20 High-Puff Hairstyles for Black Women

20 High-Puff Hairstyles for Black Women

If you are a fan of high-puff hairstyles, then you are at the right place. High puff hairstyles are a common style that is appreciated by all black women but not many know that they can be different variations to it. As you read through, we will present to you different options that you can choose from.

20 High-Puff Hairstyles

Without wasting any more time, let’s take a look at different high-puff hairstyles:

1. Teenage Look

Teenage Look
Instagram @achowthhair

Only the top portion of your hair should be well brushed in order to get these voluminous buns’ flawless appearance.

Tie the buns and take care of the remaining locks. Apply jam to the curls to tighten and further define them while giving them a moist look.

2. Tribal Vibe

Tribal Vibe
Instagram @curlynkinky

If you want to give your curls some bounce and better define them, apply styling gel to coarse hair before tying your hair up.

However, choose a strand and braid a twist that you will adorn with a golden hair ring before you perform the Afro puff.

3. Fringe It Out

Fringe It Out
Instagram @naturally.nish

You may rock both the puff hairdo and the spring bangs trend if you jumped on the bandwagon.

When you’re ready to ditch the style, let bangs air dry or twist them into twists. For the general puff to get the pony tight and fastened, a soft bristle brush works well.

4. Twisted Puff

Twisted Puff
Instagram @abbiecurls

These puffs have flat twists at the front and are slicked back, high on the head. Start by creating five flat twists in the front of your hair, then add exaggerated puff and sleek edges to complete the style.

5. Thick Puff

Thick Puff

This puff is beautiful and thick. Picking it out is the best way to achieve this kind of volume with your puff.

We understand what’s going through your mind: “We don’t all have this much hair!”That’s alright. No matter the length, your hair is lovely.

6. Drammatic Side Puff

Drammatic Side Puff

Have you ever considered wearing your hair in a dramatic side-swept puff? You are no longer required. This is how it seems, and it is perfect.

This look looks better with the hair slicked back so that the puff is the only thing drawing attention—aside from your lovely appearance, of course!

7. Puff with Accessories

Puff with Accessories

With this embellished flat twist high puff suitable for a QWEEN, crown yourself! For effect, add more braided cuffs.

Get your flat-twist technique in action to get very creative with your natural puff for a more flexible natural hair journey. All of the aforementioned hairstyles are quick and simple to execute.

8. Middle-Parted Bangs

Middle-Parted Bangs
Instagram @kin_kycurls

Even while some ladies prefer not to wear bangs with their natural hair, you may still spare two pieces of your fringe and part your hair in the middle.

As the rest of the hair is neatly pulled back on top of the head, it offers excellent framing.

9. Two Top Puffs

Two Top Puffs
Instagram @peggypeg_

This hairstyle shows off your face and keeps the bangs in check, making it not only adorable but also useful.

The front should be divided into two portions that you will knot together to form two ponytails. Use a toothbrush to tame those disobedient newborn hairs.

10. Mild Brown Pony

Mild Brown Pony
Instagram @chantellofficial._rsa

If you have coarse hair and want to give it a warmer tone, highlights are undoubtedly the way to go. Choose a blonde with copper undertones, and simply dye the tips.

11. Curly Puff

Curly Puff
Instagram @afro.disiaka

The curly puff lets your curls stand out, much like pineapple hair does. Whatever kind of curls you have, wear them in a high pony and let them fall where they want naturally.

To prevent frizz and rejuvenate curls if you intend to wear this look for a few days, spritz in a hair milk.

12. Embellished Puff

Embellished Puff
Instagram @anima.agyeman

Eaddy suggests adding an accessory, such as scarves or braids for added dimension, to refresh your traditional puff ponytail.

Put your hair up in a ponytail on top of your crown and braid it in a few places to one side of your head. Spray on a leave-in conditioner to add moisture at the end.

13. Conrow Puff

Conrow Puff

You can create cornrows with a tight curly puff at home or even in a salon and wear them as a protective style. It creates a stunning look for any kind of occasion.

14. Multiple Puffs

Multiple Puffs
Instagram @vivianbeautyandstyle

Love these Afro puffs so much? Why not adopt a hairdo with several ponytails? Elastic bands should be used to hold your hair in six or more portions that are evenly spaced out.

You may even braid some hair and incorporate it into the puffs to make it look even finer.

15. Very High Puff

Very High Puff
Instagram @fropolitainmagazine

This hairstyle is unquestionably something you should try if you really want your Afro locks to stand out. All of the hair should be combed to the low apex area, then tied. Use a substantial golden hair band, and set it at the base.

This will enable you to elevate the puff and make the hairstyle the focal point of your ensemble.

16. Braided Forehead Strands

Braided Forehead Strands
Instagram @jay_anoka

You will need to save a portion of your bangs and part it into two equal parts for this Afro puff hairdo. Utilize this to create two twisted braids that are then beaded.

When styling, use a lot of jam, and don’t forget to wear some gold jewelry for a more opulent touch.

17. Highlighted Curls

Highlighted Curls
Instagram @molinhastipo4

Your Afro hair will undoubtedly receive all the attention it merits if you have blonde highlights.

Use a hair elastic to hold all of your hair in the apex region. For the sides, apply some holding creams to ensure that the hair is neat and that no hairs will protrude.

18. Sleek Side Part

Sleek Side Part
Instagram @truleytalentedbeauty

Use a rat tail comb to create a diagonal side part. Apply your preferred style product and perform the puffs high at the crown. To separate your coils and give them shine and definition, use some jam.

19. Half Up Half Down with Jewelry

Half Up Half Down with Jewelry
Instagram @theindependentbella

You can separate your afro hair into two portions when it has reached the shoulder line and has a lot of volumes: one for the top, where you can crisscross strands and create an Afro Puff, and the lower half, where you maintain the hair loose.

20. Elegant Top Puff

Elegant Top Puff

If you want a sophisticated and attractive Afro puff hairstyle but your hair is too short to achieve this incredible dimension, you can choose synthetic or natural hair extensions that will give you the needed shape.


Black ladies with coarse hair love high-puff hairstyles because they highlight the natural texture of their tresses.

They are also useful because they require little work to execute and are a terrific concept when you need to look immaculate quickly.

If you enjoyed this hairstyle compilation, you may want to check out our similar ones.

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20 High-Puff Hairstyles for Black Women

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