hair with or without extensions and integrating passion braids.

The two’s contrasting colors contribute to the kind’s distinctiveness and interest.

9. Passion Twist with Flowers

Passion Twist with Flowers
Instagram @avapearl

Have you seen the most recent fashion? It’s incredibly feminine and ethereal to embellish your passion twist style with flowers.

It’s an excellent way to alter your look a little bit without going overboard.

Others make bows and ribbons, while others work with flowers. Here is a straightforward guide on how to create one for yourself!

10. Long Black Passion Twists

Long Black Passion Twists
Instagram @alexianna_styles

No of the style, long, black hair extensions are a surefire winner. For those who enjoy long hair and like a style that doesn’t feel too heavy on the head, try this passion twist hairdo.

11. Pink Passion Twists

Pink Passion Twists

Try a more vibrant alternative, like pink, if you want to try something different rather than sticking with your natural hair color.

Because pink hair looks nice on everyone and comes in a wide range of tints, from mild pastels to colorful and saturated hair, it is a popular choice.

Pink also has a delicate quality and can look quite attractive next to different skin tones. Pink hair can also be meaningful because it’s frequently connected to femininity and love.

12. Crisscrossed Passion Twists

Crisscrossed Passion Twists
Instagram @laurayabraidsdealer

A great approach to emphasize your parting and facial features is to crisscross the top half of your hair. The first two or three rows of your braids should be crisscrossed to create the look.

13. High Ponytail Passion Twists

High Ponytail Passion Twists
Instagram @slimreshae

A fantastic technique to keep your hair out of the way is with a high ponytail. For days when you don’t want your hair to be on display, they provide a laid-back and amusing answer.

What’s best? Self-help is possible! All you need to keep your hair up is a sturdy hair tie, or you can wrap one of your braids around it.

14. Large Passion Twist Bun

Large Passion Twist Bun
Instagram @_herstylist

The next time you need a straightforward yet sophisticated hairdo, recreate this gorgeous bun. This is the one passion twists hairdo you should attempt. ideal for medium-length twists!

15. Bob Style Passion Twists

Bob Style Passion Twists
Instagram @stylesby.anna

One of the most recognizable and stylish hairstyles for women is the passion twist crochet style. It is quite adaptable, flattering to the majority of facial shapes, and appropriate for women of all ages.

To get the passionate style, cut your hair between the chin and shoulder.

16. Passion Twists with Highlights

Passion Twists with Highlights
Instagram @kathlynceleste

Highlights in the hair are fantastic! They have the power to completely transform the way you appear and feel. There are so many options, ranging from subtle hues to fully rainbow hair.

If you don’t want them to fade away over time like they usually do, you can have them permanently done at a salon. It’s incredibly enjoyable, and there’s no harm in trying something new once in a while.

17. Long Ombre Passion Twists

Long Ombre Passion Twists
Instagram @braidedbygilly

Long passion twists are believed to be the lightest of the three styles, making them well worth trying if you enjoy wearing long box braids or Senegalese twists but find them to be too heavy.

18. Red Hair Passion Twists

Red Hair Passion Twists
Instagram @reecreations

Red hair is the way to go if you want to make an impression. There are many colors to choose from, from deep, rich hues like burgundy to even more intense tints of red. Put on bright red lipstick to make a bigger impression.

19. Passion Twists with Gold Jewels

Passion Twists with Gold Jewels
Instagram @damnthatschev

Hair jewels are an easy way to add a little flair without having to do much, making them a must-have for any girl on the go. They’re wonderful at quickly and easily bringing color and individuality to your outfit.

When you don’t have the energy or time to deal with your hair, just add a few of these accessories, and you’re set to go!

20. Mid-Back Fluffy Passion Twists

Mid-Back Fluffy Passion Twists
Instagram @tydidmyhair

These long, mid-back, black passion twists are incredibly touchable and lustrous, showcasing the silkiness and glitter of water wave extensions.

21. Brown Hair Passion Twists

Brown Hair Passion Twists
Instagram @Chassaschair

Because they are more elegant and natural-looking, brown hair passion braids make a great alternative to black hair.

The color looks well with most skin tones and is a great method to make yourself seem better.

22. Middle-Parted Knotless Passion Twists

Middle-Parted Knotless Passion Twists
Instagram @queens.hairstyle

Hair can be worn in the center of the part or on each side of the center with a middle part. a fantastic choice for anyone looking for a lot of adaptabilities in their protective design.

23. Passion Twists and Shaved Sides

Passion Twists and Shaved Sides
Instagram @jsblessinghair1

Passion twists may also be edgy and cool; shaving the sides makes this possible. Braided hairstyles with shaved sides have considerable appeal because the difference is dramatic and will draw attention to the hair on your head’s top and rear.

Additionally, it offers you a distinct appearance that is expressive and gives you a rugged, rebellious image.

This is a terrific option if you want a bold haircut, and you can achieve it with twists of various lengths and thicknesses.

Consider giving your hair a vivid or vibrant color to draw even more attention to it. To accomplish this, either dye the full head of hair or choose to add just a few streaks.

24. Jumbo Passion Twists

Jumbo Passion Twists

Jumbo braids are a great option if you want to stand out and appear stylish. Larger braids primarily require less setup time since the target effect may be achieved with fewer styles.

Bright streaks of color should be included in your hair if you want it to stand out.

25. Fluffy Fashion Twists

Fluffy Fashion Twists
Instagram @londonsbeautii

Due to the two-tone appearance produced by the wearer’s original hair color and the color of the extensions utilized, these long passion twists stand out.

It’s a simple approach to achieve the two-toned appearance without needing to buy various color extensions.

26. Grey Hair Passion Twists

Grey Hair Passion Twists

For women who wish to look stylish, grey hair has become a popular option. This bright color is easy to wear and looks good on most women. It brightens your appearance overall and aids in highlighting the texture of your hair.

27. Crochet Passion Twists

Crochet Passion Twists
Instagram @curlzofglory

People who struggle to secure braid extensions to their hair can insert passion twists using the crochet technique.

Installing passion twists with this technique can also drastically cut down on installation time, especially if the extensions are already twisted.

28. Short Passion Twists

Short Passion Twists
Instagram @Jannyblistblog

Short passion twist hairstyles produce a gorgeous, voluminous appearance. The shorter length is easier to maintain and takes fewer packs to complete.

They are perfect for women who are at ease with heavy hair and take less time to accomplish.

29. Black and Blonde Passion Twists

Black and Blonde Passion Twists
Instagram @laurayabraidsdealer

Another well-liked and effective mix of extensions for producing protective styles is black and blonde.

Whether worn in box braids, faux locs, or twists, these complementary hues look great. With the sheen that comes with water-wave hair, it is especially lovely.

30. Half Up Half Down on Chunky Passion Twists

Half Up Half Down on Chunky Passion Twists
Instagram @anicolec_

Many of us are familiar with half-up, half-down styles, so it should come as no surprise that this is also one of the most popular passion twist hairstyles. simultaneously effortless, neal, and ostentatious.


There you have it, the best of the best as far as passion twists is concerned. You should go through them, pick which hairstyle will suit you, and go for it.

One thing we can assure you about the passion twists hairstyles is that they are elegant and will surely look good on you.

If you enjoyed this hairstyle compilation, you may want to check out our similar ones.

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30 Gorgeous Passion Twists Hairstyles to Rock

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