45 Crochet Hairstyles for Black Women

Crochet hairstyles are the latest trend, and it’s easy to see why! They’re versatile, low-maintenance, and can be styled in countless ways. If you’re thinking about trying out a crochet hairstyle, you’re in for a treat! There are so many options to choose from, and we’re here to help you find the perfect one for you.

45 Crochet Hairstyles for Black Women

From simple styles to more intricate designs, there’s a crochet hairstyle for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

1. Sew-In Curly Bob

Crochet Hairstyles
Instagram @mercedehightower

Short and bouncy crochet bob with loose curls is a trendy and flattering hairstyle that is perfect for those who want to look runway-ready from the moment they awake.

2. Short Curly Crop

Instagram @vanitybydanit

If you’re looking for a stylish and low-maintenance break from braids, short, curly crochet hair is the perfect option. Dress it up with dangling earrings for a runway-ready look.

3. Curly Layered Bob

Instagram @tqueenhairsalon

A short shaggy bob with bangs is a fun and carefree hairstyle that is easy to style and maintain. Pair it with bold accessories or bright outfits to complete the look.

4. S-Shaped Waves

Instagram @hairbeenatural

Marley or kanekalon hair can be used to create reasonable, edgy waves. This unique crochet hairstyle features bold color and curvy waves. Its shorter length and rich auburn hue make it a gorgeous and versatile style for any occasion.

5. Curly Crochet Pixie

Instagram @vanitybydanit

Short and sassy sew-ins are a great way to experiment with cropped hair without making a permanent commitment. Whether you’re looking for a fun and flirty style for a special occasion or just want to see how you would look with shorter hair, sew-ins are a versatile and safe option.

6. Crop with Additions

Instagram @vanitybydanit

Crochet braids can be used to add length and volume to specific sections of hair, such as the top of a pixie cut with tapered sides. This is a great way to experiment with different hairstyles without having to commit to a full head of extensions. Simply match the color of your crochet hair to your natural hair for a seamless blend.

7. Crochet Hair with Bangs

Instagram @vanitybydanit

This unique and eye-catching hairstyle is easy to achieve with crochet braids, even on natural hair. Simply pile your bangs on top of your forehead and secure them with bobby pins. For extra flair, add a headband or other hair accessories.

8. Dimensional Springy Bob

Instagram @mnmstyles

Short layered coils are a funky and bold hairstyle that is perfect for those who want to stand out from the crowd. The corkscrew curls are reminiscent of dreadlocks, and the contrasting tones add even more definition. This hairstyle is perfect for those with kinky hair, as it helps to separate the hair into defined pieces.

8. Curly Bob with Bangs

Instagram @beautybysheri

A buoyant lob with corkscrew curls and a trendy fringe is a youthful and fun hairstyle. The voluminous curls and stylish fringe add personality and flair. This versatile hairstyle can be worn down or tied up and can be accessorized to suit any occasion.

9. Lush Crochet Twist Braid

Instagram @hairbytess

These gorgeous crochet twist braids are a modern and unique take on a classic style. They’re sure to turn heads and get you compliments wherever you go. When you want a more dressed-down look, you can easily pull them back into a ponytail or two.

10. Crocheted Burgundy Waves

Instagram @hairbeenatural

The wavy texture and organic shape of the extensions shown here soften the vivid hue, creating a look that is both eye-catching and approachable. Want to rock long hair without waiting for yours to grow out? Extensions are a simple, gorgeous, and natural-looking way to achieve the length and color of your dreams.

11. Long Raven Corkscrews

Instagram @crownedbyd2

Human hair extensions come in a variety of colors and textures, so you can find the perfect match for your natural hair. You can also style them just as you would your own hair, so you can create any look you desire.

12. Highlighted Zigzag Style

Instagram @mercedehightower

The side part, crimped texture, and bronde highlights lend a relaxed vibe to these crochet twist outs. If you picked a dimensional color for your extensions, bring images of the density, hue, and location of the lighter areas to your stylist.

13. Voluminous Side-Parted Bob

Instagram @shanequajanaa

A crochet twist out can produce precisely even curlicues. Synthetic hair is the finest option because it is not impacted by humidity or other environmental variables. The ash brown color is a classy and modern choice.

14. Center Part, Mingled Textures

Instagram @iam.nubian

If you like the look of faux locs but don’t want to commit to a complete head of them, try a blended texture style. Curls and locs give a subtle contrast here. A few wraps work well as decorative embellishments. Use the same hair that you would use for fake locs for crochet braids.

15. Half Up Bun for Crochet Hair

Instagram @phirstladey_beautyempire

While installing crochet braids is one thing, styling them is where your creativity can really shine. A huge half-up bun is a straightforward concept, but the style is incredibly flashy and easy to pull off in the morning. It’s stylish and hip, ideal for happy hour and the office.

16. Long Box Braids

Instagram @iam.nubian

This box braids should work well for people who like a more laid-back look. By keeping the braids small, they can flow like loose strands, giving you a plethora of styling possibilities, both free-hanging and fastened. The rich espresso color appears natural.

17. Pulled-Back Crochet Twist Braids

Instagram @xperiancesalon

The thick, layered twists in this crocheted hairstyle are pulled back and secured with bobby pins. These medium-to-long twist braids are simple to manage whether you’re going for a sporty or formal appearance.

18. Voluminous Crochet Braids

Instagram @ori.afrofuturo

You may need to use kanekalon hair to create this appearance. Bold crochet hairstyles like this one can take a long time to put together, but the end result is worth it. The braids are side swept in this look for a sophisticated asymmetrical ‘do that dazzles with volume and texture.

19. Side Swept Crochet Twists

Instagram @grip_and_twist

Long, side-swept crochet twist hair looks lovely and relaxed. The sharp extra-long ends are exciting to move. Sweep the braids into a twist or ponytail to embrace your inner queen.

20. Soft Twist Out Lob

Instagram @crownedbyd2

Soft crochet twists are split on the side and worn down in this classic style. Pull your hair up for a more polished style that transitions easily from work to date night.

21. Vivid Crochet Braids

Instagram @kissbykriss

The lengthy crochet braids are given a pop of color with a vivid magenta tint and artfully placed beads. One of the most enjoyable aspects of synthetic hair extensions is the ability to experiment with color! Choose from red, purple, blue, or blonde, or mix and match!

22. Long Curls

Instagram @curledbyb

Crochet braids hairstyles guarantee a stylish look no matter where you’re going. This long, curly style is easy to make with marley crochet braids hair or kanekalon hair and can be groomed with your fingers or a pick comb.

23. Caramel Brown Crochet Hair with a Side Part

Pinterest @b_classicsalon

This shoulder-length style is elegantly sculpted and layered to allow the curls to fall naturally and generate bounce, with the volume in the front heightened by a side sweep.

24. Super-Long Crochet Curls

Instagram @jassl

Do you like long hair? This long curly hairstyle suits you perfectly. And it’ll be worth the time it takes to install, whether you hire a stylist or do it yourself. It will last between four and eight weeks, depending on how quickly your hair grows.

25. Burgundy Crochet Updo

Instagram @tanesaluvluv

One of the nicest advantages of crochet hairstyles is that you may choose whatever color that makes you happy, like this gorgeous burgundy tint. Get some dyed braiding hair before your braiding appointment.

26. Short Crochet Locs

Instagram @tanesaluvluv

If you like the look of locs but don’t want to start or commit to locs, crochet locs are a lot easier option. Plus, aren’t these brown to blonde ombré locs stunning?

27. Cornrow and Loose Hair Crochet Combo

Instagram @miss_prettystuffonly

Can’t decide whether to go with braids or loose hair? You are not required to do so. Take a screenshot of this image and ask your braider for this cornrow-loose hair combo so you may make this incredibly lovely wrapped ponytail hairstyle.

28. Bob Loc Hairstyle

Instagram @jassl_

Butterfly locs are adorable on their own, but this side-parted bob haircut takes them to the next level. It’s also an excellent way to achieve locs without really locking your hair.

29. Passion Twists with Gold Cuffs

Instagram @bybrittanybutler

It’s never too late to add cuffs or beads to your protective hairdo, whether it’s box braids or faux locs. Order a bundle of cuffs from Amazon and take them to your braider, or install your crochet style at home by following a crochet hair instruction.

30. Crochet Passion Twists

Instagram @shaynaviolet

As illustrated by this stunning appearance, passion twists are a fantastic choice for your crochet hairdo. When copying this look, go for wavy braided hair (not too tight or too loose), but feel free to experiment with length.

31. Ombré Crochet Hairstyle

Instagram @samira.bem

If you look closely, you can see the slight ombré hair color in this crochet hairdo. The subtle contrast between light and dark brown hair is always a winning look, but there’s nothing wrong with coming up with your own color scheme.

32. Crochet Butterfly Braids

Instagram @jassl_

What’s not to love about these stunning crochet butterfly braids, after all? Don’t forget to purchase a silk hat and a silk or satin pillowcase; they’ll assist in preventing flyaways and even increase the longevity of your look.

33. Mermaid Twists

Instagram @1badboho_

The nicest part about these crochet mermaid twists is that they come in the most beautiful color combinations. Don’t you simply adore the tones of green, yellow, and blue that are scattered throughout the look? If you’re not afraid of color, this is a wonderful alternative.

34. Double-Bun Crochet Hairstyle

Instagram @spstyled

Two double knots on either side of your part are the loveliest complement to any curly crochet hairstyle. Finish the look by applying a non-crunchy edge control to your baby hairs.

35. Crochet Braids With Curly Ends

Instagram @niseyo_hair

Crochet braids with curly ends are just so fun and sunny. This hairstyle is especially cute with a sharp middle part, so have a rat-tail comb on hand to make it neat and precise.

36. Boho Hairstyle

Instagram @sabrinasbeauty

Why on earth haven’t you previously attempted these bohemian crochet braids? Make sure to regularly thoroughly condition your hair and scalp in the days before your session to lay a healthy foundation for braiding.

38. Red Crochet Hairstyle

Instagram @sabrinasbeauty

Sometimes all you need is a bold hair color to make your crochet style pop. This bright red is an easy choice (and, in my opinion, it’s fairly clever for year-round appearances).

39. Jumbo Twist Style

Instagram @neliabedilia

Jumbo crochet hairstyles never fail to deliver an irresistibly cute appearance. Elevate their charm by infusing your locks with a radiant sheen, while also ensuring your scalp remains well-nourished and moisturized through the application of a swift-absorbing hair oil.

40. Honey-Brown Style

Instagram @thedynamiteworld

Honey brown is the dreamiest hair color for your crochet style. This hue works well in a variety of outfits, but adding a few adjustable gold-tone cuffs throughout the look provides an unexpected (and lovely) accent piece.

41. Extra-Long Curly Crochet Hairstyle

Instagram @inesbenyoussef

What’s not to love about this wavy crochet hairdo that grazes the waist? Ask your hairstylist to add some layers to your hair to keep it from seeming flat.

42. Crochet Side Ponytail

Instagram @astoldbyautumn_

Use a wave gel to enhance the curl pattern of your curly crochet hairdo, which prevents flyaways and keeps your slicked-back style in place. Use a wave brush to disperse the gel throughout your hair and smooth it back for added texture.

43. Half-Up Curly Crochet Hairstyle

Instagram @miyamarch

Bantu knots are always a good choice, but try wrapping two buns in the front of your hair. Maintain your edges by brushing a non-flaky edge control along your hairline.

44. Braided Ponytail Crochet Hairstyle

Instagram @thebrilliantbeauty

Your Instagram selfie skills will soar after you duplicate this stunning curly crochet hairstyle. IRL, the voluminous curling high ponytail and gold hair cuffs will also stick out.

45. Tiny Braids with Waves


Achieve this chic look by meticulously braiding small sections of hair in a backward pattern. Position the curly crochet hair around two inches from your hairline for a flawless, face-framing hairstyle that’s sure to turn heads.


Crochet braids are one of the most flexible black hairstyle ideas. Whether you use synthetic hair, human hair, or a combination of the two to create your crochet style, styling is simple once the braids are in place. Get inspiration from the pictures above and emulate these styles.

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