Do Two-Strand Twists Help Hair Grow

Do Two-Strand Twists Help Hair Grow?

When you’re committed to growing your hair naturally, you should know some products and styles are a no-no. One of the hairstyles that get lots of recommendations is the two-strand twist for several reasons. But is hair growth part of these numerous reasons?

Two strand twists don’t help your hair grow per se. However, it’s a protective hairstyle that will prevent your hair from breaking and minimize knots and tangles. With less breakage, you retain more hair, eventually making it seem like your hair is growing in the long run.

If you’re after the advantages of two-strand twists, you’ve come to the right place. Not only will this article answer most of the questions you currently have and will ever have about two-strand twists, but you’ll also learn about all the advantages and disadvantages of the hairstyle.

does twisting your hair make it grow faster

What are Two Strand Twists?

Two-strand twists, also known as twists (because twists are two-strand anyway), is a kind of hairstyle that’s achieved by separating the hair into two sections and twisting a section around another to the end.

A complete hairstyle of two-strand twists will give the hair a rope-like appearance and is incredibly easy to make for the doer and convenient to wear for the wearer. If your hair is longer than 2 inches, it’s already eligible for two-strand twists.

Two-strand twists vary in thickness, depending on the fineness of the wearer’s hair. You can also style it further into other hairstyles, so you don’t need to spend hours loosening the hair before making something like a bun, a ponytail, or an updo.

What is the Difference between Two Strand Twists and Braids?

If you’ve tried comparing two-strand twists with braids, you’ll notice they look conspicuously similar. Is there even a difference between them, and if there is, what is the difference between two-strand twists and braids?

While braids require the hairstylist to intertwine three strands of hair to make, two-strand twists require only two. Due to this fundamental difference in the technique, you’d naturally expect braids to have a different impact on your hair than twists.

If you’re out for good-looking hair, you’ll prefer braids to twists. However, twists don’t weigh as much as the hair as braids do, and are also quicker to unravel. On the positive side, both are protective styles, so you should be fine with either.

Benefits of Two Strand Twists?

Going for two-strand twists is one of the most beneficial things you can do to your natural hair, but the benefits aren’t always very obvious. From what we’ve seen so far, it’s clear that it can protect your hair, thereby making for healthier hair growth, but what are the other benefits of this hairstyle.

Without further ado, here are some of the benefits of two-strand twists for your natural hair.

a ponytail made from two-strand twists

1. Easy to style

If you’ve been following this article carefully, you’ll notice that I mentioned that you can further style two-strand twists into other hairstyles. It turns out that the ability to style the hairstyle into other, more attractive ones make one of the primary benefits of wearing two-strand twists.

Most people wear the easiest style, which is just leaving them down. If you want some extra style, however, you may want to consider wearing it in a ponytail, a bun, or any other hairstyle you reckon can work with two-strand twists; in most cases, it will work.

2. Works for all hair lengths

Another great thing about wearing a twist is that you don’t necessarily need your hair to grow to a specific threshold before you can wear them. Two-strand twists work on hair as short as 4 inches and as long as you can grow your hair.

When wearing twists for shorter hair, you may want to make them thinner to make the most out of the hairstyle. Thankfully, they’re just as effective for shorter hair as they are for longer locks.

3. It’s a protective style

If you’re out for a protective hairstyle, a two-strand twist is what you always wanted. It actively minimizes the risk of your hair getting knotted and tangled, reducing the overall damage that your hair will be exposed to.

Wearing the hairstyle loosely will make it incredibly convenient to wear while putting minimal stress on the hair. That way, you get a hairstyle that feels natural with no risk of hair loss or breakage.

Do Two-Strand Twists Help Hair Grow?

As implied multiple times in the article, you can record a better hair growth rate by wearing two-strand twists, but that doesn’t mean the hairstyle impact the growth of your hair per se. Most of what it does to help your hair grow is indirect since it only creates better growing conditions.

Two-strand twists protect your hair from breakage and other forms of damage, making it possible for your hair to grow without any obstacles. Even with two-strand twists, your hair will continue to grow at its normal rate, minus breakages and other forms of hair damage.

It’s crucial to note, however, that most of the benefits associated with wearing two-strand twists only apply when you’re wearing the proper and non-destructive variant. Pulling too hard on the edges of your twists or twisting the end too tight might end up doing more harm than good to your hair.

How Long Does Two Strand Twists Last on Natural Hair

One of the most important factors to consider before switching to a hairstyle on your natural hair is how long it lasts. Trust me: you don’t want to keep making a new hairstyle every other day just because your favorite won’t hold up for long. So, how long do two-strand twists last on natural hair?

You should expect the hairstyle to last for around two to four weeks at a time. While your mileage may vary, depending on your hair, how much you care for it, and how thin you made the hairstyle, you should be able to keep it for two weeks at least.

While two-strand twists can last for two to four weeks, you shouldn’t necessarily keep them for that long. You should always try to redo your hair as frequently as you have the time to do so to make the most out of the hairstyle, and by extension, your hair.

Drawbacks of Two Strand Twists

Just like you’d expect, all isn’t roses with two-strand twists. There are a couple of drawbacks to the hairstyle that may scare you away from even trying it at all. Since I’ve listed a load of advantages here, it can only be fair if I also go over some drawbacks.

One of the biggest disadvantages of keeping two-strand twists is how much dirt it collects while making it more difficult to wash your hair. If you’re ready to invest some time (and a conditioner) into washing your hair at least once a week, it shouldn’t be a significant problem, but it’s still something to worry about.

Also, twisting the end of the twists too tight or pulling on the edges are unhealthy practices that could lead to breakage. When making a twist, you want to ensure that you’re neither pulling too hard nor twisting too tight, otherwise, it will make your hair grow, just shorter.

You should note, however, that most of the drawbacks associated with two-strand twists are either a result of improper handling by the hairstylist or negligence by the wearer. Following basic haircare advice should prevent you from experiencing most of these drawbacks.


It’s difficult to measure hair growth objectively, as there’s hardly any metric for measuring how much impact a particular product or hairstyle has on your hair. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t tell if the hairstyle helps with hair growth at all.

Two-strand twists may not be the magic that will magically increase the length of your tresses, but they do have an impact on hair growth. Since the hairstyle is regarded as a protective one, the less likelihood of damage to your hair indirectly helps with hair growth.

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