40 Feed in Braids to the Back Hairstyles

Feed in Braids to the Back hairstyles have become one of the most trendy hairstyles currently. These braids, known for their sleek and sophisticated appearance, offer a timeless and elegant way to adorn your hair.

If you want to change your hair look and you need some braid ideas, you are in the right place. We will provide you with amazing hairstyle ideas you will live.

Feed in Braids to the Back Hairstyles

1. Feed-In Braids with Design

Instagram @pearlthestylist_

A basic type of feed-in braid in which you can add as many designs as you want in between the braids. This hairstyle helps you to express yourself in the best way you can.

2.  Medium Feed-In Braids

Instagram @braidsjunkie

Secure feed-in braids with a satin or silk scarf to keep them frizz-free. This style successfully minimizes frizz while maintaining the tidy, polished appearance of your braids.

3. Side Crisscrossed braids

Instagram @prettylibby___

This is the style to use if you want them to be long and powerful. The crisscrossed braids on the sides are more interesting than the straight-back braids.

4. Feed-In Ponytail

Instagram @beautybynolaj

After you’ve finished your feed-in braids, dress them up with a fashionable feed-in braids ponytail. It’s a timeless and iconic pick for a polished and put-together appearance.

5. Feed-In Low Pigtail Buns

Instagram @coiffuremoderne

With these protected buns, you can channel your inner Princess Leia. They’re both entertaining and professional, giving you more time to sleep in the morning. These chic buns provide a practical and beautiful solution for a hectic morning routine, while also adding a touch of trademark flair.

6. Feed-In Braids and a Low Bun

Instagram @africansbraid

Create the ultimate business woman style by balancing sassy braids and a professional bun. This fashionable pairing oozes confidence and competence, creating a strong statement.

8. Feed-Ins and Two Low Buns

Instagram @jamilahbeautystudio

Create the ultimate businesswoman style by balancing sassy braids and a professional bun. This fashionable pairing oozes confidence and competence, creating a strong statement.

9. Feed-In Braids on Short Hair

Instagram @ulahairrrr

Are you still growing your hair out? We’ve got your back. This Feed in Braids is a very nice hairstyle for people with short hair. So, if your hair is short, do well to rock this hairstyle.

10. Half Braided Half Straight Hair

Instagram @sadiddystylez_

Are you torn between braids and straight hair? Embrace versatility with an innovative 2-in-1 hairstyle that incorporates feed-in braids. This revolutionary design allows you to have the best of both worlds by allowing you to flip between braids and straight hair as you please, all while maintaining a fashionable image.

11. Jumbo and Small Feed-In Braids

Instagram @braids_by_twosisters

Add a little oomph to your hairstyle. To achieve a dynamic and eye-catching style, experiment with different braid widths within feed-in braids.

12. Beautiful Braided Bun

Instagram @jalicia35

First up is this lovely braided bun. The bun is adorned and sits high on the head. Some of the hair was left down in fashionable braids. This is a stunning style that will suit everybody and would look fantastic in the summer. Beads and braid cuffs can also be worn as accessories.

13. Feed In Braids with Braid Cuffs

Instagram @pawmkin

The hair features braid cuffs and is styled in a straightforward yet fashionable braid. Shorter braids could be used to give a similar look. Perhaps try beading it too for a unique appearance.

14. Trendy Fishbone Braids

Instagram @sandrasbraids

If you want to make a statement with your hair, this is the concept for you. The hair is braided in huge braids with a fishbone style. We adore this fashionable and one-of-a-kind hairstyle. It is a difficult style, but the ultimate product will be worthwhile.

15. Fulani Cornrow Braids

Instagram @thelondoncurls

Fulani braids are an essential hairdo. We have a feed-in-cornrow Fulani braid suggestion here. It’s a gorgeous braided hairstyle suitable for a goddess. You might leave it braided or add some fashionable ornaments. You may also add some beads for a more summery vibe.

16. Jumbo Feed in Braids

Instagram @beautybysheri

We adore gigantic braids because they are quite fashionable and can be styled in a multitude of ways. These braids have a simple but lovely style. This haircut is suitable for everybody. You can also choose between long and short braids.

17. Center Braid with Accessories

Instagram @haircitysa

Braided hairstyles with a center braid are really popular. Celebrities have been seen wearing them, and the style is suitable for everyone. You can keep it basic with a center braid or embellish it like this fashionista. The little gold rings add a creative and beautiful touch to the finished haircut.

18. Trendy Thin Double Braids

Instagram @braidbarbie

Our next feed in braid hairstyle incorporates thick and thin braids. We like the thin double braids because they add a modern touch to the finished haircut. This is a lovely design that would suit anyone. These braids will give all the girls hair envy.

19. Long Braids and Beads

Instagram @maya_giftedhands_

Long braids can be worn on their own or adorned with beads. This haircut is embellished with summertime beads. This hairstyle is suitable for everyone and would be an excellent choice for the summer.

20. Feed In Braids with Color

Instagram @braids_by_twosisters

Following that is an intricate feed in braided appearance with a mix of thin and thick strands. Because of the color applied to the braids, this hairdo is extremely popular. The chilly gray tint looks great with black hair and would suit everyone.

21. Thin and Thick Braids

Instagram @braidbarbie

Wearing feed in braids of varying sizes will help you get a fashionable style. This hairstyle’s smaller and larger braids look fantastic. You may reproduce the hairstyle with any length braid and even add some accessories like braid cuffs.

22. Statement Feed In Braids

Instagram @braids_by_antoinette

This is the technique to style your new hairdo if you want to make a statement. The hair is styled in an updo and features delicate Fulani braids. Because the braids are thin, the end effect is complicated. The hairstyle might be replicated with or without accessories.

23. Feed In Ghana Braids

Instagram @jojolara

Looking for a stunning hairstyle? Then consider the following suggestion. Ghana braids have been braided into the hair. This haircut appears to be appropriate for a Queen. It’s simply amazing. These Ghana braids will suit anyone, and you may choose any braid length.

24. Side Braids

Instagram @ladii_likestyles

The feed in braids start on one side of the head and cross across to the other. This is a lovely hairdo that is both natural and stylish. You may mimic the appearance but make it your own by adding beads or a different color.

25. Thin Feed In Braids with Beads

Instagram @cindie_mgobhozi

The braids are arranged on the side to form a low ponytail. It is a fashionable appearance that will appeal to everyone. You may use any length braid and any beads for this. This look would be ideal for the summer.

26. Creative Feed In Braids

Instagram @filthyrichdresses

The braids have a focal point and form a lovely design. This hairstyle is flattering on everyone, and you may wear it with any length braid. You could use accessories to personalize your hairstyle.

27. Stylish Feed In Braids

Instagram @sarahairdesigns

Choose a feed in braid style like this one if you want a natural and attractive haircut. The braids are really long and feature a simple but fashionable pattern. This style of hair will suit people of all ages and hair lengths. You could also add some beads or braid cuffs.

28. Feed In Lemonade Braids

Instagram @kachibraids

Celebrities such as Beyonce have made lemonade braids more trendy. This hairdo will give you an A-list look that will impress. You can have a bespoke pattern developed to suit your personal style.

29. Tribal Feed in Braids

Instagram @sakahairstudio

Looking for a basic yet stylish hairstyle? Then this is the post for you. These braided feed ins are elegant, sleek, and lengthy. There is one cool center braid and two braids that travel in opposite directions. It’s a gorgeous hairdo that exudes effortless style.

30. Long and Blonde Feed in Braids

Instagram @pawmkin

The braids are lengthy and bright blonde in hue. We adore blonde braids because they are so fashionable! You can have your braids made in any blonde shade you choose, although light tones are ideal for spring and summer.

31. Trendy Feed in Braid Style

Instagram @thebraidstudiohtx

This one has long feed in braids with a distinctive design. To get the half-up style, two braids on each side have been carried around to the back. You can try this with different braid thicknesses or go for something simpler.

32. Braided Half-Up, Half Down Ponytail

Instagram @prettylibby_

Are you looking for a stylish and edgy look? Then this is the post for you. We have a half-up ponytail here. The majority of the braids have been left loose, but a small section on top has been fashioned into a sky-high ponytail. The really cool braided design is what we truly like about this style.

33. Small Feed in Braids to the Back

Instagram @queenbeautylounge

The feed in braids are braided to the back and worn on one side only. You may make a lovely, elegant hairdo by wearing your braids on one side. Longer braids work better for this haircut. As you can see, this hairstyle also highlights your stunning jewelry.

34. Light Brown Tribal Braids

Instagram @slayedbyqueenbenz

We adore center braid hairstyles because they are very fashionable. Braids like these look stunning on everybody and can be worn in any color and length. The hairstyles shown below are simple, stylish, and appropriate for any occasion.

35. Feed-In Braids and Sew In

Instagram @honeybraidsrva

Use your imagination when creating your hairdo; mix and match braiding techniques, braided and straight strands, and, if necessary, add braid jewelry. Enjoy your experimentation!

36. Free-Flowing Braids with Feed-Ins

Instagram @infinity_beautylounge

Partial braided designs create a free-flowing braided hairstyle. Feed-ins can be used to achieve the desired thickness and length.

37. Crisscross Feed-In Braids

Instagram @LaurayaCoiffure

The name “crisscross braids” says it all: you don’t have to be at odds with the world to wear this stylish hairdo. These braids create a beautiful and harmonious style that fits your overall appearance while adding a trendy touch without the drama.

38. Feed-In Twists

Instagram @braidsby_veronica

Braids can be overkill. In such cases, choose feed-in twists with extra hair. They are not widely available, but they certainly need our attention, don’t you think?

39. A Crown of Feed-In Braids with Interweaving

Instagram @amoth3rstouch

The heart-shaped cornrows on the crown and thick braids fitting snuggly at the nape draw the eye immediately to this beautiful style’s definition and fine features.

40. Pin-Straight Cornrows with Stitch Braiding

Instagram @braidedbykp

Masterfully executed feed-in braid styles don’t need any frills to stand out, as evidenced by this impressively accurate stitch braiding work landing an edgy, graphic vibe.


These versatile and regal braids are a testament to the artistry and creativity of hairstyling. The beauty of these hairstyles lies not only in their striking appearance but also in their practicality. Do well to enjoy the grace, adaptability, and attraction of feed-in braids to the back.

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