31 Braids With Curls Hairstyles for Black Women

Do you love curly hair and you are looking for new ideas to style your hair? Consider trying out braids with curls hairstyles. Braids are not only stylish, but they also help you keep your curls looking defined and frizz-free. So, we have decided to create some amazing hair braids with curls that you will definitely love.

31 Braids With Curls Hairstyles for Black Women

We’ve rounded together the best braided and curly hairstyles to give you ideas for your next makeover.

1. Braids & Curls on Long Bob

Instagram @earlthestylist_

This gorgeous look combines box braids with curly ends with a few curly strands. Kiss curls are a fantastic finishing touch that adds drama to this long braided bob. So, if you’re looking for a different spin on your usual mid-length box braids, look no further!

2. Long Knotless Braids with Curls

Instagram @marlyshairbraiding

Consider lengthy box braids with curls, keeping the latter more abundant, if you want to embrace the boho look. This hairstyle looks stunning on brown or caramel blonde hair, and it complements darker complexion tones well.

3. Goddess Braids, Curls & High Bun

Instagram @dadouhair

Ladies looking for a daring way to wear their long natural hair should definitely try this look. While goddess braids arranged into a half-up high bun make a statement on their own, stray curls liven up the style and make it far more fascinating.

4. Ombre Braids with Curly Ends

Instagram @fancy_claws

Thousands of distinct looks are possible. Eye-catching ombre braids with curled ends are only one example worth attempting. Take a cue from Fancy Claws, a South African luxury spa facility, and conquer the world!

5. Patterned Crown

Instagram @infinity_beautylounge

Cornrows are without a doubt the best way to manage unruly natural hair. If you love your cornrows but want to try something new, here’s a wonderful option. Request a patterned crown and loose curls beginning just below the chin level from your hairstylist.

6. Half Braided Hairstyle

Instagram @neyhairs_

You’ll have all eyes on you with this stunning haircut! It has tight cornrows on top and beautiful curls beneath the ear level. Statement kiss curls offer a diva vibe to this hairdo, making it ideal for any special occasion.

7. Cornrows & Tight Curls

Instagram @criouloshair

Consider this haircut if you have a tight curl pattern and don’t mind showing off your curls but want to tone down the volume. It will allow you to show off your wonderful curls while also producing a lovely front perspective with cornrows.

8. Thin Knotless Braids with Curls

Instagram @braidsby_veronica

Thin long braids with free curls give this hairdo a distinct Hollywood vibe, making it an outstanding choice for attractive girls. Naturally, it is the hue that makes all the difference.

9. Braids, Curls and High Ponytail

Instagram @tshanibraids

Jumbo braids are a great alternative to traditional box braids. They look fantastic with curls. You can leave your jumbo box braids loose, play with the parting, or arrange them into a high ponytail, as shown below.

10. Curly Bob with Cornrows

Instagram @trancascaroline

Curly bobs have garnered millions of fans for their attractive appearance and ease of styling. Try adding a couple of cornrows to the middle of your head to give your bob a completely new look.

11. Goddess Braids with Waves

Instagram @laviniatrancista

Long goddess braids are lovely and eye-catching, but what about mixing them with defined waves? The whole thing looks great on jet-black hair and gives you that goddess vibe you’re looking for.

12. Box Braids with Caramel Extensions

Instagram @spritzhairstudio

Many ladies opt to add extensions to their box braids hairstyles, and they couldn’t be more correct. Extensions can help you attain the length you want or add new hues or texture to your hair.

13. Chocolate Brown Braids with Curls

Instagram @femmedoesmyhair_ke

Braids with curls are a stylish look that will not be ignored. Also, box braids with curls are more adaptable than you might assume. A high ponytail is a popular braided hairstyle that you should try.

14. Half Cornrows, Half Curls

Instagram @trancascaroline

This hairstyle effectively handles a difficult task: it allows natural curls to run wild while carefully keeping them off the face. Cuffs and other accessories can be used to add a dazzling touch and make you feel like an exotic princess.

15. Intricate Braiding

Instagram @

This striking curly hairstyle for black women has two box braids framing the face, which begin as cornrows organized in a creative arrangement.

16. Jet Black Braids with Curls

Instagram @spritzhairstudio

Cornrows are always winning, according to Spritz, the studio where this exquisite hairstyle was made, and we couldn’t agree more. While cornrows are a popular protective style, gorgeous curls make them appear much hotter.

17. Super Long Braids with Curls

Instagram @_camilatrancista

If you like wearing lengthy braids and don’t mind using extensions, you could like this hairdo. It blends contemporary giant braids with long curly strands for an adorable effect.

18. Pick and Drop Braids

Instagram @backuppageforgladzbraidhouse

These exquisite pick-and-drop braids are a wonderfully eye-catching option. Attaching synthetic strands to the roots and braiding them for a few centimeters is the technique used in this approach.

19. Luscious Curls

Instagram @drenya_trancista

While you can choose to show off your bouncy and lustrous natural curls, a few of box braids on one side will make your hair look much more intriguing. If you enjoy hair ornaments, opt for a few basic cuffs for an overall fashionable look.

20. High Ponytail Braids into Curls

Instagram @spritzhairstudio

The high-braided ponytail is a highly versatile style. This hairstyle is perfect for both a nice occasion and a gym workout. Curls are important in this style, making the whole look more feminine and romantic.

21. Medium Length Braids with Curls

Instagram @laviniatrancista

If you’re looking for a sophisticated, office-appropriate braided style, look no further! This box braids shine through with their medium length, classy brown tone, and occasional spirals.

22. Box Braid Hairstyle with Deep Side Parting

Instagram @iamshaylanash

This pure beauty, created by Texas-based hairdresser Shayla Gunn, is one of the nicest ways to wear box braids with curls. It highlights the girl’s wonderful curl pattern while holding the extra volume at bay with a few box braids on top.

23. Jumbo Braid Hairstyle

Instagram @@braidsbynellyy

Consider exceptionally huge braids with curls if you want to make a statement. Aside from appearing bold and eye-catching, huge braids are easy to install, so keep this in mind when determining which braid size to choose next time.

24. Caramel Brown Braids with Curls

Instagram @bestbyjessica_salon

This stunning celebrity appearance is well worth emulating. Beautifully patterned cornrows and lush curls in a rich caramel shade are a winning combo if you love turning heads wherever you go.

25. French Curl Braids

Instagram @slayedinbraids

If you’re looking for a chic but low-maintenance look for the warmer season, very long braids with French curls are the way to go. You can even choose a complex cornrow design and play around with the color of your extensions to spice things up.

28. Curly Ponytail with Cornrows

Instagram @melsxbeautyhair

This amazing haircut is all about elegance and simplicity. Also, it’s one of those options that you’ll feel comfortable with at both a party and a gym. The smooth top and voluminous curly bun make the perfect contrast to effectively enhance face features.

29. Tribal Braids

Instagram @tinny_hairdresser

Combining braids and curls can result in a daring appearance. You may try this curly bun with braids and an exquisite cornrow pattern, which would make you feel like an exotic princess.

30. Comb-Over Box Braids with Curls

Instagram @tresses_africaine

Box braids with tight curls at the ends that are parted and smoothed over for a stylish look. A very stylish haircut for the refined lady!

31. Blonde Micro Braids with Curly Ends

Instagram @braidsby_veronica

Lots of admiration! The hairdo is well worth the effort required to complete the braids. You’ll look great in these cute little braids with curls. The metallic sheen of the braids and curls is captivating.


With such a wide range of braids with curls hairstyles available, it’s simple to achieve an effortlessly elegant look. Box braids are an excellent choice for protective hairstyles, and they are also extremely adaptable, allowing you to accent a wide range of looks, from sleek and refined to daring and rebellious.

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