trendy mambo twist hairstyles for ladies

15 Trendy Mambo Twist Hairstyles for Ladies

Mambo twist hairstyles may be new, but they’re already breaking into the protective hairstyles market. If you need to see how they look, here are 15 adorable ones to try.

The Mambo hair extensions were designed for Havana twists, but they always give your hair a characteristic look. To replicate the look, an increasingly high number of people started to ask for “Mambo twists” at their favorite hair salon, and a new hairstyle was born.

When you see the average Mambo twist, you’ll understand why it had so many fans, despite being a copy of another hairstyle. However, reading this article means you’ve seen a Mambo twist, and you intend to get one yourself. Mambo twists usually look great, but you can make them look even better by replicating an adorable template.

In this compilation, I’ll show you 15 of the prettiest Mambo twist hairstyles I found during my extensive search on the internet. If your goal is to look great, copying one of the pretty Mambo twist hairstyles below is a no-brainer. With that said, let’s get started.

1. Classic Mambo Twist Crochet

Classic Mambo Twist Crochet

Your average Mambo twist hairstyle will likely look like this, which to me looks like a Havana twist hairstyle on steroids. While it doesn’t look bad, it’s not the best you’ll see today, although, the model’s smile is a big part of why it’s part of this compilation.

2. Long Mambo Twist

Long Mambo Twist

When it comes to hairstyles like Mambo twists, length matters, and as you can tell from this suggestion, the longer the better. The length shouldn’t distract you from the fact that Mambo twists are larger than your regular two-strand twists, which is a trend you’ll notice later.

3. Royal Mambo Twist

Royal Mambo Twist

Length does matter, but it doesn’t make as much of a difference as the preceding hairstyle will want to make you believe. Without being extremely long, the hairstyle manages to look good, good enough that it made my 15 best Mambo twist hairstyles shortlist. Isn’t that cute?

4. Purple Mambo Twist

Purple Mambo Twist

I’m not a big fan of purple, but when you manage to make purple look this good, do I really have a choice? I don’t know if it’s the beauty of the hairstyle in isolation or the fact that her hair color matches her makeup; either way, I know it’s one of the best Mambo twist hairstyles.

5. Short Crochet Mambo Twist with Beads

Short Crochet Mambo Twist with Beads

As I demonstrated earlier, your hair doesn’t have to be excessively long to look adorable, and here is another Mambo twist with beads to drive the point home. The tribal beads are such a nice touch, and I’d love to try out something like this in the foreseeable future.

6. Mixed Color Mambo Twist

Mixed Color Mambo Twist

You don’t have to wear your Mambo twists in a single color. If a purple and black combo looks appealing to you, this idea should work for you; all you’ll need are black and purple Mambo hair extensions, and you can look as adorable as she does, if you’re willing to flash that smile.

7. Mambo Twist with Baby Hair

Mambo Twist with Baby Face

Smooth hairstyles tend to score an extra point for me, and there’s no better way to flaunt your hair’s smoothness than by styling your baby hair beautifully. This model didn’t stop there, however, as every inch of this style is made to look as smooth and as adorable as possible.

8. Cornrow Mambo Twist

Cornrow Mambo Twist

You can precede your Mambo twists with cornrows to make them last a bit longer, and here’s an example of how the hairstyle will look when you’re done. With that length and such a cute smile, you’ll surely end up with something that’s worthy of making it to this compilation.

9. Neat Edges Mambo Twist

Neat Edges Mambo Twist

It’s hard to keep neat edges on a hairstyle that’s designed to not look neat, and that’s why this hairstyle deserves accolades. The jumbo look only makes it look better and the side parting is the extra cherry on top; definitely one of the best Mambo twist hairstyles you’ll find.

10. Black and Yellow Mambo Twist

Black and Yellow Mambo Twist

Color adds a bit of extra beauty to your hairstyle, but not everyone is comfortable with making half their hairstyle be in another color. Thankfully, adding one or two strands of blonde hair doesn’t require as much willpower, and as you can see from the image above, looks amazing.

11. Black and Purple Mambo Twist

Black and Purple Mambo Twist

If you’re bold enough to make half of your hair purple, you’ll look several times better for it. The parting at the middle is a nice extra touch; it’s definitely one of the best Mambo twist hairstyles you’ll see, and I think you’ll agree with me too.

12. Short Black and Brown Mambo Twist

Short Black and Brown Mambo Twist

There are several ways to combine colors in Mambo twist hairstyles, and while this looks a bit unconventional, it’s actually adorale. I’m also a fan of the jumbo look of the hairstyle, giving the illusion of full hair. However, it wouldn’t hurt to make it a bit longer, and that’s not to say it’s not looking great anyway.

13. Black and Red Mambo Twist

Black and Red Mambo Twist

Colors always make Mambo twist hairstyles pop, and here’s yet another proof of that theory. We’ve seen many ways to combine colors in this hairstyle so far, but this deserves a mention, and that’s not unrelated to the fact that it’s one of the best looking hairstyles in this compilation.

14. Mambo Twist Updo

Mambo Twist Updo

Mambo twist hairstyles can make excellent updos too, especially if you’re willing to put some volume into the hairstyle. The hairstyle also looks like it’s pretty long, which is another quality that’ll definitely add beauty to the masterpiece. You may also want to make yours as neat for some extra flair.

15. Brown Mambo Twist

Brown Mambo Twist

Adding color is a low-effort way to make Mambo twist hairstyles look much better, and this model seems to have mastered that. If you can make yours that long while flashing such a beautiful smile, I guarantee you’ll make it to the next edition of this compilation.


And that concludes my list of the trendiest Mambo twist hairstyles worth trying this year. These ideas are enough to help you decide if you want one, and if your fashion taste is anything like mine, you don’t only want one; you want all!

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15 trendy mambo twist hairstyles

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