25 Wedding Updo Hairstyles for Elegant Brides

25 Wedding Updo Hairstyles for Elegant Brides

Whether you believe it or not, no wedding is complete without wedding updo hairstyles. It’s a trend now and we can understand why. If you wish to get in line with the trend, here are some of the best wedding updo hairstyles that you can try as you read through.

25 Wedding Updo Hairstyles

Here are some of the best wedding updo hairstyles as we promised:

1. Cornrows and Curls

Cornrows and Curls
Instagram @maribeiro.noivas

Black women all over the world, especially those who want to wear their natural curls, love and embrace cornrows as a hairstyle.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that cornrows are a common element in many black women’s bridal hairstyles.

This style is appropriate for all hair lengths and complements a variety of bridal gowns thanks to its simplicity and adaptability.

It’s a terrific look for both brides and bridesmaids, and you’ll have a hairdo that you may continue to wear after the wedding.

2. Twisted Wedding Hairstyle for Black Bride

Twisted Wedding Hairstyle for Black Bride
Instagram @nnaturalhairstudio

By precisely dividing and deftly twirling the naturally textured hair, this look gives the front and the rear dimension.

3. Afro with Clip

Afro with Clip
Instagram @theweddinghaircompany

Nothing finishes off your bridal look like a soft, natural fro. This look not only emphasizes your natural beauty but also proudly displays your blackness.

The footage boosts the for many notches because it is entirely glam. This look is ideal for you if you want to maintain a gorgeous and natural look!

4. Full Braid Updo

Full Braid Updo
Instagram @kaiyinbeauty

One of the simplest and most elegant hairstyles you can create for a hot wedding is a braid. Though rather basic, this side-swept huge braid is lovely.

You may braid it in many different ways and accessorize it with various stones, pearls, and other accessories. Another way to add a lot of sparkle is with a bridal tiara.

5. Side Afro Puff

Side Afro Puff
Instagram @maribeiro.noivas

A wonderful method to spice up a well-known and worn afro hairstyle is to pull your puff to the side.

Pulling your hair to the side gives you more freedom and flexibility when adding your preferred bridal hair accessory. It’s essentially a new take on an old favorite.

6. Polished Beehive Bun with Sculptured Face Framing

Polished Beehive Bun with Sculptured Face Framing
Instagram @christalchignon

This is a more refined and formal interpretation of Brigitte Bardot’s famous beehive with curtain bangs.

7. Finger Wave Updo With Tendrils

Finger Wave Updo With Tendrils
Instagram @toyoglow

You’ve probably never seen finger waves as lovely as these. This beautiful variation on the traditional wedding updo features finger waves and is feminine and regal.

All attention will be on you because of its elaborate features and delicate tendrils on the sides.

Additionally, you may personalize the look by adding color; honey blonde, ash blonde, or even red chunky highlights look fantastic!

8. Braided Pompadour Updo

Braided Pompadour Updo
Instagram @kaiyinbeauty

This sophisticated variation on the pompadour keeps natural hair looking lovely and in place. For a more glittering appearance, add some pins with pearl or gem tips.

Although it could appear a little difficult, you can easily add additional hair to achieve the desired volume.

9. Pin Curls

Pin Curls
Instagram @endorseurbeauty

Long or medium-length hair is not necessary to exude glamour and grace. This look gives the appearance of a flawless updo and works well for people with tapered cuts.

The ideal bridal hairdo for the ideal bride is complete after you add your accessories.

10. Fleecy Rolled Updo

Fleecy Rolled Updo
Instagram @ruutos

We adore roll-and-pin natural hair wedding hairstyles because they can make unusual forms and give off an authentic vibe by emphasizing the kinky texture.

11. Tuck N’ Roll Updo

Tuck N’ Roll Updo
Instagram @ileevents

This is the look you want if you want a vintage-inspired aesthetic! Everyone will certainly take notice of its straightforward yet striking style.

Add a delicate hairclip that reflects your individuality to make it uniquely you. Any face shape may wear it well, and it will complement a vintage or conventional wedding ensemble.

12. Cornrows To Curly Updo

Cornrows To Curly Updo
Instagram @wellglambeauty

A beautiful alternative to an updo that keeps hair together is to use cornrows. This is a lovely appearance that is suitable for any formal event.

If a crown or tiara veil is what you finally want, there is space for it as well.

13. Curly Updo

Curly Updo
Instagram @curlfactor

The ideal hairstyle to keep hair off your neck and back. It’s a terrific style for weddings with a more casual atmosphere and is classy yet entertaining.

14. Loopy Updo Crowned with Jewelry

Loopy Updo Crowned with Jewelry
Instagram @dreneehair

Numerous bends are included in this unique design, which climbs up the crown to provide a lovely frame for a collection of floral pins.

15. Curly Updo with Deep Side Part

Curly Updo with Deep Side Part
Instagram @blackbride1998

Are you trying to find something slick and seductive? You get just that with this side-parted curly updo.

The style is given shape by the deep side part, which also produces a bang with a soft swoop that frames your face. Add some flowers or a chic hair clip to dress up this style even more!

16. Gold & Curls

Gold & Curls
Instagram @theblackbridetobe

Simple but elegant, this airy wedding hairstyle is perfect. For a formal event like a wedding, wearing hair up in a high bun naturally can seem a little staid.

However, the distinctive gold hair ornaments draped over the high bun of pin curls give it a special touch.

Silver would also look fantastic for a high updo on your wedding day if gold is not your hue.

17. Faux Hawk with Curly Bangs

Faux Hawk with Curly Bangs
Instagram @imanshakur

For black ladies with medium-length natural hair who want to embrace their natural curls in a casual yet official fashion on their wedding day, this is a great hairdo.

This look can be achieved on a braid out or a twist out if your natural hair lacks many shapes.

18. Bubble Mohawk with Stitch Braiding

Bubble Mohawk with Stitch Braiding
Instagram @farida_makeup_artist

This striking appearance exudes a tribal air and allows brides of African heritage to freely embrace their natural texture.

19. Textured Updo with Crown

Textured Updo with Crown
Instagram @toyoglow

We are seriously getting Queen vibes from this look. It is a pompadour with set edges that is textured and has a crown on top to finish it off.

You’ll enjoy this one if natural wedding looks are your thing. On your Big Day, you’ll feel like a king or queen.

20. Retro-Inspired Natural Pompadour

Retro-Inspired Natural Pompadour

This unique and enticing natural hairstyle mixes cornrows with a classic roll style. One or two jeweled hairpins or a nice hair comb can add some glitter.

21. Huge Bun with Cornrow Side Details

Huge Bun with Cornrow Side Details
Instagram @ayinke_oge

This enormous high-bun hairdo is incredibly stunning and deserves to be included on any list of black women’s bridal hairstyles.

By adjusting the size, style, and texture of the bun, you can simply change how straightforward and fashionable it is.

The side cornrows details elevate the appearance to new heights, which is certainly deserving of praise.

22. Dramatic Top Knot Wrapped in Spirals

Dramatic Top Knot Wrapped in Spirals
Instagram @cfbeautyoficial

This free-spirited bun decorated with several loose ends is an excellent example of bohemian bridal hairstyles for black brides.

23. Spiral Loc Updo

Spiral Loc Updo
Instagram @keishacharmaine

This spiral loc updo truly steals the show! The texture of the spiral locs is the style’s focal point, but even the smallest details count.

The teeny-tiny flowers add the perfect finishing touch to this gorgeous ensemble. If you have locs, this style is a perfect choice for you.

24. The Forward Swept Updo

The Forward Swept Updo

Many updo hairstyles are positioned directly on top of the head or in the back. It is deliberate to push this straight-to-curly appearance forward.

You can choose the size of the curl, but we recommend this medium curl appearance.

25. African-American Loose Side Updo

African-American Loose Side Updo
Instagram @mezecurls

With a teased style, you may elevate your hair to new heights. The greatest outfit to wear with an asymmetrically cut dress is one with a voluminous updo. Lace complements highlights in curly hair well.


We believe you now see what we mean when we say that your wedding isn’t complete without wedding updo hairstyles.

They somehow make you look more elegant, even if you already how. Choose from the ones we have presented as they are some of the best, and off you go to the wedding of your life.

If you enjoyed this hairstyle compilation, you may want to check out our similar ones.

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25 Wedding Updo Hairstyles for Elegant Brides

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