12 Dark Strawberry Blonde Hairstyles for Black Women

Strawberry blonde is a popular hair color trend right now. It’s an iconic warm reddish-blonde color that, in some of its versions, appears elegant and sophisticated. If you are looking for the perfect strawberry blonde hair idea you can rock, you are in the right place. We’ve curated an amazing variety of dark strawberry blonde hairstyles just for you.

12 Dark Strawberry Blonde Hairstyles for Black Women

Carefully go through these twelve different styles; perhaps you’ll find a shade that you like!

1. Strawberry Beach Waves

Dark Strawberry Blonde Hairstyles

Beach waves that are ruffled are usually our favorite, especially when balayage is involved. Extra-saturated ends for extreme coolness and a brilliant combination of red and orange tones throughout define this dawn strawberry blonde look.

2. Golden Blend

Instagram @sheartalent_salon

Is there no impending vacation planned? Get the next best thing: hair that looks like you just got back from the beach. Bright blonde highlights will make you appear to have spent hours in the sun.

3. All the Volume

Instagram @colourmesue

These big curls are very beautiful. The good news is that you can add multidimensional strawberry blonde highlights throughout to elevate your naturally bouncy curls to a whole new level. Spiral perms are also back.

4. Strawberry Knotless Braids

Instagram @healthytressesbycharity

Want to add some flair to your typical braids? Change it up with some strawberry blonde strands. Papanikolas says that throughout the lightening process, your colorist will lift you to the correct strawberry tone if you are brunette or dark blonde.

5. Red and Strawberry Blonde Bob

Instagram @katierosehair

This chic shoulder-length bob is elevated by the addition of warm blonde highlights. There are red and blonde streaks in the ‘do, but they blend to create a very harmonious finish.

6. Long Strawberry Blonde Hair with Layers

Instagram @hairbytanya_t

Long layers accentuate any face shape and let you show off your glossy, healthy hair that falls elegantly down your back. A delicate strawberry blonde ombre that resembles some carefree, sun-kissed strands to lighten your entire appearance elevates your look.

7. Strawberry Blonde Wavy Hair

Dark Strawberry Blonde Hairstyles
Instagram @camouflageandbalayage

Red blonde hair is a unique color that flatters a wide range of skin tones, and it looks even better when mixed with lovely waves. You can achieve this look by delicately layering the ends of your hair and then using a large barrel curling iron.

8. Auburn to Golden Strawberry Blonde Style

Instagram @queenvenalove

Go for a dramatic look with an auburn base and hints of golden strawberry. One of the appealing aspects of red dye is its versatility. With dozens of colors to pick from, no two manes are the same.

9. Strawberry Blonde Hair with Dark Underlayers

Instagram @baileydoeshair

Keep that copper blonde hair interesting by adding a deeper hue beneath. Choose a rich auburn or brown. This is an excellent approach to darkening summer hair for the winter without spending a fortune on a complete makeover.

10. Balayaged Strawberry Blonde Hair

Instagram @thehotseatsalon

Several hair color formulas are available for extremely long hair that, rather than drying out, will feed and condition the hair as they are dying. With really long hair, the possibilities are endless when it comes to color, whether you choose for reddish-blonde strands or something more pink and blonde.

11. Copper Hair and Strawberry Blonde Highlights

Dark Strawberry Blonde Hairstyles
Instagram @@colorbyfabrice

Thick hair can be difficult to shape and style. To add a modest curve to your ‘do, round your ends and curl them lightly. This looks great with any shade of red or blonde.

12. Long Loose Dark Strawberry Blonde

Pinterest @Lima

Long loose waves are a great option for those with dark strawberry blonde hair, as they allow the different tones and highlights to really shine through. To achieve this look, simply blow dry your hair using a large round brush, and then add some waves with a large-barrel curling iron.


We’ve covered a lot, from the different variations of dark strawberry blonde hair to the best hairstyles for this shade. Whether you’re considering going dark strawberry blonde or you’re already rocking this beautiful color, we hope that we have given you some ideas and inspiration.

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