25 Exquisite Loose Curls Hairstyles

25 Exquisite Loose Curls Hairstyles

Not everyone like activities in their hair and this is where the loose curls hairstyles come to play. These hairstyles are curls but they are loose. We see them on a daily but may not be able to identify them, however, as you read through, we will show you some exquisite loose curls hairstyles that you can make or just get familiar with.

25 Exquisite Loose Curls Hairstyles

As promised, here are the very best loose curls hairstyles that you can make and look extremely beautiful:

1. Red-Orange Curls With Deep Side Part

Red-Orange Curls With Deep Side Part
Instagram @amarisomo

Anywhere, whenever, you can look seductive by doing something as simple as sweeping your hair to the side; all you need is a comb to make the part.

An expert should apply such a beautiful hue to ensure that there are no flaws.

2. Soft Curls with Dramatic Highlights

Instagram /@rachel_redd

The sexiest curly hairstyle for black women features loose curls on a short crop, like the one shown below. What could be superior? Of course, chunky balayage highlights to emphasize your facial features!

3. Curly Hairstyle for Black Women with Thick Hair

Curly Hairstyle for Black Women with Thick Hair
Pinterest @hairstylecamp

Anyone with any hair length or type can look good wearing naturally loose curls. The girls that can pull them off the best than anybody else, though, are those with thicker strands.

Therefore, all you have to do to blow every guy’s mind is to let your curls fall freely at the whim of the air.

4. Highlighted Curls with Deep Side-to-Back Part

Highlighted Curls with Deep Side-to-Back Part
Instagram @haircolorkilla

Consider this a cue to add highlights to your curly hair if you were considering it. Look at how beautiful and enjoyable it is. Use color creativity or a related technique.

This kind of style doesn’t even require fine rattail comb work. To achieve a more natural look, simply part your hair with your fingers or a standard comb.

5. Shoulder-Length Spiral Curls

Shoulder-Length Spiral Curls
Instagram @embracenaturalbeauty_

Black girls often don’t want to ponder about how to style their hair today when their alarm clock starts ringing nonstop in the morning.

A simpler, more organic approach to wearing your long hair down is demonstrated by this model. All you need is a well-layered cut.

6. Side Swept Cut

Side Swept Cut

Whoever thought that women’s undercuts are exclusively for men has never seen the amazing changes that a side-swept undercut can make to a curly haircut on an African American lady.

The aforementioned design is perfect for businesswomen who want to appear both professional and stylish at work because it will not only catapult you to the top of the fashion food chain.

7. Wash and Go On Type 3 Hair

Wash and Go On Type 3 Hair
Instagram @hif3licia

When the hair is lightened to this or a comparable color, beautifully bouncy curls like this take a lot of care and moisture to keep them appearing plump and soft like this.

These curls can also have a similar appearance thanks to a diffuser attachment.

8. Effortless Black Curly Waves with Balayage

Effortless Black Curly Waves with Balayage
Instagram @curlfactor

Contrary to common assumption, not all styles created for black women must have outrageously high heels and incredibly poufy materials.

Trendy wet styles can have natural hair fall softly and gently. The hair has more energy and movement thanks to the seductive balayage.

9. Spiral Curls

Spiral Curls
Instagram @hif3licia

These curls are so stunning! Despite their hue, they are very healthy. They are well-cared for by this beauty. Use a diffuser on damp, moisturized hair with a blow dryer to achieve these full, luscious curls.

10. Breathtaking Medium Cut with All-Natural Curls

Breathtaking Medium Cut with All-Natural Curls
Instagram @deshonicakerrie

This naturally black haircut, with its flyaway tendrils, little noticeable makeup, and deep side part, exudes confidence in spades.

To maintain your natural curl while yet being in control of its movement and smoothness, we advise maintaining the cut medium-length and layered.

11. Wash and Go Curls

Wash and Go Curls
Instagram @lyssamariexo

a minimalistic yet lovely design. Even with all the versatility that comes with curly hair, there are times when we just feel like leaving it be.

All you need for a wash-and-go is styling foam to hold the curls in place.

12. Fierce Long Cut with Dramatic Curls

Fierce Long Cut with Dramatic Curls
Instagram @magavilhas

One of the most ferociously sexy things you can do is wear layers, accentuated color, and natural texture, and this model’s stunning look is a living example of that.

We adore how her light and medium highlights highlight her features and skin tone.

13. Simple Headband and Curls

Simple Headband and Curls

A simple headband can greatly increase the intrigue of a curly look. We could actually wear a different headband every day of the week with the wide variety of styles and options available.

14. Very Long Loose Curls

Very Long Loose Curls
Pinterest @hairstylecamp

Sometimes the temptation to chemically straighten your naturally curly black hair’s locks for a more relaxed appearance with the magic wand known as the “flat iron” can be too great.

Because nothing is more enjoyable than turning things up a notch occasionally and going completely nuts with a new look.

15. Black Curly Spiral Bob with Highlights

Black Curly Spiral Bob with Highlights
Instagram @loopsalon

This wavy spiral bob, which transitions easily from day to night, is perfect for women who don’t want to spend hours worrying over their hair every morning (yet want to look ridiculously attractive).

Try randomly adding bleached highlights to your head, paying close attention to the tips.

16. 1990s Vintage Black Hair Look

1990s Vintage Black Hair Look

You can try this straightforward yet lovely curly hairdo for black women. Getting you back into your groove, females used to handle it differently in the 1990s. Different, however, need not be worse.

On the other hand, it appears that these extremely gelled loose strands were very well-liked, and we can see why! Considering that it has changed from the high school frame and is now suitable for any black woman attending any to-go function.

17. Highlights and Curly Bangs

Highlights and Curly Bangs
Instagram @kaylaniquiocho

My comparison of this style to a lion’s mane is positive Like black women, lions are fierce, self-reliant, and at the top of the food chain.

A hair pick to puff it out and gel to keep the curl in place are all that are required for this gorgeous style.

18. Gorgeous Bouncy Curls for Black Hair

Gorgeous Bouncy Curls for Black Hair
Instagram @hairartbydominique

For a truly bouncy, unfettered curl, women with long hair should think about wrapping their hair around a large-barrel curling iron or putting it in huge hot/Velcro rollers.

Just make sure to follow up by applying pomade or serum to frizzies.

19. Hippie Waves and Curls

Hippie Waves and Curls

You may project that carefree hippie feel with your black curly hair, just like the style-conscious celebrities do on the red carpets and fashion runways.

20. Auburn Curls with a Middle Part

Auburn Curls with a Middle Part
Instagram @brianneballou

Middle parts can be just as fashionable as side parts, and they can be done with your hair very quickly and without the use of any additional tools. It also helps to have a great color like this.

21. Naturally Curly Blonde Hair with Bangs

Naturally Curly Blonde Hair with Bangs
Instagram @curlpop_n_hair

There is simply no justification for women with healthy black curly hair to be terrified of bold coloring.

You can definitely rock a broad array of colors, including bombshell blondes, as this model clearly demonstrates. The voluminous bangs add even more charm to this exquisite coiffure.

22. Curly Black Bob

Curly Black Bob

Bobs are a great hairstyle for both black women and those with straight hair.

Your ringlets will tumble over one another as a result of layers, giving you a captivating, voluminous hairstyle. To achieve a radiant forehead, create a center portion.

23. Sexy Loose Curls with Side Part

Instagram @360_hairstudio

No hairdo is hotter for a date, an interview, or just a night out with your girls than wonderful, loose, soft curls.

Along with a side part and sweeping bangs, @360hairstudio changes things up by adding a few face-framing amber highlights.

24. Voluminous Curls

Voluminous Curls

But not everyone needs layers to give their curls more oomph! Some of us, like this stunning woman, are simply fortunate to naturally have hair that defies gravity.

25. Edgy Red Bob with Deep Side Part

Edgy Red Bob with Deep Side Part
Instagram @haircolorkilla

African American women typically have very traditional hair colors, with mostly black hair and perhaps some light brown highlights.

But red hair is usually unheard of. But as the magnificent color of this woman shows, flaming reds can look wonderfully beautiful on natural hair.


Now that you have seen some really beautiful loose curls hairstyles, don’t just stop there. Go ahead and pick from the ones that we have presented and make one. We know and we are sure that this will look good on you.

If you can’t make a choice, you may consult your Hairstylist and we are sure that you will get the help you need.

You can leave a comment in the comment section below if there is anything you need more light on.

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25 Exquisite Loose Curls Hairstyles

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