24 Best Short Bob Hairstyles for Black Women

24 Best Short Bob Hairstyles for Black Women

Bob hairstyles have always been one of the best you can wear, however, short bob hairstyles bring a different vibe to the whole definition of beautiful.

You can try this and we have just the different variations of short bob hairstyles that you can try as you read through.

24 Best Short Bob Hairstyles You Should Try

You already know what the bob hairstyles are and there is no need to bore you with the details of it. Instead, let’s show you more short bob hairstyles that you can pick from and there will look extremely beautiful on you.

Here they are:

1. Golden Blonde Piece-y Bob

Golden Blonde Piece-y Bob
Instagram @haircolorkilla

Sometimes all you need to upgrade your appearance is a piece-y stacked bob.

2. Classic Stacked Bob

Classic Stacked Bob
Instagram @teagancousins.hair

Dark hair and a darker skin tone go wonderfully well with the timeless stacked bob hairstyle.

The combination of this hair’s mind-blowing volume and flow with a shorter length and stacked back creates an incredibly stylish hairdo.

4. Short Bob Haircut

Short Bob Haircut
Pinterest @xoxojenise –

Why not trim your locks for a new, trendy look? Although long bobs are popular, don’t overlook the flirtatious attractiveness of short bobs.

Think about getting a chin-length bob to highlight your jawline and enhance your natural features.

5. Gorgeous Side-Parted Bob for Women with Glasses

Gorgeous Side-Parted Bob for Women with Glasses
Instagram @onpointstylin

If you’re a black lady with glasses who wants to change your hairdo, think about getting a side-parted bob.

For people who wish to frame their faces and emphasize their features, this elegant and modern appearance is ideal.

A side part contributes to the attractive asymmetry of the style, and the blunt cut bob has a charming appeal.

Depending on the setting, it’s a versatile style that can be dressed up or down. Before styling, ask what the finest at-home heat protectant is.

6. Inverted Bob with Caramel Highlights

Inverted Bob with Caramel Highlights
Instagram @haircolorkilla

A daring variation on the classic highlight style is to only have highlights on the top of your hair.

The large caramel chunks serve as a lovely accent, drawing attention to the bob’s lengthy front layers and sharp angle.

7. Sleek Bob with Middle Part

Sleek Bob with Middle Part
Instagram @jhair_stylist

If you value a tidy appearance and straight lines, think about getting a blunt bob.

Be prepared, though, as this style needs a little more upkeep than the majority of other bobs: regular trims and flat ironing should become your credo.

8. Graduated Cut

Graduated Cut
Instagram @hairbymeeka

With a trendy bob cut, flaunt your natural black hair! Black ladies with short layers of hairstyles are ideal for individuals who seek a low-maintenance look.

9. Symmetrical Blunt Straight Bob

Symmetrical Blunt Straight Bob
Instagram @noorface

This cut is really adorable! For women with thin hair who want to start again and love texture, it’s fantastic.

10. Blonde Bob with Bangs

Blonde Bob with Bangs
Instagram @anthonycuts

This sassy blonde choppy fringe and jaw-length bob look great together. You may be sure that this will offer your everyday appearance a feminine touch.

11. Chin Length Bob with Curtain Bangs

Chin Length Bob with Curtain Bangs
Instagram @pinkdagger

A bob with curtain bangs is the cutest option if you’re seeking a cute haircut. These beauties expertly frame the face, softening your appearance and giving your shortcut a feminine feel.

12. Deep Side Part Bob

Deep Side Part Bob
Instagram @candaceb_thestylist

A feminine, asymmetrical bob with a deep side part that is beautifully elegant. This is one of the year’s chicest bob haircuts for black ladies!

13. Feathered Light Brown Bob

Feathered Light Brown Bob
Instagram @hairbymarsay

Just look at how gorgeously the layers fall in this design. The cut makes your collarbone and jawline stand out right away. Moreover, this hair color! It is stunning.

14. Ear-Length Bob with Long Bangs

Ear-Length Bob with Long Bangs
Instagram @hairhabitssalon

Shorter hairstyles are always sassy, but you can take it a step further by combining the length with a sharp side part and styling the top strands into opulent bangs that reach the cheekbones.

15. Ombre Bob

Ombre Bob
Instagram @patricbradley

Here’s a trick if you want a blonde bob but are having trouble deciding which shade of rich blonde to go with! A bombshell ombre like this one allows you to mix several hues.

Ask your colorist to use a shade that is similar to your natural hair color at the root for a more manageable grow-out as an added benefit.

16. Asymmetrical Bob Cut

Asymmetrical Bob Cut
Instagram @tash_mel_styles_

A stylish jaw-length, asymmetrical, and sleek jet-black bob haircut will round off your fashion week ensemble.

17. Angled Platinum Bob with Side Bangs

Angled Platinum Bob with Side Bangs
Instagram @hairbymarsay

You absolutely must give this bob a shot if you like stylish haircuts! You can maintain some length in the front thanks to the angled cut, and you can experiment with fringe and face-framing accessories.

18. Long Bob with Blue Ombre

Long Bob with Blue Ombre
Instagram @memmieyo

All face shapes can benefit from a lengthier bob, making it a wonderful option for individuals who are hesitant to go too short.

To ensure that everyone will notice your gorgeous hair, add an uncommon hue like this silver to navy blue ombre.

19. Sleek Middle Part Bob

Sleek Middle Part Bob
Instagram @slickback_buttahtoast

With flawless, rich, short black hair that is perfectly parted from the center, you’ll have the sexiest appearance in the club. Black women that have such short haircuts will feel much more assured!

20. Pixie Bob Haircut

Pixie Bob Haircut
Instagram @stylebydejj

With this stylish and traditional bob paired with a pixie cut, you can join the short hair gang! For a genuinely edgy style, match your African American hair sass with thick bangs and some female sideburns to create aggressive black short haircuts.

21. Side-Parted Bob

Side-Parted Bob
Instagram @allshadescovered

With this asymmetrical side part quick weave bob cut, you’ll look like a glam queen! Your black short hair can showcase your gorgeous face and makeup with deep parting for a stylish appearance!

22. Blonde Bob with Wispy Bangs

Blonde Bob with Wispy Bangs
Instagram @edgarthehairstylist

While almost any dye on women of color is a welcome and celebrated upgrade, blonde is definitely a statement choice.

The look is divine, but remember that it suggests some profound bleaching and may tell on your hair’s health.

23. Straight Line Cut

Straight Line Cut
Instagram @straightoffthepress_tracy

The slightest bit of extravagance is quite acceptable, my love! When your face is short, heart-shaped, or round, rock this mid-parted bob.

Short haircuts separated in the middle provide black ladies with a beautiful face framing.

24. Orange Red Bob

Orange Red Bob
Instagram @lavishqueenseffect

If you long to be noticed, give your hair a striking color like red or orange. This shade makes a traditional haircut stand out and matches great with skin that is deeper in tone.

However, remember to ask your colorist about the necessary upkeep while selecting a vivid color for your hair.


Having had a look at the best short bob hairstyles that we have presented, what are your thoughts? We know, it is the same as ours and we assure you that any of these hairstyles that you choose to pick will bring out a different and beautiful you.

If you enjoyed this hairstyle compilation, you may want to check out our similar ones.

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24 Best Short Bob Hairstyles for Black Women

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