25 Natural Afro Hairstyles for Black Women

25 Natural Afro Hairstyles for Black Women

If you are looking for natural afro hairstyles for black women, then you are up for a treat as we will be presenting to you the best afro hairstyles for black women that you will find on your search.

25 Natural Afro Hairstyles for Black Women

Let’s dive into it immediately:

1. Asymmetrical Side-Swept Afro

Asymmetrical Side-Swept Afro
Instagram @marini.naturals

Longer hair can be styled more inventively than short, natural hairstyles. This short hair has an added touch of beauty thanks to the side braids that are upward-directed and decorated with golden cuffs.

2. Afro Mini Twists

Afro Mini Twists
Instagram @blackgirlhairguide

Damaged hair is somewhat protected by mini twists. Use two strands of hair per section to create tiny twists. These are wearable for as long as you like.

3. Fringed


It may seem too much work to maintain a fro with a bang, but bobby pins can be used as a shortcut if you’re too terrified to trim your own fringe.

Obtaining the ideal length could take some trial and error, but once you do, you’ll have a hair trick you can use indefinitely.

4. Wild and Crazy Side Part ‘Fro

 Wild and Crazy Side Part ‘Fro
Instagram @rodrigocintra

If you want to showcase your unique sense of style, request a wild and insane side part ‘fro! You should take the time to take care of your curl pattern for this hairstyle so that each coil and curl really pops.

5. Sideswept Bangs Updo

Sideswept Bangs Updo
Instagram @blackgirlhairguide

Make a side part in your hair if you’re wearing it up. In the front, leave out a sizable portion. After you’ve tied back the majority of your hair, cover your forehead with the front. Near your ear, pin it.

6. The Tightest Tiny Curls

The Tightest Tiny Curls
Pinterest @therighthairstyle

This gorgeous afro has excellent shine and tight curls. Afros are undeniably fashionable, and for good reason, at a time when women are more accepting of their natural hair than ever. Accept your curls!

7. Throwback


I swear, I didn’t just show up here to shamelessly promote myself. Ursula Stephens, a famous hairstylist, taught me how to experiment with my natural curls and create a 1970s appearance.

8. Big Fluffy Afro with an Off-Center Part

Big Fluffy Afro with an Off-Center Part
Instagram @beautiful_by_natalie

If you don’t have much time in the morning to style your hair, go for a huge, fluffy afro with an off-center part.

To enhance the curls and texture of your fluffy hair, all you need is a lightweight product like shea butter and a tiny bit of shine spray.

Big hair may appear to be one of the hardest black hairstyles to get, but it’s actually one of the simplest!

9. Bright Blue Afro Hairstyles

Bright Blue Afro Hairstyles
Instagram @schwarzkopfprouk

If you’ve previously lightened your natural hair, add color to it now. Lighter Afro hairstyles will look best with a strong, primary color.

10. Short Natural 4C Hairstyle

Short Natural 4C Hairstyle
Instagram @jaleesacharisse

This wild, gorgeous, and really simple-to-steal ‘fro is fierce. A twist-out lasts for days and changes somewhat each new day, giving the impression that you are always creating fresh hairstyles.

11. Very Long Afro

Very Long Afro
Instagram @naturallyshedope

A fro is a lovely option regardless of the length of your hair. Use a pick to make a side part and direct the hair in two opposite ways for some drama to get this look.

12. Short Natural Afro for African-American Women

Short Natural Afro for African-American Women
Instagram @slickback_buttahtoast

Black women in the United States have worn the afro for many years. The layers not only create straightforward hairstyles for black women, but they are also a lovely method to highlight their natural curls.

To maintain your curls bouncy and gorgeous, use the Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie.

13. Ombre Weave

Ombre Weave
Instagram @salaowgelte

You can achieve a curly style while preventing breakage to your natural hair by weaving hair into your cornrows.

By coloring your weave, you can avoid causing chemical damage to your own hair. For a stylish, slightly beachy, sun-kissed style, keep the ends lighter than the roots.

14. Afro Puff with a Headband

Afro Puff with a Headband
Instagram @sheilandinda

Nothing less than magnificent describes this hairstyle. Its simplicity, ease, and beauty all rolled into one, from the adorable baby hairs to the colorful accents and vibrant orange scarf.

Since you don’t have your ends tucked in, afros are not protective, but you can use clip-on afro puffs for this purpose.

15. Stretched


It’s always a good idea to have a stretched fro, and in this case, Anima chooses to add a side-swept aspect. With a few bobby pins and some edge control, you can leave.

16. Afro Mohawk

Afro Mohawk
Instagram @naturalcurlfriend

By gathering it up and letting the curls loose, you may keep your hair in the middle of your head. You can braid it up the scalp and leave the ends loose, or you can fix it with pins.

This is a lovely homage to 1980s fashion. Rock is more adaptable than you may think.

17. Side-Parted Afro

Side-Parted Afro
Instagram @heyqray

Natural hairstyles for short hair are still popular, and as you can see, the afro is getting a stylish makeover. Maybe some pomade or coconut oil is needed for the edges.

18. Rooty


Whether Cole’s ombre fro was intentionally created or whether she is simply growing out her hair color, the auburn points are a cute cosmetic decision.

To achieve a modest contrast between the roots and the colored hair, focus the color on the mid-lengths to ends of the hair.

19. Parted and Defined Shape

Parted and Defined Shape

Make a deep side part to highlight your afro. It’s a hefty appearance that gives your haircut shape and substance. Every curl does not need to be maintained precisely.

Choose the afro for a gentle appearance that highlights your facial characteristics.

According to some, the side portion keeps the undefined afro from looking too archaic for the current modern fashion scene.

20. Afro Bun

Afro Bun

This magnificent puff demonstrates how an Afro, like other hairstyles, can be adaptable. Additionally, protective styles and afro puffs promote the general well-being of the hair.

21. Coiled and Natural Texture

Coiled and Natural Texture

Fros don’t stand for a single aesthetic. You can always emphasize your natural texture if you want to. The easiest technique to increase the size of your coils is to use a curl-enhancing gel or lotion.

22. Short Go-To Silhouette

Short Go-To Silhouette
Instagram @good_girl_reeree

This brief, endearing appearance is designed elegantly around the face. The hairstyle’s back almost reaches the collar and a few tendrils hang down over the brows.

To replicate this shape, make the top a little longer than the back and sides.

23. Coiled


Taylor Anise, an influencer with 4C hair, favors afros as their go-to hairstyle. I appreciate it because it dispels the myth that 4C hair isn’t deserving of attention.

24. Soft, Brushed-Out Brown

Soft, Brushed-Out Brown
Instagram @iamzoefoster

Your natural hair will look softer and more blended the more you brush it. If you want your curls to be defined, avoid doing this to your hair. For thick, fluffy locks, however, use a brush to enhance the texture of your hair. If you brush your hair too much while it’s dry, it could get easily damaged.

Use a wide-toothed comb to untangle it while you’re in the shower to make later brushing simpler. Regularly clip the ends and make friends with hydrating treatments if you want it to grow this length.

4C-haired influencer Taylor Anise prefers afros as her go-to hairdo. It dispels the misconception that 4C hair isn’t worthy of care, which I enjoy.

25. Picked to Perfection

Picked to Perfection

Ebonee Davis is a social crusader, model, and beacon of beauty who knows how to rock flawlessly around fro. In order to quickly reproduce the look at home, you’ll need a pick and a stylist to cut your hair into this shape.


Natural afro is a thing for black women. However, the question remains what variations can you come up with? That is what we have offered and you simply check them out and pick one.

We are sure that it will look extremely good to you.

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25 Natural Afro Hairstyles for Black Women

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