20 Purple Hair Ideas for Black Women

Purple hair is the hottest trend in hair color right now, and we’re here to give you all the purple hair ideas you need. From vivid, fantasy shades to natural-looking highlights, there are so many ways to rock this trendy color. Whether you’re looking for inspiration for a new look or just want to admire some purple hair goals, read on for a guide to purple hair.

20 Purple Hair Ideas for Black Women

Purple is a color that defies norms, transcends boundaries, and carries an air of mystique.. We will cover amazing purple hairstyles that cater to different personalities and preferences.

1. Purple Ombre Ringlets

Instagram @alexisbutterflyloft

Use ombre highlights that are reddish-purple to enliven that black hair. Your locks take on an entirely enchanting and feminine appearance when styled loosely over the shoulders with a medium-sized curling iron. It like a cascade of violet waves!

2. Multi-Colored Purple Highlights

Instagram @butterflyloftsalon

Brown and purple hair has never looked better! Combine chocolate brown, golden chestnut, and light honey tones with woven-in lilac highlights for a hair masterpiece.

3. Magenta Mane with Purple Pieces

Instagram @maryhornehenry

Purple and plum highlights aren’t just for long manes. Short hair can also join in the fun. In fact, cropped cuts look much cooler when totally covered in magenta and purple accents.

4. Deep Purple Tips

Instagram @carpediemsalon_nola

This color has a rich base tone of deep red. Photographs simply do not do it justice! Some yellow highlights over the dark brown hair, accentuated by delicate curls, give way to the amazing dimensional locks, which are further ornamented with the deep purple red, which covers much of the lower half of this stunning lob.

5. Rosewood, Purple and Ginger Blonde

Instagram @nicolehanily

Because blonde hair takes color readily, it requires much less processing time. These purple streaks, both dark and light, are a cute and unique way to have fun without making a big commitment. Add the lighter rosewood streaks first, followed by the darker purple accents.

6. Cherry Red with a Purple Underlayer

Instagram @alyssawiener

We think this two-toned look is very cute! Adding purple highlights to red hair is a delightful combo. Beneath the paler red, there’s a deep purple that is clearly visible. It’s a fantastic method to become recognized quickly!

7. Natural Velvet Twist

Instagram @k.s.colors

This hair with a little violet color is gorgeous and appears to be natural. Her natural brown hair at the base definitely helps to keep the color stable. This look is best suited to persons with naturally dark hair.

8. Warm Toned Purple

Instagram @angiehairstudio

If you have warm undertones, this is a great purple for you. This shade almost has elements of pink in it, giving it a magenta tint with warmer purple undertones.

9. Poppin’ Plum

Instagram @lmariehairr

Adding flashes of different colors into your hair color, such as this lovely plum color with pink and blue undertones, is a terrific way to keep it interesting. This color would suit someone with naturally dark hair and either warm or cool complexion tones.

10. Opal Braid

Instagram @pinupjordan

Opal is a popular birthstone that also looks excellent in jewelry. However, the combination of pink, blue, and purple provides as inspiration for a hair color. This color trend typically combines blue and purple with light pastel hues to create a color that is comparable to, but softer than, galaxy dye.

11. Purple Haze

Instagram @christolhair

This two-toned look, along with an added dosage of volume, is undoubtedly suited for a confident and outgoing woman. Use flexi-rods overnight to achieve gorgeous, bouncy curls by morning if you don’t want to spend hours using a hot curler every morning.

12. Rocking Rainbow

Instagram @alix_maya

If you believe rainbow highlights won’t show up on black hair, think again. They will—and they will look amazing. Adding different colors to blue and purple hair provides an eye-catching shimmering ribbon appearance.

13. Tri-color Fishtail

Instagram @jaymz.marsters

Rather than dying your entire head, use blue and purple hair as an accent with a bright-colored patch in the middle of your strands. This can be concealed by keeping your hair free or exposing it with a variety of half-updos, such as the braid displayed.

14. Vibrant Purple Money Piece

Pinterest @fabmood.

The money piece has been popular since the 1990s, but it has recently made a reappearance due to its effortless cool. The color is only concentrated around the hairline and is excellent for improving the appearance and framing the face.

15. Purple Straight Hair

Pinterest @thetrendspotter

Straight hair is distinguished by a lack of curl pattern and frequently seems sleek and healthy. Purple hair dyed straight is a great technique to show off the color; the perfect combination will give the hair depth and texture.

16. Split Dye E-Girl Purple Hair

Pinterest @Beauty Trends

Trying out different colors is a lot of fun with the split dye E-Girl hair trend. One of the most striking coloring methods is dividing the color in the middle of the head so that each side is distinct. You can opt to preserve the natural color or use two artificial tones.

17. Purple Braided Hair

Pinterest @ThriveNaija

Purple hair can be styled in a variety of ways, allowing you to experiment with fashionable hairstyles while attracting attention to the cut. You can also choose a feed-in braided hairstyle and pre-dye the hair in your desired color.

18. Brown Hair with Purple Highlights

Pinterest @TheTrendSpotter

Purple highlights can be used to provide depth and character to the hair while also making it look more lively and cool. Purple works well with all hair types and hues, even brown.

19. Purple Box Braids with Beads

Instagram @TrialsNTresses

Clip in some interesting hair beads to give your purple box braids an extra stylistic dimension. These are simple to put and remove at home and available in a variety of colors, allowing you to customize your hairstyle to your outfit.

20. Purple Crochet Box Braid Knot

Instagram @AlwaysChi

If you are looking for a glamorous updo that complements your long box braids, consider crocheting your hair into a striking box braid knot at the front of your head, creating a stunning and eye-catching look.


From bright and bold to subtle and natural, there are so many ways to rock purple hair. If you are looking for a perfect hair transformation, we hope that you’ve found the inspiration you need to express yourself with your hair.

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