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18 Pretty Spring Twist Hairstyles that Look Great

If a good-looking hairstyle is what you’re after, you can’t get it better than spring twists. This compilation outlines 18 sassy spring twist hairstyles you’ll surely love.

Spring twists are pretty much what they sound like: two-strand twists where each twist is made to look like a spring. Needless to say, the hairstyle has beauty in abundance, and it also tends to last for a pretty long time, which are the reasons for its popularity.

However, people who have resolved to get spring twist hairstyles usually face some issues with choosing an exact style to make. Of course, there are tons of examples out there, but most of them are just too complex to try or outright ugly.

If the paragraph above aptly encapsulates your struggles, you’re at the right place. Here, I’ll compile my 18 favorite spring twist hairstyles that strike a balance between great looks and longevity.

Pretty Spring Twist Hairstyles that Look Great

1. Small Spring Twist

Small Spring Twist

Getting more than a feet of hair to feel springy is obviously not the easiest job out there, which is why most spring twists are short. Here is a hairstyle inspiration to show you just how good short spring twists look to help you consider getting it. It should look equally good in brown color, don’t you think?

2. Goddess Spring Twist

Goddess Spring Twist

I’m not sure if I admire this hairstyle because of my love for brown hair or because I like goddess spring twists a lot. Thankfully, you don’t have to choose between the two; simply copy the hairstyle as is and you’ll be having all the glory for free.

3. Ponytail Spring Twist

Ponytail Spring Twist

You can tie your spring twists up in a ponytail, however difficult that may look. All you need to do is ensure it’s long enough for a ponytail (which is already difficult enough) and tie it like you would for any other kind of twists. As you can see above, it usually ends up making you look pretty hot.

4. Upfront Bun Spring Twist

Upfront Bun Spring Twist

Do you know what’s even sassier than a ponytail? It is tying up your hair in an upfront bun, and this hairstyle inspiration proves that you can do it really well with spring twists. The brunette look makes it a lot more adorable, but I’ll still give most of the credit to that humongous bun at the front.

5. Purple Spring Twist

Purple Spring Twist

Multiple studies have opined that brown hair looks hotter than any other color, but you don’t have to confine yourself to that. If you’re not necessarily in for a brunette look, why not get some dark purple springy hair extensions for your spring twist hairstyle. This idea has already shown how good it could be.

6. Purple and Red Spring Twist

Purple and Red Spring Twist

Here’s a spring twist hairstyle in another shade of purple that manages to retain all the cuteness from the preceding styles. If you noticed, it’s actually a two-toned hairstyle, combining the cuteness of the dark purple with reddish-brown extensions for an adorable match.

7. Basic Long Spring Twist

Basic Long Spring Twist

Long spring twists may be a bit challenging to make, but they’re of course not impossible. With a couple of hair extension packs and a bit of patience, you can get your extensions to be this long. The picture above has done enough justice to demonstrating how long twists look in practice.

8. Kinky Spring Twist

Kinky Spring Twist

Making your spring twist hairstyle into kinky twists isn’t really hard; you only need to make it to the length when it rests on your shoulders. You don’t have to worry about meeting the curled ends requirements as the entire style is curly to start with. In all, the style looks really kinky.

9. Armpit Length Spring Twist

Armpit Length Spring Twist

If you made the kinky twists from the preceding hairstyle idea a couple of inches longer, you can achieve adorable armpit length spring twists like in the hairstyle idea above. It shares similar qualities to the kinky twist hairstyle above, only that it’s a bit longer, and of course, prettier.

10. Short Spring Twist

Short Spring Twist

As you may have noticed from the start of this compilation, spring twist hairstyles don’t have to be long. Given the nature of the twists, you’re far more likely to come across short spring twists than long ones. If you admire a brunette look, this short spring twist hairstyle should work just fine for you.

11. Box Short Spring Twist

Box Short Spring Twist

How do you make a compilation of twist hairstyles without incorporating box twists? The clear and neat edges are some of the numerous reasons why it consistently finds itself among the best twist hairstyles, and it’s compatible with almost all kinds of twists. This image inspiration shows that it’s compatible with spring twists too.

12. Fluffy Spring Twist

Fluffy Spring Twist

The best spring twist hairstyles are the fluffiest ones, at least in my opinion. Here are spring twists made to be fluffy, and I don’t want you getting any ‘delicious’ vibes here. In addition to the cool fluffy look, it’s also multi-toned, which is something you may want to try sometime.

13. 3-Tone Spring Twist

3-Tone Spring Twist

Why limit yourself to two colors for your hair when you can use three? To be fair, you risk messing your hair up if you don’t understand how to mix the colors, but you also don’t have to. By copying the idea above, you can be black, blonde, and brunette-haired at the same time, easily.

14. Crochet Spring Twist

Crochet Spring Twist

One of the more popular ways to add the curly hair extensions to your hair when making spring twists is by crocheting them in. When you do that, the hairstyle becomes known as a crochet spring twist, which is exactly what’s going on here. Plus, the two-tone look is also making a lot of sense, at least to me.

15. Double Toned Spring Twist

Double Toned Spring Twist

Three colors could be excessive for a simple hairstyle in your opinion, and that’s fine. That’s why you can use two and still make your hair look just as good. Here, we can see the hair transition from a darker black-like color to a lighter brown color, which makes it look seamless and adorable.

16. Half Up Half Down Spring Twist

Half Up Half Down Spring Twist

Half up half down hairstyles tend to be popular because of how adorable they make the wearer look, and you can confirm that by simply looking at the image that accompanies this idea. You can achieve the half up half down spring twist look using different methods, and as long as you arrive at what you intend, you’re fine.

17. Jumbo Spring Afro Twist

Jumbo Spring Afro Twist

Jumbo spring twist is predictably not very easy to make, as it becomes progressively harder to keep that springy look when the twists get bigger. While it’s admittedly difficult, this hairstyle idea proves that it’s not impossible, as it’s what you’re seeing up there. Also, I’ll have to admit it looks really cool.

18. Messy Spring Twist

Messy Spring Twist

People are always out to make their hair look its best, but making your hair extremely neat could make it look somewhat artificial, which is a quality that a lot of people tend to hate, believe it or not. Making your hair a bit messier, as in the inspiration above, could be all you need for that natural look.

I love spring twist hairstyles, and if you scrolled all the way to this point, I have to assume you do too. So, that’s all about the spring twist hairstyle ideas for you to try. There are tons more on the internet, but if you’re just trying to balance longevity with good looks, you have to choose from these 18.

Before you go, here are some other recommendations that may help your hair look better.

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