20 Best Long Box Braids Hairstyles That Look Beautiful

20 Best Long Box Braids Hairstyles That Look Beautiful

Long box braids are a variant of box braids. We have discussed extensively on box braid but the long box braid is worth a mention becomes it is an exceptional hairstyle. As you read through, you will get to understand the box braid more and know some of the best styles associated with the long box braids.

What are Long Box Braids?

Long box braids are a protective braiding hairstyle that usually ranges in length from the chest to the waist and has box-shaped divisions at the roots.

You must concur that a traditional braided hairstyle for African ladies could not possibly seem more seductive without length!

You don’t have to worry about maintaining it because only a few things need to be done, you can cover your hair when you sleep at night, moisturize your scalp, and wash it a few times a week.

If you do these things correctly, you can have these lovely braids for roughly 6–8 weeks.

How Long Do Long Box Braided Styles Take?

Long braids can take anywhere between 5 and 10 hours to install, depending on the size of the braids and the thickness of your natural hair.

How Do I Sleep With Long Box Braids?

Make sure your braids are properly wrapped, pinned, or put in a pineapple before bed to ensure they are not pulling on your roots or causing unnecessary friction.

You will also need to wear a silk bonnet or scarf to prevent the style from becoming frizzy and harming your natural hair.

By doing this, you may extend the style’s durability and make it more comfortable to sleep with knee-length braids because they won’t get in the way.

Are Long Box Braids Good for Natural Hair?

Long braids are merely an extension of any other protective style. They are safe to perform because they do not intrinsically harm your natural hair.

However, if they are put in place too tightly, they may tug on your hair’s roots and damage portions of it.

How Much Do Long Box Braids Cost?

The price of long box braids varies depending on where you live and how big the braids are. However, these braids typically cost between $200 and $500.

Do Long Box Braids Cause Breakage?

Long braids by themselves do not harm the hair, but if you do not properly care for your hair and are not careful when manipulating these braids, you may end up with breakage as a result.

How Do I Maintain My Natural Hair Under Long Box Braids?

Establishing a weekly regimen of spritzing the hair with a conditioning leave-in spray to keep the hair hydrated and oiling the scalp once or twice a week to prevent itchy, dry scalp is the best approach to maintaining your natural hair underneath your long braids.

Enough talk about what long box braid is and how to maintain them, let’s dive into some beautiful styles in the long box braids category.

20 Best Long Box Braids Hairstyles That Look Beautiful

Here are some of the best long-box braids hairstyles:

1. Gorgeous Blonde Braided Hairstyle

Gorgeous Blonde Braided Hairstyle
Instagram @mr_trancista

One of the most popular and sought-after hair colors is blonde. Long box braids and a honey-blonde tint appear extremely different together without harming your hair.

Your elegance will be highlighted with big, bold braids, which will give you a sassy mood.

2. Pink Box Braids

Pink Box Braids
Instagram @studioafrobraidss

Long pink box braids are a great method for Black women to give their hair color and flair. For most facial shapes, this haircut delivers a distinctive but lovely appearance.

This haircut is ideal if you want to show off your playful side. Keeping the braids in for longer than 6 to 8 weeks can harm your hair, so avoid doing so. Use an edge control product to maintain edges at home.

3. Edgy Box Braids with Ponytail

Edgy Box Braids with Ponytail
Instagram @braidedbyalean

Even while these gorgeous long micro braids are magnificent on their own, you may add a few red box braids here and there to make them even more eye-catching.

Don’t limit yourself to just one style; you can also wear box braids pulled up into a ponytail or swept to one side, as seen in the photo.

4. Defined Box Braids

Defined Box Braids
Instagram @thamy_melchior

With long, well-defined box braids, you can look more stylish and precise. For black women who want a fashionable braided hairdo, these braids are ideal.

Precise pieces are used to create a box braid that is defined. They are made using a steady hand, a product, and a comb with small teeth.

And they produce an appearance that is crisper and sharper. When experimenting with different looks, ask for a high ponytail, a half-up, or a half-down style, or wear them down to highlight the length.

To prevent any harm, keep in mind that it’s crucial to remove your box braids after six to eight weeks.

5. Box Braids for African American Women

Box Braids for African American Women
Instagram @hairpreto2022

These kinds of thick, long box braided hairstyles have the advantage of looking elegant and impressive without taking much work. Stunning hair jewelry will highlight each braid’s attractiveness.

6. Beautiful Very Long Box Braids

Beautiful Very Long Box Braids
Instagram @hairpreto2022

Beautiful, really long box braids are one of the most adaptable hairstyles for black women. You can use a variety of colored braid hair colors and curl the ends with flexi rods to raise the braids.

Getting knotless box braids is the best and simplest approach to installing them. It is more flexible and lighter in weight, allowing for any style to be dragged up or down.

7. Long Magenta Knotless Braids

Long Magenta Knotless Braids
Instagram @gladzbraidhouse

Even if a hairstyle already looks wonderful, like this spectacular braid style, bright hair color always adds intrigue.

These box braids have the wonderful feature that you may style them in several ways, including center and side parted.

8. Long Gypsy Box Braids

Long Gypsy Box Braids
Instagram @gre_nega98

For women who adore having a full head of hair, long gypsy box braids are the ideal combination of box braids and gypsy curls.

Your braider can make the braids shorter and the curly ends longer if your hair is shoulder length or shorter.

You will be able to fully enjoy gypsy curls as a result. Avoid using synthetic hair because it cannot withstand heat, water, or maintenance-related products.

9. White Mane Box Braids

White Mane Box Braids
Instagram @modernsalon

Without needing to let your hair grow out, extremely long braids are a terrific way to add a lot of flairs.

We adore the easy side braid twist that reveals some unbraided hair underneath! These white braids make a fantastic temperature contrast with the skin tone!

10. Waste-Length Caramel Box Braids

Waste-Length Caramel Box Braids
Instagram @thamy_melchior

Black ladies can choose from a variety of hairstyles, including waist-length caramel box braids. Wearing them in a half-up, half-down style is a terrific option.

Around the base of your ponytail, add a few braids. It’s easy, and you may ask for suggestions on how to stylishly style them for dress-up occasions.

Any face shape can use it because of its versatility, which can be tailored to fit your face shape. Be mindful of how long you leave them in place.

Keep in mind that box braids need to be taken out 6 to 8 weeks after installation. This will clean your natural hair and prevent product buildup.

11. Red Crown Chunky Box Braids

Red Crown Chunky Box Braids
Instagram @modernsalon

More frequently, big box braids are done halfway up. We adore these copper red braids, which resemble Queen Amidala from Star Wars and make a kind of crown-like look.

The top braids, which are big and regal, are pulled back in two pieces, fastened behind the head, and draped loosely over the shoulders.

12. Long Big Box Braids

Long Big Box Braids
Instagram @hairpreto2022

Thanks to your divine box braiding hair concept, the angels must be smiling at you! A face-framing effect could be achieved by adding some hair gems to the front of a thick, long hairdo with box braids.

13. Long Blonde Box Braids

Long Blonde Box Braids
Instagram @thamy_melchior

Make long, box braids of golden blonde with those dark roots. Keep them natural, like in the example above, or add beads and ribbons for the ultimate bohemian appearance.

14. Purple Blue Box Braid Bun

Purple Blue Box Braid Bun
Instagram @modernsalon

Have a lot of long box braids? You can just twist them up like this into a bigger bun. Right at the crown, all of the braids are gathered and fastened.

The ends are simply tucked inside before they are simply wrapped around. Simple but quite stunning!

15. Small Long Box Braids

Small Long Box Braids
Instagram @nbratzbraids

A lengthy canvas is required for a pattern as intricate as these little box braids on long hair.

Feel free to create a boho appearance by putting these waist-length box braids in a low ponytail with beads and cuffs.

16. Nacho Ordinary Yarn

Nacho Ordinary Yarn
Instagram @magavilhas

These intriguing, very long box braids use as many hues as they can. The braids are enhanced with numerous strands of various hues and textures, and we like the outcome!

17. Long Braids with a Middle Part

Long Braids with a Middle Part
Instagram @nbratzbraids

Hairstyles with long box braids are attractive and adaptable. I’ve discovered that these braids have an elegant yet edgy vibe when worn with a middle part.

We advise making the braid in fewer portions if you have thicker hair so it stays lighter and lighter.

Try spraying some hairspray on your hands and lightly dragging them through the braids to keep lengthy braids appearing neat and tidy throughout the day.

18. Elegant Box Braid Bun Updo

Elegant Box Braid Bun Updo
Instagram @modernsalon

This bun updo offers a lovely, more delicate look that may be worn for a gala or an evening out. Combine this with your preferred clutch, a stunning outfit, and some seductive pumps.

19. Goddess-Like Box Braids

Goddess-Like Box Braids
Instagram @studiodapreta_trancas

Long box braids can help you make a statement if you’re trying to achieve a goddess-like look with your hair, in my experience.

To produce an appealing hairdo, request that the style be done in a complex pattern with additional texture and color accents.

To keep your look tidy, hydrate the braids throughout the day with hair treatments like gel and oil shine. You’ll attract attention wherever you go with this understated yet gorgeous style!

20. Black Box Braid Bun Half Updo

Black Box Braid Bun Half Updo
Instagram @modernsalon

Long braids can occasionally obstruct vision. However, this look guarantees that your face is free to smile and be seen! Oh, it did work.

You too grinned! Work the remaining braids from the upper section into a straightforward bun that sits haughtily on the crown, then arrange the front so that it hangs horizontally in the style of bangs.


Now that you have acquainted yourself with a full understanding of what long box braids are and some of the best styles associated with it, you can go ahead and make yourself beautiful hair.

If you enjoyed this hairstyle compilation, you may want to check out our similar ones.

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20 Best Long Box Braids Hairstyles That Look Beautiful

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