Top 15 Short-Weave Hairstyles for Black Women

Top 15 Short-Weave Hairstyles for Black Women

Are you a fan of short-weave hairstyles? Then you will really love these hairstyles that we have presented as you read through them. Not everyone fancies their weave to be long and elegant, most people like them simple and you will soon see why with the pictorial representation that we will be showing you.

You already know what a weave is, so there is no need discussing about it. Instead, let us intrigue you with the best short weave hairstyles from which you can pick any and make.

Top 15 Short-Weave Hairstyles

These are the best short-weave hairstyles that you will find:

1. Wavy Layers

Wavy Layers
Instagram @adonnusterrell

Wavy layers are best for a softer look. This look is wonderful if you have little volume since the layers will frame your face and highlight your eyes.

2. Side Part Quick Weave Bob

Side Part Quick Weave Bob
Instagram @londonlaidit

Your ideal street style, even for informal settings! You can look fantastic with it without having to use complicated styling techniques.

Additionally, you can have some fun with your hair by adding warmer colors.

3. Blunt Bob

Blunt Bob
Instagram @therealhairweavekilla_kei

This black women’s short weave hairstyle can give you the appearance of a strong, confident look.

A blunt bob provides volume and movement for a contemporary style and is short, easy to maintain, and straightforward.

4. Curly Side-Parted Micro Links Weave

Curly Side-Parted Micro Links Weave
Instagram @tierras_hair_artistry

This lovely layered hair with extensions is simple to get! Big curls and warm partial highlights will enhance its beauty.

5. Wavy Bob

Wavy Bob

This short weave hairstyle can give your bob vitality. With its timeless appearance and lush waves, this look gives your look a dash of glitz.

6. Black Stacked Quick Weave Bob

Black Stacked Quick Weave Bob
Instagram @Elanda Dunn

This hairdo is classy and will go with all the activities you have planned. Additionally, it looks fantastic on all face shapes!

7. Pixie Cut

If you want to look edgy and contemporary, a pixie cut is a wonderful short weave hairstyle for black women. This short, textured cut gives your features more definition.

8. Side Part Weave Bob Hairstyle

Side Part Weave Bob Hairstyle
Instagram @SalonShaVon

An ideal hairstyle for the office. With weave bob hairstyles, you don’t need to put a lot of effort into grooming your hair. Just blow-dry your hair to finish.

9. Natural Curls

Natural Curls
Instagram @sq_glitz

With a short weave hairstyle, you may highlight those lovely curls. With this naturally curly hairstyle, you can give your appearance more fullness, individuality, and character.

10. Curly Bob Glueless Weave

Curly Bob Glueless Weave
Instagram  @_hairweatheruk

This is a beautiful, sophisticated style. Your short weave curls give you a polished and seductive appearance.

11. Soft Shoulder Length

Soft Shoulder Length
Instagram @weave_around_me

With this short weave haircut, keep things basic yet attractive. This design combines elegance with a contemporary twist because of its generous volume.

12. Asymmetrical Bob Weaves

Asymmetrical Bob Weaves
Instagram @SalonShaVon

Get a clean, natural look so you can comfortably conduct your daily tasks. Without any additional work, it also appears perfect!

13. Parted Layers

Instagram @SalonShaVon
Instagram @hairbyjazmeen

With this short weave hairdo, embrace your natural textures. A side-parted, layered cut will keep it classy and refined.

14. Straight Blunt Quick Weave Bob

Straight Blunt Quick Weave Bob
Instagram @kingstylezz_

This short-length bob weave with blunt ends epitomizes elegance with its sensual and sophisticated appearance.

15. Bob with Short Bangs

Bob with Short Bangs

Black women with short weaves may always rely on this timeless aesthetic. You’ll seem polished and prepared for any situation with a short bob cut with bangs.


Black women’s short weave hairstyles offer a distinctive approach to show your individual style and stand out from the crowd.

A short weave can be a quick and simple way to change your appearance without spending hours in the salon, whether you’re going for something elegant and opulent or striking and daring.

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Top 15 Short-Weave Hairstyles for Black Women

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