15 Yarn Braids Hairstyles Ideas

15 Yarn Braids Hairstyles Ideas

Yarn braids are the go-to style if you need something easy and less stressful. Though simple, it comes with a different style that you can take advantage of and look beautiful. We have some of the best styles you can try and also as you read through, you will get to understand better the concept of yarn braids.

What are Yarn Braids?

A form of the protective style known as yarn braids employs yarn rather than braided hair.

The advantages of yarn braids are similar to those of other protective styles in that they shield your hair from the elements, let you grow your hair out longer, and allow you to experiment with a variety of looks.

But unlike other protective designs, you just need one very basic item to achieve a yarn braid look and that is yarn from the store.

Using yarn in your hair can sound strange, but it’s a standard and well-liked technique among natural hair stylists all over the world. Yarn braids provide a beautiful, casual appearance.

There are so many various yarn braid styles to choose from, making them the ideal summer hairdo.

Why Try Yarn Braids?

To start, yarn braids are adaptable. Contrary to traditional hair braiding, yarn is available in every color imaginable.

Yarn is one of your greatest options if you want to experiment with an odd hue for the summer, such as neon green or vivid pink.

It is much more affordable and healthier for your hair than coloring your natural hair, and it is simpler to find than vividly colored braiding hair.

You can use yarn to create natural-looking browns and blacks if you choose.

Yarn braids are also remarkably lighter than normal braids.

However, because of how much water they do absorb, if they become wet, be prepared for them to become quite heavy and remain wet for a very long time.

15 Yarn Braids Hairstyles Ideas

Let’s have a look at some of the best yarn braids hairstyle that you should try:

1. Short Yarn Braids

Short Yarn Braids
Instagram @hairbymele

Never assume that because you have short hair you can’t do anything with it. Short haircuts suit yarn braids wonderfully.

You can quickly alter up your appearance and highlight your lovely facial shape with one of the many inventive styles available.

2. Side Swept Yarn Twists

Side Swept Yarn Twists
Instagram @sweetbutterflydreams

Your door will be opened to a brand-new, exciting world of vibrant braids with yarn-braided hairstyle tutorials.

You’ll see that the little bit of work is worthwhile, but you may also schedule a consultation with a skilled braider and get the desired style in a flash.

3. Two-Tone Twists with Beads

Two-Tone Twists with Beads
Instagram @queenpokoo

Black and chocolate are a great color combination that isn’t very flashy, but as long as they go well with your skin tone, that’s all that matters.

Need some minor accents? Dazzling beads placed randomly throughout the braids close to the roots can highlight your eyes and brighten your face, especially if you also wear dazzling earrings.

4. Very Thick and Long Twists

Very Thick and Long Twists
Instagram @aggie_hair

In straightforward hairstyles like this pillbox hat bun, the thick and long twists provide a mane that looks impressive. Also unnecessary is a garish color. Let the weight and texture take center stage.

5. Blue and White Yarn Hairstyle

Blue and White Yarn Hairstyle
Instagram @brunaramosfe

With yarn, there are limitless color combinations you can try. It’s incredibly energizing to combine blue and white. Layered braids are a good option if you want a longer style but don’t want it to look thick.

6. Long Braids with Blue and Pink Yarn

Long Braids with Blue and Pink Yarn
Instagram @everything_alliej

Could you believe how eye-catching these yarn braids are? Her mane has a stunning pink, turquoise, and yellow ombre weave throughout it.

Although one-color yarn box braids are still stunning, a colorful ensemble is always a good choice.

7. Half up Minnie Mouse Buns

Half up Minnie Mouse Buns
Instagram @sugarbombleeci

Okay, I guess we’re all still children at heart. Not only are Minnie Mouse buns suitable for elaborate updos.

Even with thin plaits, you may afford to leave some of your braids undone. Such adorable half-up hairstyles exude stylish girl appeal.

8. Tightly Coiled Gray Dreads in a Bun

Tightly Coiled Gray Dreads in a Bun
Instagram @braidsbyju

The main focus of yarn braid designs should be adaptability. The greatest ones look fantastic regardless of how you wear them.

Decide whether you want thick dreads or long, thin, tightly curled ones, then try piling them on top of your head in an enormous bun.

9. Red, Orange, and Yellow Half Updo

Red, Orange, and Yellow Half Updo
Instagram @hairbysusy

The idea of how to wash them is in the back of your mind when you’re looking at yarn braid styles that are this alluring.

One key piece of advice is to wash your hair while they are resting in a big sink since the weight of the yarn after it absorbs water is too much.

10. Blonde Ponytail with Yarn

Blonde Ponytail with Yarn
Instagram @elena.rusanova

There will undoubtedly be many pictures of African hair when you scroll through yarn-braid pictures.

However, similar yarn wraps can be worn on relaxed black and Caucasian hair. Just a different aesthetic result from thinner braids.

11. Jumbo Twists

Jumbo Twists
Instagram @transitionjourney

Make it a supersized finish if you want to get a thicker one. If you have large eyes and thick lips, a bob with massive twists will look gorgeous on you.

12. Long Black Yarn Twists

Long Black Yarn Twists
Instagram @vvjewelz

That is a lovely head of thick twists, to be sure. Center-parted twists of this length would elongate your face, but an asymmetrical, side-parted style is, on the other hand, fashionable and slimming.

13. Blonde Faux Locs with Braided Crown

Blonde Faux Locs with Braided Crown
Instagram @aggie_hair

This is a chance to try a safe blonde if you’ve always wanted to. Your favorite updos and half-up styles, such as a crown, a top knot, or a halo twist, may easily be created with the kinky braids.

14. Blue and Gray Braids with Beads

Blue and Gray Braids with Beads
Instagram @kyquti3

If you decide to wear yarn on your head, you should probably go the colorful path and pick a gorgeous color combination.

A blend of comparable colors diluted with a neutral, like gray, results in a chic combination that you won’t get tired of too quickly.

15. Colorful Twists with Contrasting Decoration

Colorful Twists with Contrasting Decoration
Instagram @alexianna_styles

Although colorful twists make a bold statement, there’s no reason to stop there. Include some finer threads in a contrasting color over various sections of your braids to give them a little extra punch.

How Do You Care for Yarn Braids

Because they are simple to maintain, yarn braids are also fantastic for the summer. They don’t need much upkeep and lend themselves to a more bohemian appearance.

Without having to bother about touching up your hair every few days, you can enjoy the summer.

Additionally, they let your hair retain more moisture while in the protective style, keeping it stronger and healthier.

For five to eight weeks, yarn braids can be left in the hair. You can wash your hair to get rid of buildup if your scalp and hair start to feel filthy.

Lay your braids in the bathroom sink to wash them, and thereafter properly wring them out. Braids get very heavy when wet.

You can also only cleanse your scalp and hair roots. Hydrate your hair in the morning with rose water or a light conditioner if it starts to feel dry.


Yarn braids can be very simple and stylish at the same time, however, you can style them and you will look exceptional wearing them. You can use the styles we have presented or even try something for yourself.

One thing we are certain of is that any style you choose to go with will do just fine.

If you enjoyed this hairstyle compilation, you may want to check out our similar ones.

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15 Yarn Braids Hairstyles Ideas

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