25 Slicked-Back Hairstyles for Black Women

25 Slicked-Back Hairstyles for Black Women

Slicked-back hairstyles for black women are like gold. Natural, the black hair grows in a different texture, compared to that of its counterpart. However, they have found a way to make a statement with it. As you read through, we will show some amazing slick-back hairstyles for black women. Enjoy!

25 Slicked-back Hairstyles for Black Women

No need to beat around the bush, let’s dive into it right away:

1. Slicked-Back Crown With a Puff Ponytail

Slicked-Back Crown With a Puff Ponytail
Instagram @nikicoburnett

Your natural curls may express their lovely, bouncy texture and volume with slicked hair and a curly, puff ponytail.

Once your hair is pulled back into a ponytail, use an edge brush and hair gel to smooth your crown and get rid of any flyaways and frizz.

2. Vintage Slick Back

Vintage Slick Back

Long, curly hair frequently gives your appearance a delicate edge. However, slicking it back gives you a more daring and fashionable appearance in its own twisted way.

3. Slick a Half Up, Half Down Look

 Slick a Half Up, Half Down Look
Instagram @claudelande_

Why not wear your hair half-up and half-down the next time you want a high-power ponytail? Pull the top and sides of your hair back and smooth them with your preferred gel or pomade.

The top layer of your hair should now be pulled back into a high ponytail on top of your head using your favorite scrunchie (or another ponytail holder).

Although this stylish outfit is appropriate for any event, we really enjoy wearing it to brunch and business gatherings.

4. Top Knot Sleek Ponytail

Top Knot Sleek Ponytail

The best ponytails are high ponytails, and they should be more popular. This extremely clean look doesn’t even call for anything.

Even adding curling side bangs only requires a few simple tools. To make a top knot like this one long and tall, carefully wrap the hair and stack it on top of itself.

You can achieve a smooth look without straightening your hair by wearing a wig or weave, as well.

There are countless opportunities, so don’t let anyone stop you from trying. If you have curly or straight hair, it is possible to style it into a sleek ponytail.

5. Slick Bun with Baby Braid Twists

Slick Bun with Baby Braid Twists
Instagram @bellanaijabeauty

This hairstyle combines antenna bangs, baby braid twists, and face-framing layers. With a wide-toothed comb, create a middle part in your hair.

On either side of the part, at the hairline, separate a quarter-inch portion for your baby braids. A quarter-inch may seem insignificant, but you’re doing baby braids, not standard-size braids, despite the name.

Begin by twisting or braiding one portion of hair downward and fastening it with an elastic. With the other section of hair, repeat this procedure.

Pull your hair back into a low bun when you’ve finished braiding it, but leave the braids exposed. Apply gel to the pulled-back area of your hair to finish smoothing it.

6. Keep Your Middle Part

Keep Your Middle Part
Instagram @maya_andrejev

Why not leave a part in your hair as you slick it back instead of bringing it all the way back straight?

The middle part’s reign is only getting started, so the next time you smooth your head with your favorite product, slick the sides down the middle to get that middle part you’re crazy about.

No matter what slicked-back ‘do you’re rocking that day, a middle part gives your appearance an element of sophisticated elegance that we adore.

7. Low Braid Sleek Ponytail

Low Braid Sleek Ponytail
Instagram @lavyhair

Not only is a sleek style with a braid a terrific way to style your hair, but it’s also a great way to keep it safe.

Braids are a fantastic protective style for natural hair, and even if they aren’t box braids, they may still keep your hair safe while they are in place.

Braids can last for a very long time, so if you cover it at night, you can keep the style for up to two weeks or more.

8. Slicked-Back Bun

Slicked-Back Bun
Instagram @afroanihairlove

The smooth bun is not a new haircut, but with TikTok’s minimalist look and the Y2K revival, it has truly acquired popularity again.

It will be difficult to navigate social media without running across a famous person, model, influencer, or even a friend sporting some variation of the style, including the spikey bun.

The look is unrivaled in terms of easiness and simplicity, and it also quickly covers greasy hair that needs to be washed.

9. Red Sleek Ponytail

Red Sleek Ponytail
Pinterest @haircamp

Sleek buns are popular right now, but have you ever considered trying one in red?

There’s no need to be hesitant to try red hair because it actually suits everyone.

Sometimes we worry about damage so much that we lose sight of the fact that our hair is considerably more resilient than we realize.

So go ahead and experiment with hair color.

10. Sleek Middle Part

Sleek Middle Part
Instagram @glammedbyleasia

We shouldn’t see as much of the sleek ponytail with a center part as we do of the styles with a swoop or straight back.

It requires very little effort and little time to complete.

It’s actually just a low bun tied with a hair tie. Not all elegant designs call for a full day.

11. Sleek Pigtails

Sleek Pigtails
Instagram @laidby.alegacyy

When you can wear two curly ponytails, why wear one? Pigtails are not only a playground fashion trend.

They can have a mature appearance if you know how to accomplish it. Additionally, baby hairs are not exclusively for infants.

We can adapt our childhood fashions to fit our needs as adults by flipping them.

12. Two-Toned Sleek Ponytail

Two-Toned Sleek Ponytail
Instagram @christendi0r

A varied color ponytail may make sleek ponytails incredibly distinctive.

Even though it’s a very straightforward look, the unexpected flash of color will make people take notice.

Additionally, you may use this as an opportunity to experiment with color, using blue, green, purple, or even a combination of every color in the spectrum.

13. Sleek Low Knot

Sleek Low Knot
Instagram @kysdollhouse

Using color to express yourself with your hair is another way to do it. That’s undoubtedly one way to jazz up the look of your sleep ponytail.

It’s okay if some naturals are afraid about passing away.

To experiment with color without committing, try some hair paint. Because hair paint is not permanent, it can be removed with water and does not harm the hair in any way.

14. Sleek Bun on Medium-Length Hair

Sleek Bun on Medium-Length Hair
Instagram @mmaarrriiiii_

Your elegant haircut doesn’t require a weave or a ponytail.

Without using any additional products, we can also slick down our own natural hair.

Because we all know that sometimes our hair has a mind of its own, think about having the fundamentals (gorilla snot, eco style, and edge control) to make this procedure go smoothly.

15. Slicked-Edge Design

Slicked-Edge Design

On occasion, you might not want to completely slick down the trend, but you still want to give it a shot.

It’s acceptable to start out simply by smoothing the edges.

Sometimes it takes a little work for even edges to turn out perfectly.

Before completely clicking down your hair, start with your edges and master that technique first.

16. Sleek Double Bun

Sleek Double Bun
Pinterest @hairstylecamp

When you can make two buns, why make one? This look will hold up for the same amount of time as a standard sleek ponytail with one bun.

Even though it could be challenging to sleep with these in, it’s well worth it!

Be careful when wrapping the buns to prevent them from unraveling. Keep enough bobby pins and elastics on hand.

17. Designed High Bun

Designed High Bun
Instagram @lavyhair

Sleek designs might occasionally be a bit too plain; inject some color with some rubber bands to make a design that will get people talking.

To highlight the smoothness in the front of your hair, add them to the back.

The best of all worlds, if you will.

18. Sleek Bun with Hair Chopsticks

Sleek Bun with Hair Chopsticks
Instagram @adoseofnustyles

When did you last see chopsticks made of hair? This aesthetic should absolutely be revived!

They instantly elevate any look, especially a sleek ponytail. Just be careful not to use them to poke someone’s eye out.

19. Sleek Side Bun

Sleek Side Bun
Instagram @lavyhair

Ide buns are so underappreciated, and I believe this particular one should be seen more frequently.

You can wear it everywhere and for any occasion.

A few elastics are all you’ll need for this look to prevent the ponytail and bun from unraveling.

20. Sleek Bun with a Swoop

Sleek Bun with a Swoop
Instagram @lavyhair

Swooping a sleek ponytail is such a fashionable and adorable style.

To make it simpler to produce a swoop, all you need to do is create a side portion.A low bun looks fantastic with a swoop as well.

21. Sleek Curly Bun

Sleek Curly Bun
Instagram @adoseofnustyles

A sleek ponytail with some curl to it is always a good choice.

In order to achieve this smooth look, wrap a few wavy bits of hair loosely around the elastic.

22. Sleek Low Bun

Sleek Low Bun
Instagram @lxtensionshairco

There are no frizzy or flyaway hairs that I can notice! Use a sock bun or “donut bun” to make a perfectly circular bun to obtain this bun style.

To get it this flat, apply a ton of edge control. To help it last longer, be sure to tie it up with a scarf at night.

23. Slicked-Back Bob

Slicked-Back Bob

Short hair looks stylish in a slicked-back bob, which keeps your hair out of your face.

Feel free to sport this style on day five as you’ll be applying gel to your hair from the roots to the ends; the oils from your roots will only make the slicked-back look simpler to achieve.

After covering your hair in gel, use a comb to brush your hair in the direction of the nape of your neck.

24. Slick Pixie Cut

Slick Pixie Cut

Your chopped ‘do takes on a completely new appearance with a sleek pixie cut. Use a side part to style your pixie and comb and hair gel to sculpt the hair in the opposite direction of the part.

25. Bold Slick Back

Bold Slick Back
Pinterest @hairstylecamp

Instead of a neat slick back, this icy blonde hairstyle leans considerably more towards the bold side. In this cut, the hair is somewhat brushed to the side.

This haircut looks elegant when paired with a striking makeup look since the two perfectly balance one another.


There it is, one of the most elegant hairstyles for black women worldwide, the slicked-back hairstyle for black women.

You can pick from the 25 variations that we have presented and we are sure that you will look extremely good and carry such an amazing hairstyle.

If you enjoyed this hairstyle compilation, you may want to check out our similar ones.

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25 Slicked-Back Hairstyles for Black Women

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