15 Bob Braids Styles for Black Women

20 Bob Braids Styles for Black Women

Bob braids are an extremely elegant style. They bring out the best you can be. However, you have to be sure of what you are aiming at achieving and that is where we come in. As you read through, you will get acquainted with bob braids and get the best styles you will find on it.

What are Bob Braids?

Box braids that imitate a bob hairstyle are known as bob braids. They can range in length from chin length to collarbone length but are often between short and medium in length.

Bob box braids are a protective style for natural hair since they are simple to manage, adaptable for varied looks, and quick to remove.

How Many Packs of Hair Extension Do You Need To Make Bob Braids?

You only need two medium-sized packs of hair extensions because the longest length your bob braids may be is collarbone length.

The quantity of hair extensions you require, meanwhile, also depends on how full your natural hair is and how full you want your bob braids to be.

If your natural hair is full and thick, you can use up to two medium-sized extension packs or one large-sized and one medium-sized pack.

How Long Do Bob Braids Last?

Your bob braids should be in for 8 to 10 weeks because it is a protective style.

The longer you leave them in, though, the more likely it is that your hair will fall out or break.

How Do You Care for Your Box Braids?

Less can be more. To keep your scalp, hair shafts, and roots nourished, just oil them every day.

Additionally, cover it with a silk scarf or hat before bed to prevent it from frizzing up too rapidly.

15 Bob Braid Styles for Black Women

Here are some of the best styles that are associated with box braids:

1. Bob Braids with Bangs

Bob Braids with Bangs
Instsgram @hulindlovu

A bob with bangs has a unique style all of its own. Not to mention how they draw attention to those large, brilliant, and lovely eyes, the bangs give the appearance a priceless youthful playfulness.

2. Metallic Accessories

Metallic Accessories
Instagram @yvettecorinne

A few metallic cuffs are the perfect amount of ’90s nostalgia when you need to channel your inner badass. Simply keep adding items if the look isn’t eye-catching enough.

3. Pushed-Back Bob Braids

Pushed-Back Bob Braids
Instagram @lacyredway

Hair that is pulled back is effortlessly chic. If you’re looking for something straightforward and low-maintenance, this airy style is ideal.

4. Classy Bob Box Braids

Classy Bob Box Braids
Instagram @elindasan

First up is this straightforward, stylish, and timeless braided bob. As a result, the hair is neatly braided and curls beneath like it would in a classic bob style.

It is adorable and simple to wear. You might try doing this again with a shorter braid. Possibly a little bit towards the chin.

Anyone can look great with hair like this, and it will always be in style.

5. Asymmetrical Bob Braids

Asymmetrical Bob Braids
Instagram @kari_sharron

This haircut is awesome! It is absolutely flawless from top to bottom. For round faces, the side part’s slimming effect is a huge benefit.

These braids are the perfect length for a face-framing ‘do that doesn’t require any additional accessories.

6. Subtle Details

Subtle Details
Instagram @ghanaianhairstyles

When combined with subtly waved baby hair, thicker braids with distinctive accents like a metallic cuff and a few locs inserted throughout give the style a more artistic sense.

7. Bobbed Fulani Braids with Fanned Ends

Bobbed Fulani Braids with Fanned Ends
Instagram @zaziebeetz

Only two memorable braided hairstyles were worn by Danai Gurira at the 2019 Oscars, and this was one of them.

Although you certainly don’t need two outfits for working from home, this flared style will help give your outfit some depth.

8. Bob Braids with Curls

Bob Braids with Curls
Instagram @thechair_beautyloft

Our favorite hairstyle right now is this one since it’s so elegant and chic. Here are some bohemian braids without knots. Bohemian braids will have both braids and curls in them.

This is a lovely illustration. The hair is long and curly in a long bob style. This summery hairstyle with braids and waves can glam up your appearance for any event.

9. Clean and Simple

Clean and Simple
Instagram @chiziduru

It’s possible to draw attention to the exquisite collarbones while framing the face with long, traditional bob braids.

10. Jumbo Bob Braids

Jumbo Bob Braids
Instagram @emilychengmakeup

These braids are equally stylish and installed half the time. Just make sure to reduce their size somewhat towards the hairline to prevent putting too much pressure on the sensitive area.

11. Chic Short Bob

Chic Short Bob
Instagram @modelesque_nic

Looking for a stylish yet practical look? If so, you might find this useful. Each braid in this style is a lovely brown color and forms a short bob that ends just below the chin.

The hue is warm and fashionable, and the braiding itself is exquisite and traditional. This is a very lovely hairstyle that is appropriate for people of all ages.

12. Layered Bob Braids

Layered Bob Braids
Instagram @scbraid_university

Take a moment to admire this bob’s stunning silhouette, great color combination, and tight, tiny braids.

It is somewhat shorter and inverted as a result of the layers.

It is stacked in such a way that it curves longer toward the front, creating lovely ascending lines that give the style an edgy feel.

13. Middle Part

Middle Part
Instagram @felecia.monique

This decade is all about the middle portion if the 2010s were the decade of the side part. By choosing a center part for your bob braids, you can draw attention to your face.

14. Multicolor Bob Braids

Multicolor Bob Braids
Instagram @shantaniabeckford

If you’re one of those persons who struggle to choose a hair color, why not try several? The chin-length brown, black, and red braids on Amandla Stenberg are fantastic inspirations.

15. Short Red Box Braids

Short Red Box Braids
Instagram @malia

Speaking of colorful braids, this next hairstyle is extremely striking and vibrant! The bob in this style is simply braided, and each braid is a vivid burgundy color.

The majority of the braids are also adorned with gold or silver jewelry, such as cuffs, cords, and charms that dangle. It has a magnificent appearance that is ideal for people who enjoy making a statement.

16. Two-Tone Tiny Braids

Two-Tone Tiny Braids
Instagram @scbraid_university

Since pixie braids are typically short and manageable, they promise limitless style options. You can braid the bangs, sweep them to one side, or put them in a half bun.

What else do you have to say? Your preferred color or the hue that best suits the tone of your skin.

17. Bob Braids with Flipped-in Ends

Bob Braids with Flipped-in Ends
Instagram @kersti.pitre

Flipping in the ends of a bob is a seriously stylish hairstyle. Additionally, the hair flip is making a comeback, so the appearance is completely current.

18. Elegant Bob with a Side Part

Elegant Bob with a Side Part
Instagram @jcbeautyx

We’ll show you a beautiful and attractive bob next. The bob is longer and the hair is braided with a side part.

Because it is fashionable, chic, and exquisite, we adore this braided bob variation. This type of hair will look good on everyone and is ideal for individuals who need hair that can do it all.

If you need a lovely yet practical look for, say, work and a glitzy appearance for the evening. With this haircut, you’re covered.

We particularly adore the braided detail on one side of the bob. This gives the braids a neater, more beautiful appearance.

19. Long and Short Bob Braids

Long and Short Bob Braids
Instagram @jdivastyles

It’s time to add an asymmetrical twist to your short bob. Why not give this great style with lovely diagonal lines a try since side-parted styles are sensual and fashionable? It will be more vibrant with a few purple braids.

20. Deep Side Part

Instagram @jdivastyles

Instagram @simplycrystalmichelle

Despite the fact that we adore crisp middle parts, there is something about a deep, deep side part that distinctly recalls the early 2000s. When

worn with fashionable colors like these, side-parted bob braids look decidedly on-trend.


Bob braids are a pretty cool style and you can get confused picking a particular style. But you can skip all that and pick from the best bob braids styles that we have presented.

We assure you that you will look extremely good on it.

If you enjoyed this hairstyle compilation, you may want to check out our similar ones.

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15 Bob Braids Styles for Black Women

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