15 Long Layered Bob Hairstyles for Black Ladies

Indeed, sleek straight bobs are impressive but don’t miss out on the pretty ways waves and long layered bob can style your hair, offering a fresh and unique look that keeps the boredom away. Get inspired by the ideas in the pictures below before your next salon visit.

Long Layered Bob Hairstyles for Black Ladies

Here are the top interesting long-layered bob hairstyles for any black lady:

1. Layered Classy Look

Clarissa’s Classy Look
Instagram @curlsbyxian

This bob style features carefully placed layers that add dimension and movement, creating a sophisticated and elegant look that perfects a polished and refined appearance.

2. Layered Straight Locks

Straight Locks
Instagram @liz_mariav

This bob style showcases precise layers that enhance the straight texture of the hair, resulting in a sleek and chic look that exudes style and sophistication.

3. Inverted Layered Bob with Caramel Highlights

Inverted Bob with Caramel Highlights
Instagram @haircolorkilla

This style presents an edgy twist on the classic bob, featuring layers that are shorter in the back and longer in the front. Warm caramel highlights are added to complement the look, creating a trendy and modern vibe.

4. Layered Curls with Wispy Fringe

Instagram @catrice_creatives

Rock those curly locks with a cute touch of wispy fringe to frame your face. It’s all about adding that playful and flirty vibe to your gorgeous curly hair!

5. Layered Hair with Color Accent

Instagram @werehair

This playful and vibrant bob hairstyle combines layers to add texture and depth while incorporating a pop of color as an accent. The result is a fun and eye-catching look that is sure to turn heads.

6. Inverted Layered Black Lob

Instagram @salonshavon

This chic and sophisticated bob showcases inverted layers in a sleek black shade, creating a stylish and flattering look that falls just above the shoulders.

7. Layered Light Brown Bob

Feathered Light Brown Bob
Instagram @hairbymarsay

This graceful bob style is made using light brown hues and layers that add dimension and movement, creating a timeless and natural appearance that is perfect for a sophisticated and refined look.

8. Angled Platinum Bob with Side Bangs

Angled Platinum Bob with Side Bangs
Instagram @hairbymarsay

This bold and modern bob creates a stylish and edgy statement with its angled cut, striking platinum color, and side bangs. This style is cool for black ladies as it creates a beautiful contrast with the skin.

9. Colored Curly Ends Bob

Instagram @catrice_creatives

This playful bob hairstyle has layers and curly ends that are enhanced by vibrant colors, resulting in a fun and dynamic hairstyle that showcases personality and creativity.

10. Layered Orange Bob

Instagram @catrice_creatives

This beautiful and energetic bob style incorporates layers that add texture and volume while featuring an eye-catching orange shade for a bold and unique look.

11. Layered Red Bob Hairstyle

Instagram @anthonycuts

Here is a striking and feminine bob with layers that showcase a captivating red shade, adding depth and dimension to the hair for a bold and confident look.

12. Layered Lob Bob

Instagram @hairartbydominique

For an extra style, let’s introduce a versatile and stylish bob with layers that fall just above the shoulders, creating a flattering and modern appearance suitable for any occasion.

13. Red and Copper Bob with Layered Bang

Instagram @werehair

Experience the daring beauty of a bold and sophisticated bob hairstyle that combines red and copper tones, highlighted by layered bangs, resulting in a chic and captivating look.

14. Layered Kinky Bob

Voluminous Kinky Bob
Instagram @pepperpotts1984

As shown above, this is a trendy and textured bob style that features layers skillfully enhancing the natural kink and curl pattern of the hair, effortlessly adding volume and definition for a stylish and fashionable vibe.

15. Layered Ombre

Full Weave with Rouge Ombre
Instagram @stylebycre

Try the beauty of a layered ombre bob hairstyle that incorporates a beautiful blending of two complementary shades, creating an eye-catching and glamorous look with its seamless transition.

16. Layered Bob with Side Parting

Loose Wave Bob with Side Parting

The final style is a classic and elegant layered bob style that screams sophistication, featuring layers that beautifully frame the face and are complemented by a stylish side parting, enhancing the overall look with a touch of elegance.


Bob hairstyles are pretty, but now you know how to make them even more interesting. Now you know your options, and you can combine two or three styles for your hair. Pick a style visit your stylist and make some unique magic from your hair.

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