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15 Stylish Jumbo Passion Twist Hairstyles You’ll Love

Jumbo-sized hairstyles tend to look ever so slightly better than the regular alternatives for a couple of reasons. The fact that it looks better is debatable, but one thing you can’t debate is that it’s easier and quicker to install than regular or micro twists, thanks to the humongous size.

It’s even easier to achieve a jumbo size when making passion twists since you’ll need to use hair extensions anyway. When you combine a jumbo size with passion twists, you get a jumbo passion twist hairstyle, which is what we’ll be talking about in this article.

If your goal is to achieve the best-looking jumbo passion twists out there, this article should help you with that. Here is a compilation of the 15 most adorable jumbo-sized passion twist hairstyles I could find on the internet. Without further ado, let’s get on with it.

1. Basic Box Jumbo Passion Twist

Basic Box Jumbo Passion Twist

A jumbo passion twist hairstyle is already combining a lot of things already. There’s only so much you can add without making it look like you’re trying too hard to make your hairstyle look good. However, making the edges neat will give it a box twist look, adding to the already plentiful combination. Needless to say, this style looks adorable.

2. Mega Jumbo Passion Twist

Mega Jumbo Passion Twist

This hairstyle makes more use of your hair and uses fewer extension packs than the average jumbo passion twist hairstyle out there. It’s also in somewhat of a box twist form, with considerably bigger boxes than the preceding idea. Thanks to length and the mentioned factors, it’s one of the better-looking hairstyles here.

3. Jumbo Passion Twist Updo

Jumbo Passion Twist Updo

Making your twists into an updo is another interesting way to make your otherwise boring passion twists look adorable. You should note that achieving this kind of updo requires you to make the twists insanely long. To get that, you’ll need more than just a few packs of hair extensions and some more time, but the look is worth the effort.

4. Tri-Colored Jumbo Passion Twist

Tri-Colored Jumbo Passion Twist

I’m a big fan of using multiple colors in a single hairstyle, especially when the colors do make the style look massively better. Here’s a tri-colored jumbo passion twist hairstyle that shows the perfect way to mix multiple colors in your hair. The matching colors form a seamless gradient that makes the style look irresistible.

5. Criss Cross Jumbo Passion Twist

Criss Cross Jumbo Passion Twist

Your passion twists don’t have to start as box twists; you can have some things going at the base before making everything flow into the large twists. In this inspiration, she installed a pretty criss-cross style that flows naturally into the twists. If it looks alright to you, why not try it when next you’re wearing a passion twist style?

6. Jumbo Passion Twist with Curls

Jumbo Passion Twist with Curls

Curls have an interesting way of making any kind of haistyle better, and I don’t have to prove that point when I have this image already. Instead of using scores of colors on your hair or making humongous buns, you can simply use curly hair extensions and have your passion twists look even better.

7. Blonde Long Jumbo Passion Twist

Blonde Long Jumbo Passion Twist

What looks better than black passion twists? It’s definitely blonde jumbo passion twists, as you can see in the image above. All you need to replicate the style is a couple of hair extension packs you can get cheaply. It’s up to you to make it as long as you want, but making it thick is non-negotiable since it’s jumbo twists.

8. Bob Jumbo Passion Twist

Bob Jumbo Passion Twist

While most of the hairstyles in this compilation are pretty long, there’s no rule mandating them to be long. If you’re more comfortable with a twist of bob length, you can have it, just like the model in the image above. This idea looks even more appealing to me, thanks to the neat edges that makes it look like box jumbo twists.

9. Classic Long Jumbo Passion Twist

Classic Long Jumbo Passion Twist

The bob jumbo passion twist hairstyle looks good, but do you know what looks even better? The good old long passion twists. There’s nothing very special going on here, and maybe that’s the charm of the style. It retains the hair’s default black color, the natural length, and the jumbo size of the twists, while looking charming in the process.

10. Triangle Jumbo Passion Twist

Triangle Jumbo Passion Twist

I’ve seen so many box twists and I’ve never for once imagined seeing a “triangle twist.” However, here we are. The hairstyle looks every inch as good as you’d expect it to, just as you can confirm right above. You can even add some flair by making the ends curly or adding some colored hair extensions to make it look even better.

11. Extra Long Heart Jumbo Passion Twist

Extra Long Heart Jumbo Passion Twist

This hairstyle looks somewhat complicated, but it looks worthwhile because of how adorable it looks. The bun is the highlight of this style, and it deserves it for how great it looks. Using the little braids as a base for the jumbo passion twists also sounds like an excellent idea, one which makes the hairstyle so good.

12. Red Jumbo Passion Twist with Curls

Red Jumbo Passion Twist with Curls

Colors can make all the difference when it comes to jumbo twists, and the red color appears to be common for all the good reasons. You can make your passion twists with red hair extensions, use enough to make the size extra large, and end up with something that looks as good as you can see above.

13. Side-Parted Jumbo Passion Twist

Side-Parted Jumbo Passion Twist

This looks more like jumbo box passion twists, but you get the idea. Make a large side parting to divide your hair into two unequal sections on any side you like and you’ll get an adorable result. Also, remember to make the edges neat for a similar result as you can see above.

14. Black and Red Jumbo Passion Twist

Black and Red Jumbo Passion Twist

If the black color looks too boring to you, why not use something else? It’s fine to not have enough confidence to make your entire hair in another color yet; simply make a little section in red, blue, brown, or blonde, and you’ll have an adorable result.

15. Short Jumbo Passion Twist

Short Jumbo Passion Twist

And one final hairstyle idea for our short-haired friends. You don’t need your hair to be as long to make any passion twist hairstyle, as you can always top it up with hair extensions. If you don’t feel like carrying any extra weight, feel free to make those twists short; they look just as beautiful!


Passion twists are naturally adorable, but when you make them into the jumbo twists, they look and feel even better. The only thing that could go wrong with passion twists is you feeling temporarily uncreative, and that’s why I listed 15 different and equally adorable ideas above.

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