15 Ombre Box Braids Ideas for a Stunning Looks

15 Ombre Box Braids Ideas for a Stunning Looks

Ombre box braids are one hairstyle that is trending currently and you don’t want to miss out on it. You can do your research on the different hairstyles available, or you can just relax and pick from some of the very best ombre box braids as we will be presenting to you as you read through.

If you love braids and want to experiment with color but don’t really want to get a permanent hair color done right now, ombre braids are a great alternative to choose from.

These braids are sassy, vibrant, and colorful, and they are absolutely enjoyable to wear! This hairstyle trend in the industry is likely to endure for a while.

15 Ombre Box Braids Ideas for a Stunning Looks

Here are the best omber braids available that you can make:

1. High Ponytail Braids

High Ponytail Braids
Instagram @nickys_makeovers

Even now, colorful box braids look fantastic. If you give it a little electric blue, it becomes fantastic!

After braiding them in electric blue all the way through, gather them into a high ponytail and fasten them with an elastic.

Take a blue ombre hair strand, and twist it over the elastic to conceal it for a more elegant appearance. If you prefer bold and stunning fashion, this is undoubtedly the look for you!

2. Faded Grey Mixed Braids

Faded Grey Mixed Braids
Instagram @marie.nadine_mariesbeautysalon

Are you a fan of the “salt and pepper” hairstyles? This is simply a more developed form of that.

The lemonade braids, which begin blonde, transition to black in the middle, and end in the ideal faded grey ombre, are what distinguish it. This style will look best on you if your hair is long and straight.

3. Red Fire Ombre

Red Fire Ombre
Instagram @korinneelizabethcare

In these braids, the change from black hair to a blazing red ombre is just euphoric! It combines elegance and sophistication.

Pull a few of these braids together to form a half ponytail, and then secure it with a rubber band to complete the style.

You would seem even more distinctive and fearless if you added a few beads to the braids to enhance the appearance.

4. Ombre Box Braid with Curls

Ombre Box Braid with Curls
Instagram @spritzhairstudio

Not everyone like their hairstyle straight and plain. You can add a little bit of drama to it by making curls at the end.

This gives the hairstyle a traditional and sweetheart look. If that isn’t what you are going for dear, then you are missing a lot, because this hairstyle speaks the language of attention.

5. Honey Blonde Braids

Honey Blonde Braids
Instagram @whitneyy_niesha

This hairstyle displays a multi-sectioned head with numerous braids that extend from the front of the head all the way down to the ends of the hair.

This ombre braided style’s subtle color card is yet another fantastic feature.

6. Green Ombre on Braids

Green Ombre on Braids
Instagram @thebraidybunch___

If you like to stand out from the crowd, these braids are definitely the right choice for you.

These box braids, which are done in a distinctive shade of green, give the outfit some extra punch.

Additionally, braids that are swept to one side have a more distinct appearance.

In this way, you might even adorn your ears with some stunning earrings to further accentuate the appeal of the ensemble.

What makes this look so graceful and lovely is how it transitions from black to a honey brown, then settles to a golden shade.

You need to give this braiding style a shot if you have reasonably long hair and want to braid it.

7. Pretty in Pink Ombre

Pretty in Pink Ombre
Instagram @ beautysplendour

Pink ombre hair braids are the best choice if you prefer to seem incredibly girly and stylish. Put your hair up in these seductive and adorable box braids.

Gather a handful of these and pull them slightly sideways into a top bun on the head.

Keep in mind that the bun will be thicker the longer the hair. However, this brilliant color will look fantastic with all bun types.

8. Traditional Wine Ombre Braid

Traditional Wine Ombre Braid
Instagram @royalbeauty804

You can only choose a wine-colored mixture. The wine color is recognized as a highly classic color, thus this has a very long history.

It exudes an air of elegance. Lacks intelligence but commands a lot of respect. You don’t get much attention, but when you do, respect comes along with it.

9. Cotton Candy Braids

Cotton Candy Braids
Instagram @hair4thelow

Girls adore cotton candy, and their hair looks great in its color! You can choose this cotton candy ombre style for your braided hair if you’re the type of effervescent girl who loves colorful colors.

To give the braids a more defined appearance, add a few vivid white beads to the black portion of the hair.

10. Copper Brown Ombre

Copper Brown Ombre
Pinterst @ysabelasvalentin

Black hair looks fantastic with copper brown hair color. Choose the copper-colored ombre, then start braiding! Keep the front portion of the braided hair down.

The other half can either clip them at the back or pull them into a tidy bun. Both casual and formal occasions can be successfully worn with this look.

11. Classic Blonde Tree Braids

Classic Blonde Tree Braids
Instagram @healthyhaircode

Unquestionably the most timeless braid, box braids are always in style. You might use this classic style for the entire look if you want to try something new but don’t really want to go too big or bright with your appearance.

12. Electric Neon Braids

Electric Neon Braids
Instagram @braidsandko

The most likely choice for any festival is neon ombre colors because they are so beautiful!

These lime green braids are perfect for you if you prefer to go all out with your appearance and want to rock a very daring hairdo!

13. Two-Part Color Ombre Braid

Two-Part Color Ombre Braid
Instagram @Cabelounisex

When you wish to go all out crazy, then you can go for the two-part color Ombre braid. With this hairstyle, you get to braid two different colors in the two parts of your hair.

14. Wild Orange Ombre Hair

Wild Orange Ombre Hair
Pinterest @nyashadzashechimwaza·she/her

Undoubtedly, hot and vivid orange is the new black! It combines sex, quirkiness, and bravery all in one!

Try this medium box braided hairdo for sass. The braids start out naturally black and transition to a fiery, sophisticated orange at the halfway point.

15. Box Braids with Rainbow Colors

Box Braids with Rainbow Colors
Pinterest @totalbeauty

These fantastic rainbow box braids are the first concept we have to share with you. The bright colors of these box braids range from blue to yellow.

Anyone looking for a dramatic and exciting new style will love their hair like this. The summer would be a perfect time to wear rainbow braids.


The coolest braids ever are ombre! Purchase them for yourself right away, and start braiding them to flaunt a chic and current hairstyle. Start right away with the inspiration provided by the ideas shared above!

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15 Ombre Box Braids Ideas for a Stunning Looks

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