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15 Classy Micro Twist Braid Hairstyles for Black Women

Everyone likes wearing micro twist braid hairstyles, but nobody loves to make them. It’s simply impossible to think of anything more boring than twisting your hair in the tiniest strands possible to make something that looks a bit better and lasts a bit longer,

If you intend to spend so much time and effort on micro twist braids, you want to ensure it’s getting done right. Doing it right means making it look as good as it could possibly be, something that might prove tasking if you’re not a professional stylist.

In this article, I’ll show you some amazing micro-twist braid hairstyles that will make it look like you just paid a fortune to have your hair done.

1. Small-Sized Micro Twist

Small Sized Micro Twist

There’s nothing much to see here; just scores of tiny twists in a unique micro twist braid hairstyle. The brilliant sectioning is my favorite aspect of this hairstyle and the size looks just right. I must confess, however, that imagining the effort that must have gone into doing this sends shivers down my spine.

2. Double Frontal Bun Micro Twist Locs

Double Frontal Bun Micro Twist Locs

Tying your twists up in a bun will continue to be an underrated way to bring attention to your style and make it look several times better. With that said, the only thing better than tying your hair in a bun is tying it in two buns, while leaving a generous amount of hair that’ll leave people jealous. It’s definitely one of the best micro twist braid hairstyles.

3. Micro Twist Loc with a Center Bun

Micro Twist Loc with a Center Bun

If two frontal buns look too excessive for you, there are alternatives. So, if you have much longer hair, you may want to try the excellence of a huge center bun from the twists. If a center bun could look this good, why should you worry yourself about tying two, or three?

4. Classic Black Micro Twist

Classic Black Micro Twist

In a bid to make our hairs look better than the possible best, we typically lose the idea of the original hairstyle that serves as the inspiration for the numerous styles. If you intend to go back to the basics, here is the classic black micro twist hairstyle that inspires everything else on this list. With something that looks this good, why tie buns?

5. Purple Spring Micro Twist

Purple Spring Micro Twist

Black is an amazing color, but have you ever tried purple? Having your hair in a whole different color draws a lot of attention, so you may want to think twice before slapping the identity card right on. Also, you want to make sure your hairstyle remains the regular micro twist braid if you want to keep it purple for an excellent look.

6. Bantu Knot Micro Twist

Micro Twist Sister Locks

I can’t even begin to imagine how much work went into this hairstyle, but the end justifies the means. As you can see, the style is a union between micro-twist braids and Bantu knots, and it ended up better than you could imagine. The fact that it’s also on brunette hair makes it twice as cool, for what it’s worth.

7. Curly Box Micro Twist

Curly Box Micro Twist with Upfront Bun

Micro twists are good, but making it alone on black hair will only make the hairstyle look like a boring collection of little braids. To prevent it from looking that way, you need to add some enhancements to the hair. Personally, I recommend making it curly and giving it neat edges like the model here did.

8. Simple Micro Twist Updo

Simple Micro Twist Updo

If curly box micro twist doesn’t look good enough for you, why not make the hair into an updo? As long as your hair is long enough to support it, you can make something like a giant bun towards the back of your head. If you can make the ends curly, the hairstyle should look even more adorable.

9. Tribal Micro Twist

Tribal Micro Twist

This style doesn’t look very micro, but that’s not the point. The point is that you can combine a micro twist braid hairstyle with a tribal hairdo to create something that looks very good. From the picture above, you can see what to expect with the tribal micro twist hairstyle, if at all you’re into that.

10. Short Brunette Micro Twist

Short Brunette Micro Twist

Brown hair has a unique kind of attractiveness that you can’t quite replicate with another hair color. When you make your brown hair into micro twists, you’re potentially creating the best hairstyle of all time. Judging from the picture above, it seems this hairstyle works best when your hair is short, but trying it on long hair isn’t illegal, is it?

11. Black Side Parted Micro Twist

Black Side Parted Micro Twist

A simple side parting to your micro twist braid hairstyle could be the difference between something bland and something actually interesting. Parting your hair at the sides doesn’t prevent you from trying other cosmetic modifications, like using multiple colors or making the ends curly.

12. Micro Twist with Brushed Frontal

Micro Twist with Brushed Frontal

If you think brushed frontals are pretty cute, this micro twist hairstyle should be one of your first picks from my recommendations. Already, it has replicated one of the recommendations above with the giant updo at the center. The brushed frontal is only extra flair, and it looks like flair could be a bit too adorable in some cases.

13. Spread Out Micro Twist

Spread Out Micro Twist

When you have no idea how to style your hair, spreading them out naturally could become your best idea. As evident in the picture above, it seems micro twist braids are capable of styling themselves in the absence of styling ideas. Also, you should be aware that this doesn’t prevent you from trying other hairstyle ideas in this compilation.

14. Mixed Tone Spread Out Micro Twist

Mixed Tone Spread Out Micro Twist

What else can you do to make your hair more beautiful after spreading them out? A popular suggestion is adding another color, and I’m all in for that. If you like the idea of mixed-tone hair, you can add different color hair extensions to your hair for a different outlook. As you can see above, it looks pretty dope.

15. Small Box Micro Twist with Bleached Ends

Small Box Micro Twist with Bleached Ends

And before you think you have to spread out your hair to color it, you don’t, and this suggestion basically proves it. You can make your micro twist braid hairstyles look normal and color the ends afterward to get your desired look.


If your goal is to achieve the best look possible, you have to do a bit more than simply install micro twists. To be more specific, you’ll need to replicate one adorable style that has worked for others. With the 15 ideas here, you should have no issues doing that.

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