15 Trending Sew-in Weave Hairstyles Black Women

15 Trending Sew-in Weave Hairstyles Black Women

You may not spot or know the difference but sew-in weave hairstyles are as beautiful as other weave hairstyles. As you read through, you will get to find out why with the best sew-in weave hairstyles that we shall be showing you. We shall also show you the difference between a weave and a sew-in weave to give a better understanding of the concept.

What are Sew-In Weave Hairstyles?

Your hair is first braided into cornrows before being sewn in. After that, hair extensions are stitched to these cornrows using a unique needle and thread.

What’s the Difference Between a Weave and a Sew In?

The definition of the word “weave” is more broad. A hair weave is made of synthetic or human hair that is braided, glued, or sewn onto the wearer’s natural hair.

Cost is the main way that glue-in rapid weave and sew-in weave diverge.

Glue-in extensions typically employ affordable adhesives, whereas individuals who desire sew-in extensions prefer to have them properly installed.

15 Trending Sew-in Weave Hairstyles Black Women

Here are the best sew-in weave hairstyles that you will love:

1. Bangs on Straight Sew In Hair

Bangs on Straight Sew In Hair
Instagram @touchedbykee

What can be done to spice up plain, sewn-in hair? Add some eye-catching bangs to turn the excitement up to 11.

These pieces bangs’ tidy curve contrasts beautifully with the straight hair’s elegant curtain, creating a charming and adorable look.

2. Sleek Side Part Bob Sew In

Sleek Side Part Bob Sew In
Instagram @thedollsproject

It’s one of the sew-in bob hairstyles appropriate for both casual and formal occasions.

3. Extravagant Waves Sew In

Extravagant Waves Sew In
Instagram @Nailah Alnisa

The gorgeous black curly weave, which is popular among sewing styles, can assist you in discovering your inner goddess.

4. Curly Sew-In with Blonde Ombre

Curly Sew-In with Blonde Ombre

African American ladies adore sew-ins that are full-looking while still appearing natural. as the one you can see in this image. These stunning, but really realistic-looking, big blonde curls.

5. Sleek-Straight Bob

Sleek-Straight Bob

If your hair is longer than the style you want to explore, one big benefit of a sew-in is that you can experiment with length.

Why not try this really smooth blunt bob? Wrap your hair every night to avoid everyday heat styling.

6. Voluminous Curls

Voluminous Curls
Instagram @@KAHHSPENCE

The voluminous curls give the hair a nice shape and height. It exposed the hairline and this part is what gives it a natural attractiveness.

To keep the curls tight, you will have to re-wand the curls. A volume sharp spray can be used to keep the curls from falling and hold them in place,” she advises.

7. Long Caramel Hair

Long Caramel Hair
Instagram @alluringhands_

Warm colors like caramel and honey blonde look stunning in long hairstyles for black ladies. Show off the dark roots to keep it looking ultra-modern and new.

You should pay attention to how your hairdresser handles the newborn hair up front so you can mimic that on wash days.

8. Long Middle Part Sew In

Long Middle Part Sew In
Instagram @alluringhands_

The greatest haircuts for oblong faces to make them appear rounder and softer are those with a middle part.

9. Ginger Bob With Side-Parted Fringe

Ginger Bob With Side-Parted Fringe

A ginger tint and a side of fringe improve the universally appealing lob. Ask your colorist for a custom shade to match your cut and style if you’re looking for a chance to play around with color.

10. Deep Side Part Sew In

Deep Side Part Sew In
Instagram @youchosemari

If you want to visibly lengthen a round face, have a deep side part. Additionally, this look brings out your cheekbones.

11. Contemporary Curly Updo

Contemporary Curly Updo

This is a blow-out hair texture and an installation that enables hair to be pushed up.

You can try companies like Heat Free Hair, Big Chop Hair, and Hair for the Girls for hair extensions that closely resemble your original hair in texture.

12. Long Side Part Sew In

Long Side Part Sew In
Instagram @Lexis

If you’re genuinely interested in asymmetrical haircuts, have a side section stitched in!

13. Curly Wand Curls

Curly Wand Curls

Curls can also help accentuate a broad forehead and/or a lengthy neck.

The best thing, though? Because all of the natural hair is braided in, it doesn’t need any extra upkeep, therefore the sew-in should last a long time.

14. Natural-Looking Sew-Ins

Natural-Looking Sew-Ins
Pinterest @therighthairstyles

If you want to create a full head of sew-ins that looks natural, use hair that is short or medium in length.

With lobs being hot right now, you have one more reason to look stylish and spend less on maintenance. When styling, pay close attention to the natural hair near the hairline.

15. Wavy Blonde Lob

Wavy Blonde Lob

Let’s discuss your gorgeous blonde hair. It is ablaze. The caption is all there is to it. It will probably take a customized color to get this tone, but we suggest go for it. Along with the glitter eye, of course.


Sew-in weave hairstyles are as beautiful and sweet as every other weave hairstyle out there. You can try and make it if you wish to, by picking from the different sew-in weave hairstyles that we have presented.

You should try it.

If you enjoyed this hairstyle compilation, you might want to check out our similar ones.

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15 Trending Sew-in Weave Hairstyles Black Women

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