28 Beautiful Tapered Hairstyles That Make You Look Elegant

28 Beautiful Tapered Hairstyles That Make You Look Elegant

We know you are a lover of styles and fashion, and that is why we have brought tapered hairstyles your way. We know the name doesn’t sound familiar but don’t worry. As you read through, you will get familiar with tapered hairstyles and the different variations that you can make.

Let’s understand what tapered hairstyles are.

What are Tapered Hairstyles for Black Women?

Hair is normally longer in the crown of the head and gradually gets shorter as it approaches the edges and nape of the neck in a tapered haircut. You’ll adore tapered haircuts if you enjoy shorter fashions!

28 Best Tapered Hairstyles

Here are some of the best-tapered hairstyles you should consider:

1. Natural Hair Tapered Mohawk with Design

Natural Hair Tapered Mohawk with Design
Instagram @twa_crowns

Any combination of colors and patterns can be added to the design to make it unique to your specific taste.

2. Edgy Faux Hawk and Natural Tapered Hairstyle

Edgy Faux Hawk and Natural Tapered Hairstyle

The dark tint gives this naturally tapered haircut some flair. It’s a day-to-day-wearable mohawk in the editorial fashion. One benefit of a pixie cut on tapering hair is how easy it is to style and how little product is needed.

Short hair makes wash-and-go styles much simpler to maintain. Black ladies can easily achieve shortcuts, whether they have 2a or 4c curls.

3. Golden Brown Tapered Cut

Golden Brown Tapered Cut
Instagram @Amadivabeautysalon

It’s remarkable how a simple etched line can completely change naturally trimmed hair. The hairdo is contemporary and hip thanks to the design. Additionally, all you have to do to get rid of it is let your hair grow out.

4. Brown Red Curly Tapered Cut

Brown Red Curly Tapered Cut
Instagram @twa_crowns

The dark red curly afro short tapered bob is sure to turn heads whether you’re trying to make a statement or just spice up your usual look.

5. Blonde Fro-Hawk

Blonde Fro-Hawk
Instagram @iam.tiffany.renee

Want to make a dramatic statement but don’t want to give up your length? Ask your hairstylist for a modest fro-hawk that slightly narrows your sides.

There are numerous ways to wear the fro-hawk, which is a daring look. The drama typically occurs in the top or in the middle of the head since the hair is typically fading, tapered, or close on the sides.

6. Low-Maintenance Short and Natural Tapered Cut

Low-Maintenance Short and Natural Tapered Cut
Instagram @nef_willcutit

Due to a busy social or business schedule, this short, natural tapered haircut is ideal for ladies who want to spend less time grooming their hair and for those who desire an easy-to-maintain, edgy look.

The top length of these short black hairstyles is their best feature because it gives you more styling options for various hair types, including finger coils, twist outs, Bantu knots, rod sets, blowouts, and a simple wash-and-go.

Working with the contour of the head and face allows for the customization of short natural hairstyles for black women like this.

For women who are transitioning or who want a shorter, more manageable length but are still looking for styling possibilities, it’s a terrific choice.

You can pull back your short, black hair for a frohawk style or let it fall freely over your face.

7. Natural Afro Tapered Cut

Natural Afro Tapered Cut
Instagram @theabigailmartina

Low upkeep and simple to style? That’s it! The women who want their afros to be on the shorter side should use this.

8. Bold Bordeaux Tapered Style

Bold Bordeaux Tapered Style
Instagram @naturalhairrebel

Finding a color that really pops on short, tapered natural hair while yet looking chic can be challenging. You may produce a deep wine hue that is vivid and rich by combining brown and red.

9. Big Chop with a Taper Fade

Big Chop with a Taper Fade
Instagram @hair_by_dana_salon

A woman who is confident will have a current appearance with this tapered haircut. This natural tapering hairdo, in my opinion, is a 21st-century trend.

Since many women are sporting the same haircut, we no longer consider long hair to be necessary and find the style to be lovely. This is the blackest short hair we’ve ever had, and it couldn’t be more adorable.

Use hair products that won’t give it such a defined curl because doing so will make it stick to your head if you want to duplicate this natural hairdo.

You just need a lot of fort comb and a very basic leave-in conditioner to finish. There is no particular facial shape that goes with this particular short hairstyle for black women.

10. Tapered Flat-Top

Tapered Flat-Top
Instagram @reginastylistandbarber

It can be challenging to highlight thick, coarse hair, especially if it is short.

Create an ombre appearance by merely coloring the cut’s crown rather than using small areas of color all over. Additionally, some shaved lines will provide visual appeal.

11. Cute Curly Tapered Haircut

Cute Curly Tapered Haircut
Instagram @talitafelyx

For a quick, fashionable look when you don’t have time to style your hair every morning, try this tapered cut.

12. Artsy Colors

Artsy Colors
Instagram @naturalhairspirations

You can select a cut design with neat lines, swirls, and even art shaved in that expresses their personality or mood. Additionally, you have the choice of styling it with coils, faux locs, twists, and curls.

The hair in this instance has been altered with dye, from the defined flaming orange curls to the fading dark sides and detailed shaved-in design.

13. Green Curly Mohawk

Green Curly Mohawk

Your curls need to be noticeable when they’re as tight as these coils. On the ends of your hair, don’t be scared to experiment with a vivid color like light green. A further striking detail is the sidelines that have been shaved.

14. Tapered Sides Perfect for Growing Out Curls

Tapered Sides Perfect for Growing Out Curls
Instagram @michelllearaujo

Short natural hairstyles deserve all the praise they now receive, so don’t be afraid to give them a tapered cut.

Short hairstyles are best for black women since they are simpler to maintain. Use a boar bristle brush to emphasize the texture that is already present.

15. Tapered Shape Up

Tapered Shape Up
Instagram @thechriscwise

This is the proper method to wear a short afro if you have a round face and wish to do so.

Shaving a tapered edge around your hairline, sometimes known as a “shape-up,” adds sharp angles and structure to rounded cheeks.

16. Tapered Mohawk Afro Bob Cut

Tapered Mohawk Afro Bob Cut
Instagram @shorthairinsta

This hairstyle will be your favorite because it can be adjusted to fit any face shape. Regarding the contour of your face, you can achieve whatever you want it to seem like.

17. Caramel Colored Curls

Caramel Colored Curls

It’s no secret that blonde and caramel are hair hues that look great on Black ladies. Your curls will stand out in a tapered hairdo thanks to the delicate, eye-catching hues.

18. Casual Tapered Cut for Thin Hair

Casual Tapered Cut for Thin Hair
Instagram @natalliapekena

The slight taper fade adds complexity to the overall look. This gives girls with thin hair the appearance of having fuller hair. Such short black hairstyles flatter facial shapes like the oval or the heart.

19. Soft Tapered Ombre

Soft Tapered Ombre
Instagram @timasamad

You don’t have to give up length just because you have a tapered natural haircut.

You can create a variety of looks by shaving only a little portion of your hair and leaving the rest chin-length or longer. Pull it up for a flirtatious, fun style, or blow-dry it with a center part for a bob.

20. Unique Tapered Haircut Bob

Unique Tapered Haircut Bob
Instagram @fernandonewdread

With its short sides and tapered top for maximum volume and length, this edgy style gives you a full-bodied appearance.

21. Dip-Dye Fro

Dip-Dye Fro
Instagram @ARISPELLA

Although you’ve likely seen enough fro-hawks, this dip-dyed tapered haircut is anything but boring.

For a fun look, shave your sides and make a big “Z” design. When you’re prepared to leave the house, flip your hair up front and pin, clip, or tie it up to highlight your lighter curly ends.

22. Super Short Tapered Hair

Super Short Tapered Hair

Your mood will instantly change to one of summer with a very pale blonde or platinum sheen of color. For the most impact, use it with a really short haircut.

23. Red Hot Natural Hair

Red Hot Natural Hair
Pinterest @therighthairstyle

With a vibrant flash of color, you may elevate your tapered natural hair to the next level.

Red is ideal because red lipstick will help make your face look more youthful. To avoid distractions, make sure the rest of your wardrobe is neutral.

24. Mohawk Curly Afro Tapered Cut Faded Sides

Mohawk Curly Afro Tapered Cut Faded Sides
Instagram @shorthairfinest

Change up the typical mohawk. With those fading sides, you can’t go wrong!

25. Conventional Cut

Conventional Cut

Don’t want to get too near to the clippers your hairdresser uses? No issue. You might love this long, layered, tapered pixie haircut.

It’s a traditional, time-tested look that flatters the face and looks excellent with curly textures. Additionally, this cut is a great option for naturals who want more volume yet have fine hair.

26. Cute Tapered TWA for a Round Face

Cute Tapered TWA for a Round Face
Instagram @dariathecurlartist

Choose a short teeny weeny afro (TWA) with crisp edges to create a striking tapered TWA haircut that will enhance a round face’s wide features.

Additionally, the natural tapering cut and color job add some lovely depth. Feel free to add a shaved line to one side of these short hairstyles for black women for added flair.

27. Natural Wave

Natural Wave
Instagram @sorayahstyles

Although slightly more understated, a wavy afro taper is unquestionably just as fashionable.

This cut, like many tapered hairstyles, appears polished and professional, making it appropriate for both the office and the club.

28. Messy Tapered 4c Hair with Blonde Color

Messy Tapered 4c Hair with Blonde Color
Instagram @naturalbeauty365

This 4C natural hair with a tapered cut may be challenging to manage, but it is well worth it! If painted with a vivid color, short haircuts for black women give your appearance a pop.

Such tapering natural hair is given dimension and vividness by the warm honey-blonde hair color.

How Can I Maintain a Tapered Cut?

It’s crucial to keep in mind that tapered cuts are only intended to last a short while when getting one.

If you enjoy black women’s tapered haircuts, don’t forget to visit your stylist at least once every two to three weeks for upkeep.

To make your cut last as long as possible, you can also wear a bonnet.  To make sure your new cut lasts as long as possible, we advise applying a good leave-in conditioner.


If you do love short hair, then tapered hairstyles are for you. The best part of it is that we have presented in this article some of the best-tapered hairstyles that you could make and you will look absolutely amazing on.

You should try it.

If you need more light on the tapered hairstyles, you can leave a comment in the comment section below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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28 Beautiful Tapered Hairstyles That Make You Look Elegant

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