15 Lovely Flat Iron Hairstyles for Black Women

15 Lovely Flat Iron Hairstyles for Black Women

Flat iron Hairstyles for black women are a go-to hairstyle when talking about elegance and a quick-to-do hairstyle. This is why we bring you some of the best flat iron hairstyles for black. As you read through, you can make a choice for which will best fit you.

15 Flat Iron Hairstyles for Black Women

Here are the very best flat iron hairstyle for black women that you will find:

1. Straight and Shiny Natural Hair

Straight and Shiny Natural Hair
Instagram @voiceofhair

Even with 4C hair, you may get silky smooth straight appearances with a lot of effort and hair product.

Get a nice haircut, straighten your hair, and slightly curl the ends after waiting for it to reach medium length.

2. Natural Flat Iron Hairstyle

Natural Flat Iron Hairstyle
Instagram @kay_amoah

When flat ironing, stay away from pin-straight locks to give your haircut a natural appearance. This haircut looks natural and laid-back thanks to the side bangs’ slight wave and the ends’ slight curl.

3. Twisted Ponytail

Twisted Ponytail
Instagram @theehaircaptain

Long-haired people will love this look. It may be worn for any event and is sophisticated and stylish. Simply flat iron your hair, create a high ponytail and twist the ends of the ponytail to get this style.

4. Clarissa’s Classy Look

Clarissa’s Classy Look
Instagram @curlsbyxian

If you want a straight look, you don’t need to relax your hair. To pull it done, all you need to do is get some excellent methods and equipment.

5. Black Flat Iron Hairstyle

Black Flat Iron Hairstyle

This black bob is styled with a gentle side bang and cleanly clipped ends. This kind of flat-ironed look is ideal for a date or an interview.

6. Twisted Long Hair

Twisted Long Hair
Instagram @lovehair_247hairstudiollc

Long-haired people will love this look. It may be worn for any event and is stylish and attractive. Simply twist little parts of your hair and flat iron them to get this style.

7. Quick and Easy Top Knot

Quick and Easy Top Knot
Instagram @izziederouge

This top knot bun is stylishly contemporary and smashing. Very stylish, modern, and current. Your choice of cosmetics will determine how beautiful or edgy this look will be. We adore how the bangs are sleek and show off the cut.

Additionally, bangs can be curled for a fun appearance. It expertly highlights her figure, frames her face, and gives her a polished, finished appearance.

You might choose to dress elegantly or casually according to your personal taste.

8. Highlighted Flat Hair

Highlighted Flat Hair
Instagram @lovehair_247hairstudiollc

By adding some highlights to naturally flat hair, you can create a truly adorable effect. Your hair will gain dimension and appear fuller as a result.

9. Bold Ombre

Bold Ombre
Instagram @teagancousins.hair

With its ombre-d and layered tresses, this daring yet manageable look will attract attention. To add shine to these medium-length black hairstyles.

Women with relaxed hair and oval-shaped faces look best in this style. At night, arrange your hair with pin curls and cover them with a bonnet to keep them in place.

10. Sleek Ponytail

Sleek Ponytail
Instagram @__thehaircorner

When it’s hot outside in the summer, this is a terrific hairstyle to keep your hair out of your face. It may be dressed up or down according to the occasion and is sophisticated and stylish.

11. Deep Side-Part

Deep Side-Part
Instagram @foreveradiamond42

Any occasion is a good fit for this flowing side-swept design. It can be worn for prom or a wedding as well as for regular wear. To retain edges in place for shine and hold, use edge control, oil sheen, and holding spray.

Put flexi-rods in your hair to hold the curls, and then cover the look with a satin bonnet to keep it in place.

12. Textured Short Hair

Textured Short Hair
Instagram @bravobeautystudio

With a flat iron, you may still have sleek, straight hair even if your hair is short. Don’t be afraid to add some waves or curls for more dimension since this style is all about texture.

13. Sassy Shoulder-Length Cut

Sassy Shoulder-Length Cut
Instagram @mandy_jacobz

For day or night, this sassy shoulder-length design exudes the ideal attitude. With relaxed hair and round, square, or pear-shaped faces, this style looks best.

 If you want to curl your hair, use holding spray for grip and serum for shine and to keep your hair from getting weighed down.

To maintain curls with these black hairstyles for medium hair, use soft pillow rollers, flexi rods, or pin curls at night. The next morning, cover the hair with a satin cap to keep the style in place.

14. Side Parted Lob

Side Parted Lob

Shoulder-length hair is ideal for this flat iron style. The side parting gives it a little extra glitz while keeping it stylish and professional.

15. Mid-Length Wavy Hair

Mid-Length Wavy Hair
Instagram @koaffyr.se

These magnificent waves are stunning and won’t be disappearing any time soon. This is a fantastic style with many different styles.

For shine and hold, use an oil sheen and holding spray. To keep the style in place at night, cover your hair with a satin bonnet.


From the presented flat iron hairstyles for black women, it is clear that this hairstyle brings out what many would call inner beauty.

However, in as much as there are many hairstyles, not all will be accustomed to your appearance. That is why you must check and maybe consult your hairstylist before making them.

One thing we are sure of is that in the right situations, this hair will make you look elegant.

If you enjoyed this hairstyle compilation, you may want to check out our similar ones.

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15 Lovely Flat Iron Hairstyles for Black Women

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