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15 Awesome Short Passion Twist Hairstyles You Should Try

Your passion twists don’t have to be long. Here are 15 short passion twist hairstyles that may change your perspective on short twists forever.

The passion twist hairstyle has been gaining popularity rapidly over the past few years for the right reasons. It looks similar to the spring twist hairstyle, but passion twists aren’t as curly (springy) as spring twists. In any case, they look just as good, if not better.

If you don’t have extraordinarily long hair, you have two options when making your hair. You can either add a bunch of hair extensions, which is an inconvenient and expensive option, and you can make do with what you have by going for short passion twist hairstyles.

This article is for those who have resolved to choose the latter against the former (like any good economist will do). Here, I’ll compile 15 of the best short passion twist hairstyles for ladies with short hair. As long as your hair falls into the “short” category, you should find something helpful here.

Short Passion Twist Hairstyles You Should Try

1. Jumbo Short Passion Twist


What’s a better way to start this compilation than with giant jumbo passion twists. If your hair happens to be short, it should be thick, at least. Ladies blessed with thick hair can rock the jumbo short passion twists beautifully, successfully diverting attention from the length and putting it on the size.

2. Short Passion Twist on Natural Hair

Short Passion Twist on Natural Hair

This style sits comfortably between the regular size for passion twists and jumbo passion twists. It’s probably the max size you can make without splashing heavily on hair extensions, making it an excellent pick for your natural hair. If you’re out for short passion twist hairstyles, it doesn’t get better than this.

3. Mixed Tone Short Passion Twist

Mixed Tone Short Passion Twist

If a single color doesn’t work for you, you can wear your passion twists in two or three, or as many as you think works for you. Brown and black, blue and black, or blue and red; any combination that works for you should be fine. Also, you should recall that using multiple colors doesn’t prevent you from trying most other styles on this compilation.

4. Side Parted Short Passion Twist

Side Parted Short Passion Twist

Dividing your passion twists into two unequal sections is another easy tactic you can use to make it look better than the average short passion twist hairstyle. You can make the side parting on either side; as long as it looks great on you, it’s fine. Plus, the springy look of this idea makes me want to get it now.

5. Bob Short Passion Twist

Bob Short Passion Twist

Controlling the ends of your hair to make a bob-like look might be one of the hardest but most rewarding ways to style short passion twists. Styling your hair that way makes it too neat, almost artificial, but it looks chic nonetheless. You can even add something like clips for flair, but that’s my opinion.

6. Box Short Passion Twist

Box Short Passion Twist

Box twists always look great great, thanks to the neat edges and the careful sectioning. You should know it’s possible to combine box twists and passion twists to make short box passion twists, and the end result looks like the above. You can also use colored hair extensions (like she did) for some extra flair.

7. Short Passion Twist with Clips

Short Passion Twist with Clips

Using clips typically brings a whole new level of chicness to your hair, and this style should have already convinced you of that. If you look closer, the underlying hairstyle is actually a box passion twist, and when you combine that with your short hair and the clips, you get a masterpiece!

8. Updo Bun Short Passion Twist

Updo Bun Short Passion Twis

You don’t need insanely long twists to tie your hair up in a bun; seriously, you can look at the picture right above for reference. With basic twisting skills and strategic tying, you can make your bun look just as good as with longer hair. Using brown hair extensions also gives you a brunette look that adds extra chicness.

9. Head Band Tied Short Passion Twist

Head Band Tied Short Passion Twist

If you can’t get to tie your hair in a bun, there’s always something else you can do. In this case, the model used a head band to tie it in an upright position, which is genius in my opinion. That way, you can keep your hair up without necessarily making it long enough to make ponytails or buns.

10. Jumbo Updo Bun Short Passion Twist

Jumbo Updo Bun Short Passion Twist

If you’re not a ‘head band person’, you can still get your passion twists to stand upright by creating a bun using a hair band. That way, you don’t need as much hair as you would without the band, but it looks just as good. Also, you may want to pay some attention to the neat edges and how they make the hairstyle look like a box twist.

11. Blonde Short Passion Twist

Blonde Short Passion Twist

The color you wear your hairstyle in really does matter when it comes to how it looks at the end of the day. Black short passion twists will look different from red ones for obvious reasons. In this instance, the model is wearing blonde short passion twists, and they look pretty adorable. A few packs of hair extensions should do the trick.

12. Culy Short Passion Twist

Culy Short Passion Twist

If you’re running out of ideas on how to style your short passion twist hairstyles, why not try making them extra curly at the ends. Granted, passion twists are naturally curly at the ends, but you can make them even more pronounced for a very unique look, and I think the image above well illustrates that.

13. Brunette Short Passion Twist

Brunette Short Passion Twist

Brown hair makes you hotter; that’s not an opinion, that’s the result of a study of male users of a dating app. It only makes sense to change up your look using brown hair extensions to achieve a brunette look if you’re out for the sexier look. The alluring look of this style is enough proof that the length doesn’t matter.

14. Boho Short Passion Twist

Boho Short Passion Twist

Boho twists encapsulates a large variation of curly two-strand twists, which gives you a lot of wiggle room. When you narrow it down to boho passion twists on short hair, it becomes specific. The addition of brown hair extensions certainly gives this hairstyle some extra cuteness, but feel free to replicate it in any color.

15. Burgundy Passion Twist

Burgundy Passion Twist

Your passion twists can be any color you want, but burundy has to be one of my favorites. The color just works seamlessly with many makeup colors and it’s really hard to get wrong. Also, the way it seamlessly integrates with the underlying black hair is so good that you’ll want to keep it on every day.

You may be used to seeing long to medium length passion twists hairstyles all around social media, but short ones are equally as adorable. I mean, here, I’ve compiled 15 alluring short passion twist hairstyles that look even better than some long ones. If your hair is short, you can go ahead and copy any of them for free, you’re welcome.

While you do that, you can also check out these hairstyle ideas that work for short hair.

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