15 Crimped Hairstyles for Black Women

If you want to have an 80s hairstyle, you should consider charming crimped hairstyles. Crimpled hair looks thicker, edgier, and more sexy. It is one of the most effective ways to add volume to your hair. When you have crimped hair, you can also experiment with different colors. Keeping that in mind, below are gorgeous crimpled hair ideas for you to consider.

15 Crimped Hairstyles for Black Women

You will find the crimped hairstyle that suits you if you carefully go through the options listed below.

1. Crimped Long Hair Waves

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If you have wavy hair, crimped hair can readily improve its appearance. So go ahead and experiment with crimped long hair waves, and you’ll fall in love with the results.

2. 80’s Vibe Crimped Hair

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Do you want to travel all the way back to the 1980s? Then you should try out this crimped hairstyle. It might provide you with a simple and lovely attitude.

3. Layered Crimped with Rubberband Hair

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Rapunzel crimp hairstyle is a long, crimped hairdo that is beautiful. This hairstyle is a great idea for people who like hanging out. You could rock this style if you are having a night out in the city.

4. Crimped Weave with Caramel Highlights

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You can create texture to your face by using crimped weave and caramel highlights. This will undoubtedly improve your overall appearance.

6. Bright Blonde Crimped Hair

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Anyone who wants to stand out with crimped hair should consider bright blonde crimp hair. You can achieve dark purple at the roots and light and shine at the ends.

7. Crimp Ponytail

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If you want to draw attention to your curls, try a crimped ponytail hairstyle. It might be an ideal wedding hairstyle. This hairstyle looks pretty good on chubby ladies with round faces. You should try it out.

8. Traditional Sewin with Soft Crimps

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When you go with a traditional sew-in hairstyle with gentle crimps, you can mix simplicity and elegance. The haircut would undoubtedly alter your daily routine and place you in the center of attention.

9. Graduated Crimped with Frontal Designs

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This charming and simple school haircut will help anyone get a back-to-the-future look and feel. Furthermore, frontal patterns will allude to the carefree heart of a flower child.

10. Copper Blond Crimps

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Crimping incorporated with copper-red hair color can give you a nostalgic look and feel. It can give you a rock and roll style from the 1970s or 1980s.

11.. Middle Part Big Crimped

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You can merely crimp the middle of your hair instead of the entire length. This will allow you to easily achieve a fly-away look.

12. Closure Sewin and Crimps

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Here’s a lovely and simple hairdo for you to try. Closure Along with the maroon color, sewin and crimps can help you achieve a unique look.

13. Quick Weave Crimps

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Crimp enthusiasts will like this stylish and well-structured hairstyle. It might help you achieve a carefree appearance. The hairstyle is simple and classy.

14. Two-Tone Crimps in High Ponytail

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If you want to give your hair a more dynamic appearance and feel, try this hair styling suggestion. The high ponytail is a simple design that adds volume to your hair with ease.

15. Crimped High Ponytail Weave

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A crimped high ponytail weave can give you a sassy appearance and feel that can enhance your appearance. This is a terrific option to try if you’re seeking a great hairstyle for short hair.


We have given you beautiful ideas to achieve a unique hair look. With the right products and techniques, you can achieve the perfect crimped look without hurting your hair. Just remember to embrace the fizz and have fun with it. After all, style is about expressing your unique personality.

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