17 Trending Cute Weave Hairstyles You Should Try

17 Trending Cute Weave Hairstyles You Should Try

You would wonder why cute weave hairstyles are trending, considering there’ve been around for a while. The truth is that time nor age can stop beauty. As most people would say, beauty is timeless. You can try some of these cute weave hairstyles and to help you, we will be presenting some of the best cute weave hairstyles for you to try.

17 Trending Cute Weave Hairstyles

Here are some of the best cute weave hairstyles you would find:

1. Extra Low Side Part with Drop Curl Hair Weave

Extra Low Side Part with Drop Curl Hair Weave
Instagram @hairbyclipperz

I’m transported back to the 1980s by this hairdo. Such short hairstyles are highly flirtatious and sensual on ebony ladies.

The numerous shapes and lengths of curls in these short black hairstyles are their best feature.

2. Side Part Quick Weave Bob

Side Part Quick Weave Bob
Instagram @londonlaidit

Your ideal street style, even for informal settings! You can look fantastic with it without having to use complicated styling techniques.

Additionally, you can have some fun with your hair by adding warmer colors.

3. Curved Deep Side Parted Weave

Curved Deep Side Parted Weave

When styling weaves, there are subtle details that offer flair and character. The small detail for this type is the deeply curled side section.

We are completely smitten with the elegance of this hairdo, which is further enhanced by the huge “S”-shaped curls and healthy sheen.

4. Amazing Curly Weave

Amazing Curly Weave
Instagram @hairbyjazmeen

An outstanding curly weave is a lovely option for individuals seeking fullness. A wig, crocheted curls, or a sew-in can all be used to install it.

If you are conscious about your forehead, this is a great way to wear your hair. or being near a hairline that needs work.

To determine whether a wig or installation is the best choice, ask your hairdresser for their professional judgment.

Always keep in mind that human hair weaves are preferable because they are simpler to maintain.

5. Curly Side-Parted Micro Links Weave

Curly Side-Parted Micro Links Weave
Instagram @tierras_hair_artistry

This lovely layered hair with extensions is simple to get! Big curls and warm partial highlights will enhance its beauty.

6. Brown and Blonde Balayage

Brown and Blonde Balayage
Instagram @londonlaidit

Microlinks gave the style length and fullness, and the brown and blonde highlights work beautifully together.

A wonderful sun-kissed appearance is created by the color change from blonde to brown, which is always fashionable.

Since the curls are neither too short nor too lengthy, they flatter everyone.

7. Dark and Lovely Weave Curls

Dark and Lovely Weave Curls
Instagram @houstonhair_byelon

Gorgeous curls add a ferocious touch to this style that will turn heads. The curls in this hairdo are highlighted by the black hair and shine spray.

Given that there is more room to work with, long weave hairstyles are simple to style.

Pure silicone components provide Simply Stylin-Light Silk Spray its shining, smoothing, and straightening properties.

It offers an excellent reflection for people with black hair. On weaving hairstyles, it is light and prevents buildup.

8. Black Stacked Quick Weave Bob

Black Stacked Quick Weave Bob
Instagram @Elanda Dunn

This hairdo is classy and will go with all the activities you have planned. Additionally, it looks fantastic on all face shapes!

9. Yellow Asymmetric Blunt Bob

Yellow Asymmetric Blunt Bob
Instagram @lavishqueenseffect

There is no doubt that this color and cut will draw attention. We adore the cheery, bright yellow with its sharp, blunt cut that exudes confidence and well complements dark complexion tones.

With this vibrant and striking design, you’ll stop traffic, so get ready for all the attention.

10. Wavy Ombre Hair Weave

Wavy Ombre Hair Weave
Instagram @_dalia_the_doll

If you master a weave hairstyle, you can change your appearance to suit any style, hair color, or length you like. Ombre is a wonderful addition to weaved hairstyles.

11. Curly Bob Glueless Weave

Curly Bob Glueless Weave
Instagram @__hairweatheruk

This is a beautiful, sophisticated style. Your short weave curls give you a polished and seductive appearance.

12. Chocolate Brown Weave

Chocolate Brown Weave
Instagram @crownedbyher

In contrast to dark complexion tones, this shoulder-length chocolate brown weave looks stunning. We adore the height of the bangs and the volume of the style.

This hairdo will undoubtedly sway with each movement of your head and the rustle of the wind. Fun!

13. Edgy Bob Black Hair Weave

Edgy Bob Black Hair Weave

Black women’s weave hairstyles don’t have to be one solid color; they may also incorporate lowlights and highlights, as seen in this stunning blend of hair color.

With a splash of color and a precise razor cut, the idea of Weavon styles is amplified in this edgy asymmetrical bob.

14. Long Classy Weave Install

Long Classy Weave Install
Instagram @crownedbyher

What number of bundles are required for a weave? For partial weaves, two bundles are plenty, and you’ll have a stunning appearance you can show off anyplace.

You will require 3–4 bundles for a full weave.

15. Chin-Length Blonde Weave Hairstyle

Chin-Length Blonde Weave Hairstyle
Instagram @kannisbeauty

We simply adore how well-matched blonde hair and dark complexion tones are.

The best part is that weave hairstyles allow you to play around with color without having to bleach and put your natural hair’s health at risk.

We particularly adore this gorgeous haircut with curls and the retro vibe it conveys.

16. Sleek Side Cut

Sleek Side Cut
Instagram @glambykibbzie

Any special occasion calls for sexy, sophisticated side cuts. For a more casual appearance, these weavon hairstyles for women can also be styled with a light flat press.

17. Long Chocolate Curly Weave Style

Long Chocolate Curly Weave Style
Instagram @JustinRevenge

The rich chocolate hue of this stunning weave hairdo is the main attraction, and the huge, bouncy curls wonderfully highlight it.


We are sure that you have seen for yourself how cute these hair are. These cute hairstyles that we have presented, are the best and they will surely look good on you.

It would help if you gave it a try.

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17 Trending Cute Weave Hairstyles You Should Try

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