20 Inspirational Micro Braids for Black Women

20 Inspirational Micro Braids for Black Women

As a black woman, do you wish to consider micro braids as your next go-to hairstyle to make, then you should check out what we have lined up for you. Micro braids are great protective hairstyle and not only will you be getting different variations of this hairstyle but you will made to under what the micro braid is all about.

Before we talk about the different styles that you can make with micro braids, let’s talk about what the micro braid is as a hairstyle and understand some basic things about the micro braid.

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What are Micro Braids?

Micro braids are extremely little braids that frequently look like thick strands of hair. Micro braids require hours to install and often much longer to remove, as you would guess.

But the time invested was well worth it, as this style offers a degree of adaptability that few other braid styles can.

This is because the braids are usually styled and handled the same way as your natural hair because they are so thin.

Only a few hair strands are used at a time when creating micro braids, whether they are with your natural hair or hair that has been added.

The braids are hence frequently significantly lighter than other protective hairstyles like box braids or fake locs.

Due to this, you can style the braids exactly like you would your own hair, resulting in looks like buns, ponytails, more braids, and curls from a curling iron.

How Long Do Micro Braids Last?

Depending on how carefully you care for them, you can wear micro braids in your hair for anywhere from one day to eight weeks.

The better the maintenance, the longer they will last. However, if you don’t schedule a consultation with your stylist, we don’t recommend keeping them for more than eight weeks.

They can assist you in deciding whether it is okay to leave your strands in the micro braids for a little while longer or whether it is time to take them out.

How Much Do Micro Braids Usually Cost?

based on the salon you choose and the length of the final style you want, micro braids can cost anywhere from $100 to $500.

However, the price can vary based on the salon and the condition of your hair.

What Hair Do I Use for Micro Braids?

You can make micro braids with your natural hair or add more hair to give the braids a fuller or longer look, just like with any other braided hairstyle.

Although synthetic hair is often used to install protective styles, we advise using human hair for micro braids because it is less likely to tangle with your strands.

How Do You Care for Micro Braids?

Here are some notes on how to take care of your hair:

1. Ensuring your braids are correctly installed is the first step in handling any braided style. The worst thing you can do after getting braids is leave the salon realizing you can’t move your face.

The worst error anyone getting braids can make is having them installed too firmly.

2. The chance of getting traction alopecia, a kind of hair loss is by pulling the hair with tight braids, buns, and ponytails. This increases with any style that is applied too firmly.

3. Take frequent pauses from hairstyles that pull on your hair and don’t be afraid to speak up if you feel your stylist is pulling if you want to prevent putting yourself in danger.

4. In addition to looking fantastic, micro braids are popular because they may endure for weeks with the right maintenance.

5. Even though your hair will feel and possibly look different when you have braids, taking care of them is very similar to how you normally would.

6. You must wash your hair while it is still braided if you plan to wear your braids for more than a week.

7. To ensure that your hair feels and looks moisturized, gently shampoo it once a week and then apply a moisturizing conditioner to the mid-lengths and ends.

8. Give your scalp and braids a thorough clarifying wash every other week if you plan to keep your micro braids for more than a few weeks.

Start by treating your scalp with a pre-shampoo product like Mizani’s Style Shifter Society Wonder Crown Scalp Foaming Pre-Cleanser. Without stripping the scalp, this foamy pre-cleanser removes product buildup.

Then switch to a clarifying shampoo like Mizani’s Moisture Fusion Clarifying Shampoo instead of your regular one.

9. Before styling your hair after washing and conditioning it, make sure it is completely dry. Use a blow dryer or hooded dryer to make sure your locks are completely dried if you’ve added more hair to your style.


The Best Micro Braids Styles that Black Women Can Make

Having Understood the concept of micro braids, let’s now talk about the best of styles that will suit black women as far as micro braids are concerned:

1. Curly and Messy Braids

Curly and Messy Braids
Instagram @iprefermac

Some women don’t mind their micro braids being somewhat apparent; not everyone wants them to be invisible. Small braids and unkempt curls are combined in this adorable style, which is carelessly swept to one side.

2. Wet and Wavy Braids

Wet and Wavy Braids
Instagram @blaqueandgoldunicorn

Curls look stunning when given the trendy wet look. The hair will lie flat on top of the braid is placed a few inches away from the roots.

Ask your braider to begin the transition approximately four inches away from the roots if you don’t like the very voluminous look but still want curls.

3. Braids with Curls

Braids with Curls
Instagram @gegetaru

This romantic hairstyle quickly switches from braids to curls, creating an adorable curly head of hair as a result.

This is what you will like if you require a modest yet elegant hairdo that doesn’t detract from your face and personality.

4. Mini Braids Bob

Mini Braids Bob
Pinterest @lanettaftaylor

The majority of micro-braided hairstyles emphasize long locks, yet short hair can be just as stunning (and twice as sassy). This particular micro bob has a lovely asymmetrical border and a deep side part.

5. Braids with Loose Curls

Braids with Loose Curls
Instagram @abbysafricanhairbraiding

You can experiment with different hair types thanks to the various micro braid techniques. In order to allow the extensions to flow freely in gentle waves, these plants are only partially braided.

6. Golden Blonde Tiny Braids

Golden Blonde Tiny Braids
Pinterest @Barelybold

Blonde hair is and always will be a fantastic option for micro braids. The warm-toned skin contrasts beautifully with the notice-me golden tint.

If you want to experience some textural variability that looks amazing in updos, ask your braider to leave the last few inches of the extensions undone.

7. Side-Parted Micro Twists

Side-Parted Micro Twists
Pinterest @stayglamcom

A side part is by far the greatest approach to style twists. It’s a casual, young, and contemporary down-do.

You may certainly use more inventive micro twists, but it’s not required. For the victory, flaunt some blingy earrings and minimal, feminine makeup.

8. Long Micro Box Braids

Long Micro Box Braids
Instagram @blossom_beautyatl

When you want to add visual interest to straight hair, you may easily make loose waves, twists, and different sorts of braids with braids this little. But as we can see, it’s lovely just the way it is.

9. Micro Twist Ponytail

Micro Twist Ponytail
Pinterest @latesthair

Similar to hair, micro twists are polished, controllable, and have the ideal length and color.

While your natural hair is protected from heat and chemicals, styling them is simple.

When you walk, enjoy your extra-long twists gently gliding across your back in a high ponytail, or wear them over your shoulders to feel like a queen.

10. Tree Braids

Tree Braids
Pinterest @righthairstyles

These undetectable braids can provide perfectly flowing locks with a very natural-looking appearance.

Prepare for a barrage of praises by adding layers, gentle curls, or beach waves, along with highlights that bring out the best in your skin tone.

11. Super Tiny Braids

Super Tiny Braids
Instagram @africanahairstyles

Have you always desired a flawless lob? The wearer of this style can avoid several of the upkeep procedures necessary for non-braided hairstyles, such as drying, ironing, and curling the ends.

12. High Half-Up Bun

High Half-Up Bun
Instagram @fola_style

There are many different ways to wear micro braids. One really trendy design right now is the half-bun, which adds drama and height. Add black and blonde strands together for a more dynamic result.

13. Sleek and Long Braids

Sleek and Long Braids
Instagram @lima_hairbraiding

You can never go wrong with a traditional style for little braids: long, slick, and irresistibly attractive.

Long micro braids resemble your regular straightened hair, except that you won’t waste time using heat tools to style it or combing through it.

14. Side Design Braids

Side Design Braids
Pinterest @hadviser_com

Being different from the crowd is easy with asymmetrical braids.

But it’s much more stylish when the braids make a complex, captivating pattern on one side of your head! Don’t try this look unless you’re ready to wear it all the time because it’s bold and striking.


15. Undershave and Micro Braids

Undershave and Micro Braids
Pinterest @latesthair

Braids are inherently fashionable, but when you add in a sleek, shaven design to boot, your appearance becomes incredibly edgy. Mix small braids with undercuts, because why not?

16. African Coloured Twists

African Coloured Twists
Pinterest @righthairstyles

Consider what you particularly like about each braid style as you look at images of popular braiding trends. Is it the shade?

What kind of braid? or the styling after the braid? It might just be everything with this look! It looks beautiful when the micro twists, African red, and twisted pompadour are combined.

17. Straight Mini Braids with Ombre

Straight Mini Braids with Ombre
Pinterest @etsy_UK

Getting braids with extensions is a fantastic way to experiment with new colors without harming your natural hair.

You want linked strands, so why not put in some cool colors as well? This cool-toned brown-to-blonde is quite attractive and exudes a tough aura. A sweet half-up top knot is the ideal accent.

18. Cornrow Ombre Ponytail

Cornrow Ombre Ponytail
Pinterest @hairshepherd

Although the final appearance of this braided hairstyle mimics a straightforward long ponytail, it is anything but plain.

The hair is kept out of the face while still having sufficient length for a more feminine look. It’s the best of all worlds. This hairdo is made even more unique by adding a warm-toned brown color.

19. Curly Crochet Braids

Curly Crochet Braids
Pinterest @yondeec

These virtually undetectable crochet braids conceal the installation site nearly entirely so that only the most exquisite curls are displayed.

The finest approach to conveying a fiery personality is with red hair with blonde highlights.

20. Crochet Mohawk Twists

Crochet Mohawk Twists
Pinterest @righthairstyles

For a stylish Mohawk updo, Senegalese twists have been affixed to cornrows down the middle of the head.

If you want to slightly alter the appearance, you can braid the twists into a fishtail or a straightforward braid.


The micro braid is adaptable enough to be done in various ways because it behaves like a single strand of hair.

Try to choose among the wavy braids, twists, and stick-straight mini braids in style today that have the texture, length, and color that flatters you the best.

Good luck with your searches and style-building efforts!

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20 Inspirational Micro Braids for Black Women

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