17 Dookie Braids Hairstyles for a Stunning Appearance

17 Dookie Braids Hairstyles for a Stunning Appearance

Dookie braids are pretty to look at and that is because they bring out the light in you. You can try them yourself. We will help you by making you understand what dookie braids are and the best part of presenting to you some of the best dookie braids that you can try.

What are Dookie Braids?

Many people who learn about this look for the first time may wonder what dookie braids are. They are a form of braid that is also known as giant braids and are often huge in size but few in number on the head.

In contrast to other braids, the hair is typically divided into relatively wide portions, and the braid itself is quite thick.

You get to spend less time at the hair salon and it is regarded as a protective style that offers your hair a well-deserved break.

Are Dookie Braids and Box Braids the Same?

Comparisons of dookie braids and box braids are frequent because they are both varieties of braids. You should take note that there isn’t much of a difference between these two haircuts, with size being the only obvious distinction.

The dookie giant braids are substantially bigger than your typical box braids. Therefore, if you do decide to cut your large braids into boxes, your head will have a mixture of both braids.

As a result, it is true that there aren’t many differences between them, as was before indicated.

18 Dookie Braids Hairstyles for a Stunning Appearance

Here are 18 of the best dookie braids you will want to try:

1. Beautiful Braids and Baby Hairs

Beautiful Braids and Baby Hairs
Instagram @justbraidsinfo

The dookie braids in this picture are done in a pretty conventional way; they are long, luscious, and thick from root to tip.

The ensemble is completed by those perfectly coiffed baby hairs curling over her forehead, a few gold beads, and some much-needed glitter.

2. Side Parted Braids

Side Parted Braids
Instagram @mizzskia34

The thickness of these braids decreases from the top to the tips. The beads that have been inserted here and there at various levels give the impression that they are about to slide down and fall.

The most practical technique to wear longer braids hanging loosely is in a side part.

3. Medium Length Dookie Braids with Curled Ends

Medium Length Dookie Braids with Curled Ends
Instagram @tresses_africaine

Despite being among defensive hairstyles, this look is quite creative. Curling the ends will provide a little twist and prevent the tips from falling long toward the back of your head.

This has gained popularity because of its attractive results, and the medium length is ideal for those who don’t want something very lengthy.

4. Softly Pulled Back

Softly Pulled Back
Instagram @justbraidsinfo

Even though it’s one of the most straightforward dookie braid hairstyles, it’s also one of the most attractive.

Several braids on either side should be pulled back and fastened behind. White clothing looks stunning against black braids.

5. Bob Dookie Braids

Bob Dookie Braids
Instagram @honey.baby.chile

There is a lot going on here, yet everything gels well. Shorter dookie braids should be styled in a traditional chin-length bob.

Even without the bun piled high above the head, it alone is a fantastic style. I have nothing but affection for that deep burgundy hue as well.

6. Chic Bohemian Braids

Chic Bohemian Braids

With dookie braids hair, it’s simple to flaunt the Boho chic edge. Braids have a tendency to exude a carefree, bohemian atmosphere on their own.

The middle section here makes the deal. Maintain the long, flowing braids, add some beads and gold clasps, and perhaps even consider donning a flower crown.

7. Half Up, Half Down

Half Up, Half Down
Pinterest @hairstyles

This beautiful hairstyle for women appears intricate, yet it just requires a few minutes, tops. Wrap a basic crown bun after pulling back the center-parted braids.

The remaining braids are now free to flow, especially over a shoulder like in this picture. A queen would be proud of the final look.

8. Pretty and Protective

Pretty and Protective
Instagram @stylesby.tee

A great protective hairstyle is these braids. The 16 braids in the style not only look adorable but also shield the hair from damage.

The addition of a headband worn in an unconventional manner is fashionable and useful.

9. Half Up Top Knot Braids

Half Up Top Knot Braids
Instagram @latoya_the_natural

This haircut is stylish and perfect in every way! The braids are long and flowing, with a vibrant red hue, added for color and to serve as a brightener.

The bun, a common addition to dookie braid hairstyles, acts as a crown to accentuate this adorable haircut.

10. Blonde Ambition

Blonde Ambition
Instagram @thebraidformula

Light blonde and platinum hair with dark roots has a certain allure. It has a grunge, ’90s street style vibe, and the fact that the braids sparkle even in the photo should be reason enough for every girl to copy this hairdo.

11. Long Knotless Dookie Braid Style

Long Knotless Dookie Braid Style
Instagram @tresses_africaine

There is a better alternative to beginning your braids with the extension. With your donut, try braiding it without knots. Before adding hair extensions, you start with your natural hair.

While it’s more difficult than making the standard dookie, it’s a lot lighter and more stylish.

12. Stylishly Swept Back

Stylishly Swept Back
Instagram @buahemaa_beauty

This elegant appearance demonstrates how imaginative dookie braid hairstyles can be.

Smart and beautiful, sweep bunches of braids to the right and left, crisscrossing them to stop lengthy, heavy braids from sliding into your face!

13. Dookie Braid Bump

Dookie Braid Bump
Pinterest @therighthairstyles

These dookie plaits are not only flawless, but this ‘do also get bonus points for height and volume. A half ponytail or a full ponytail can be boosted for more than just lift and volume.

Additionally, it emits a lovely retro vibe. Whenever a night feels like a throwback to the 1960s, this is the look to copy.

14. Thick and Luscious Braids

Thick and Luscious Braids
Instagram @beautyqueenmane

These braids are the ideal combination of luscious, thick, and long. Often, nothing has to be done to a dookie braided ‘do; letting it flow naturally is chic, carefree, and effortless.

But it certainly helps if those braids are wearing a deep, regal shade like this.

15. Braided Braids

Braided Braids
Pinterest @therighthairstyles

Dookie braids are a simple design that may be worn for a formal or stylish casual look.

These braids have been gathered and made into a loose, thick, over-the-shoulder braid that fits in any place, including the living room floor and the red carpet.

16. Long Blonde Braids

Long Blonde Braids
Instagram @tsunamiyani

Rapunzel aspires to have hair this beautiful. The girl’s skin tone and eye color are beautifully emphasized by the soft golden blonde tint, which also makes it stunning.

All that’s truly required to make this style shine is a straightforward side part.

17. Freestyle Dookies

Freestyle Dookies
Instagram @tresses_africaine

When sectioning your cookies, you can go freestyle rather than cutting them into the typical box or circular shape.

Given its size, the shape takes on a good appearance and lends your hair an especially exquisite appearance.


Dookie braids serve a purpose beyond mere aesthetics. They are beautiful and flexible in addition to being functional and protective.

Finding a flattering variation is simple with the variety of colors, lengths, and styles available.

If you enjoyed this hairstyle compilation, you may want to check out our similar ones.

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17 Dookie Braids Hairstyles for a Stunning Appearance

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