30 Black Hair Styles for Women Over 60

Aging gracefully doesn’t mean giving up your sense of style. In fact, the over-60 crowd is more fashionable than ever, and that includes their hairstyles. From elegant updos to chic bobs, there are plenty of gorgeous black hair styles for women over 60. These looks are perfect for showing off your natural beauty and expressing your unique sense of style.

30 Black Hair Styles for Women Over 60

Whether you’re looking for a new style or just want to refresh your current look, these hairstyles are sure to inspire you.

1. Short Classic Bob

Black Hair Styles for Women Over 60
Instagram @blackwomen50andover

A bob is one of those hairstyles that never goes out of style. A bob hairstyle is popular among ladies over the age of 60. The style has been popular for many decades and never goes out of style.

2. Cute Sleek Ponytail

Instagram @aviancechablishair

Stylish ponytailIf you’re looking for updo hairstyles for older black ladies, this is the way to go. All you have to do is pull your hair back into a ponytail. If you want a more formal look, let a few strands of hair fall on your face.

3. Side Bangs

Instagram @blacklongevityaha

Side bangs are a great way to dramatically transform your appearance. The side bangs will change the shape of your face. During red carpet occasions, mature women have worn side bangs. The universally flattering haircut is appropriate for any occasion.

4. Natural TWA for Black Senior Women

Instagram @theloftmedford

African-American women with thinning hair look great with a natural TWA for black senior ladies since it perfectly balances the shape of their hair. TWA haircuts have a beautiful form that glides with the head and requires little styling.

5. Grey Pixie with Soft Sweeping Bangs

Instagram @lhsbeautysalon

Soft sweeping bangs will add dimension to your grey pixie. A beautiful fringe adds a lot of refinement to a pixie. Going grey does not have to be frightening. Just remember to look after your aging hair. Grey hair becomes coarser and frizzier.

6. Fohawk with Low Fade

Instagram @s_eff_jaye

For black ladies over fifty, choose a low-fade natural fohawk. To start, the short sides require little upkeep. Secondly, all the focus is on the organic spirals at the top. Pick out the coils a little to give them more shape and volume. To shape the forehead, let some coils fall around the front of the face.

7. Salt and Pepper Pixie Cut

Instagram imagebyshanae

A salt and pepper pixie cut can’t go wrong. Aging hair can be difficult to manage. However, keeping it short really helps. Don’t forget that short hair may be sassy as well!

8. Crochet Braids for Short, Thin Hair

Black Hair Styles for Women Over 60
Instagram @braids_by_san

In order to reduce stress on already delicate hair, crochet braids for short, thin hair should ideally be placed small and short in length. Asymmetrical braided bobs are a stylish hairstyle that’s easy to maintain at home for women over 60. All you need to do is wear a bonnet at night and massage your scalp as needed.

9. Short Box Braids 

Instagram @belle_lionne_beaute

Short box braids for natural hair on ladies over 60 are great for low-maintenance styling. This braid design is lightweight and simple, making it ideal for a quick and attractive look. View more box braid styles.

10. Very Short Tight Coils 

Instagram @hydrabarsalon

If you need a new natural short haircut for an older woman in her 60s, try wearing very short tight coils. Allow some tendrils to fall about your brow and stack the shape to create a softer rounded bevel on the length. This will improve the shape of your face.

11. Ombre Twist Updo

Instagram @kinkycurlybeauty

Create a stunning ombre look with your kinky twist hair to add color. Two-tone twists look great in Mohawk updos and buns. Here’s the ideal hairdo in terms of color, texture, and silhouette.

12. Soft Medium-Length Kinky Curls

Instagram @mahoganydesignsunlimited

Consider a twisted hairdo with curling ends the next time you go to the hairdresser. Leaving the bottoms of your twists loose and curled adds a playful, feminine touch to your style. The style in the photo frames the face nicely and is ideal for a bright and joyous summer look.

13. Long Luscious Auburn Twists

Instagram @michellebraiding

Think about color while you’re deciding how to create kinky twists with a unique flair. Naturally occurring braids with a raven color are great, but coppery, auburn braids are much more beautiful and, more importantly, completely unexpected.

14. Red and Black Kinky Twists

Istagram @smartstyles6642

Try this on for size if you’re still not convinced about red and black hair. For structure and shape, layer out the locks and make the color red more noticeable on the lower portion of the hair. This will give the impression that the color is flowing down your spine.

15. Forward Focused Updo

Instagram @kinkycurlybeauty

The full-frontal hairstyle really proves that even short kinky twists are anything but dull. Arrange your hair in a frontal braid and let it fall naturally over your forehead. You may wonder, what is superior to braided twists. Naturally, braided twists paired with a little of fringe.

16. Layered Kinky Twists with Highlights

Instagram @stylesbyjaleesa

A layered style with highlights is the finest method to add depth and complexity to your kinky twists. These accents are vibrant and do an excellent job of adding shine and emphasizing the texture of the twists.

17. French Braid

Instagram @JAWARA

The beauty of a French braid is that it can be worn on any hair type. To get this style, try a flawless blowout with a blowdryer like the Dyson Supersonic, or keep your hair natural and flaunt a french braid with extra texture.

18. Goddess Locs with Shaved Sides

Instagram @locdandshaved

This is one of the most sophisticated locs hairstyles you can wear this year. One of the best qualities of this haircut is that it highlights your facial features. The long and lush locs will undoubtedly draw attention to you. More information:

19. Locs with Shaved Sides Mohawk

Instagram @locdandshaved

The mohawk style is one of the styles you might try with locs and shaved sides. For a stylish look, the locs are gathered into a mohawk. This mohawk style will add an edgy twist to your locs.

20. Faux Locs with Shaved Sides and Back

Instagram @locdandshaved

When shaving the sides of your head, you can choose an attractive pattern, such as a heart. The adorable heart motif will undoubtedly draw attention to you.

21. Short 4c Curls

Instagram @curlbossunlimited

Curls in the 4C style for elder black ladies lifts the face and gives your black hair a joyful, playful feel. Natural hair allows you to enjoy your natural texture. Gently pulling the coils out adds height and opens up the face, allowing your features, such as your glasses, to shine.

22. Defined Curls for Short Natural Hair


Choose defined curls for your 3C hair while seeking for natural hairstyles for short hair. Natural curls will always be elegant and ageless. To get your curls just perfect, you may need to experiment with products and styling. Consider a shorter length as well to allow the curl to bounce up and frame your face.

23. Short Natural Twist

Instagram @theloftmedford

Short natural twists can help you define your natural texture. You can work with dry hair for a looser appearance or wet hair for a more springy coil. The twists are certain to bring shape and liveliness to your natural short haircut.

24. Natural Afro for Curly Hair


If you like short, curly hair with some bounce, try a natural afro. Your afro curls will stand out if you keep the shape circular. Allow some tendrils to fall around the face to emphasize the eye area.

25. Grey Pixie

Instagram @lipstickcurlsstudio

Get a great toned haircut by sporting a gray pixie cut for black ladies over 60. Grey hair makes a pixie cut stand out because it is never just one tone of color. For more volume and dimension, don’t hesitate to leave a little length at the top.

26. Loose Ringlets

Instagram @chez.luisa

Loose ringlets are a great option for natural African-American hairstyles in short hairstyles for ladies over 60. Your shape will gain a gentle bounce if you choose a shorter layered style.

27. Pulled Back Front Pieces

Instagram @bangs_hair_salon

I achieved this look by twisting my hair into large waves. I then pinned the front with clips for a lovely and tidy haircut ideal for Black ladies over 60.

28. Braided Bun

Instagram @blowdry_cafe

You may obtain a trendy and sophisticated style by elegantly twisting your ponytail with a simple braid into a gorgeous low bun. This hairstyle is especially suitable if you want to highlight the beauty of your gracefully transitioning pepper and salt hair.

29. Holiday Hairstyle for Long Hair

Pinterest @MountainMysticGems

This ponytail was designed for a festive holiday vibe. Instead of a single band ponytail, add one or two more and tease your hair. Braid hair atop the ponytail as seen here for an extra glam moment.

30. Loose Braids into Puffy Ponytail

Instagram @D’Anelli Artistry

To achieve this look, lightly double French braid the front, fastening braids at the rear with hairpins. Then, for more volume, tease your hair. To dress up the look, I added a fancy hair clip and pins.


No matter what your age, it’s important to feel confident and beautiful in your own skin. So why not experiment with your look and find the perfect style for you? After all, you’re never too old to try something new. And who knows, you might just find the perfect hairstyle to make you feel like your best self.

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